App Development Cost: Reduce Your Mobile App Development Quote With These 7 Tips

This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who have decided to develop mobile app and looking for tips to reduce app development cost. Herein we have mentioned 7 powerful tips to reduce mobile app development cost.

The human nature of getting a quote for something is by showing a similar reference and asking how much will it take to build the same in a different manner? That’s what we all do, don’t we? And in the effort of making the same, same but different, we end up both, building something completely unnecessary and paying beyond our limits. Then begins the blame game and never-ending regret.

An app development project is a big deal. Instead of nodding to whatever cost comes the way, a little prep work can benefit a lot. Today, businesses ranging from startups to big industry players all have one thing in common – a strong web presence! With mobile apps being at the forefront of smartphone usage, developing a mobile or web app for the business brings a great opportunity to reach and engage the users in the right manner.

The app development market is booming and witnessing continuous growth ever since the advent of digitization. By adapting to new technologies and techniques, app development companies are helping businesses to bridge the gap between their services and customers.

Do you have an app idea for your business in mind? Have you thoroughly analyzed your scope of work and your competitors in the market? If yes, the next step is to find a suitable development company and get a quote for your project or we can say know the mobile app development cost.

To reduce quote for your project, you need to have a proper understanding of what, how and when of your app. When you approach an app development company with your requirements, make sure you have some details of the project with you. 

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7 Powerful Tips to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

#1 The Goal of your Project

Before you put forth your app requirements, have a clear vision. Determine your app goals and build a detailed scope of work for your project. Have a precise goal as to what you tend to achieve with the app and what business challenges is it going to solve for you. Be clear with your goal and create an outline and a scope of the mobile app project as detailed as possible to explain it to the developer.

#2 The Timescale

Once you define the objectives of your project, determine the timeline. How soon do you need the app delivery? A typical time period to develop an app is approximately 4-6 months. Every app is unique and has different functionalities, hence the timescale can be determined when you have the requirements clear. The project quote varies depending on the urgency of your project.

#3 The Platform

Depending on your target audience, budget and regions, you need to decide whether you need to build a web app or a mobile app. And in case of a mobile app, choose between an Android app and an iOS app. Android apps require more time, budget and development efforts to build. Since Android apps run on a variety of devices and screen sizes, developers need more time to test and debug the apps. So, if you have time and budget constraints, you can first build an iOS app and then get it ported to Android. However, it is necessary to choose what suits best for your business requirements.

#4 The Type of Company

The cost of developing an app depends largely on the type of development company you choose to partner with. You can either hire a freelancer, an agency or an enterprise-sized company for your app development. If your app requirement isn’t much complex, you can get your app developed at an affordable price from a freelancer. For middle to large projects, you can hire experienced and agile boutique agencies. And if you need to build larger and complex products, hiring a large app development company will be a wise choice to get exact mobile app development cost estimate.

#5 The Features and Functionalities

The app quote depends on the level of complexity in your app. Do you want a simple table-based app, database driven apps having dynamic functionalities or a game app having 3D design objects and complex functionalities? Be prepared with a detailed explanation and description of the exact functionality you require in your app. Go into the details of each and every feature and functionality you require in your app and invest your time in explaining it to the developer.

#6 The Design

While some companies have in-house designers, others outsource app design to third-parties. So, it is necessary to determine who will be designing the app. The designer’s job is to simply put the images delivered by the programmer at appropriate places. The design can make or break your app. Hence, have a clear idea of the design objects, icons, screens, and other assets in mind. Keep the design simple, yet visually appealing.

#7 The App Maintenance Plan

The job of an app development company doesn’t end after the app is delivered. Post the development process, your app will require ongoing maintenance and care. It is, therefore, necessary to discuss the app support requirements after it is made live.

Wrapping Up

The more you know your app development project well, the easier will it become in quoting it or else anyone can fool you around. Bury your head into it first, map out each and every single aspect of it and put across the budget you can afford, or an idea of how it will be you have in mind for your app. Remember, having a clear picture on how much does it cost to make an app for your business and planning it thoroughly is the only way that will help you in finding the right mobile app development company and getting your app developed at an affordable cost and within your specific timeline.

In case, if you still have any query related to Android app development cost or iOS app development cost, how long does it take to make an app or how much does it cost to maintain an app, you can fill our contact us form and we will revert on the same as soon as possible.

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