Apple Introduces “Made in Halifax” Section to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday
August 18, 2017

Apple Introduces “Made in Halifax” Section to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday

Made in Halifax

On the special occasion of Canada’s 150th birthday, Apple introduces “Made in Halifax” section on the App Store, featuring top and prominent applications that are made in different provinces throughout the country.

Halifax is the latest entry in the Apple App Store’s “Made in” series and the section has some of the app categories like “Apps and games from Halifax” and More from Atlantic Canada.

These categories have some of the most popular and noticeable applications, including:

  • Squiggle Park – the app teaches children how to read (Eyeread)
  • Aurora – Puzzle Adventure (Silverback Games)
  • Froogie – Food Tracker (Dalhousie University)
  • Transit 360 – real time transit schedules (MindSea Development)
  • Glitch Wizard – distort pictures to trippy GIFs (Allan Lavell)

However, the earlier Canada 150 sections have highlighted applications from Toronto-Waterloo, Calgary and Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver, whereas focusing on different game makers as well like NoodleCake, DrinkBox, Klei and RAC7.

“Beautiful waterfronts, incredible seafood, renowned universities — and Homer Simpson, too,” reads a message on the Halifax section of the App Store. “Halifax and its Atlantic Canada neighbors have given us everything from the intriguing photo manipulation app Hyperspektiv to Charlottetown, PEI-developed The Simpsons: Tapped Out. If you’ll forgive a bit of fishy punnery, we’re completely hooked on the prize catches found in this ocean of creative talent.”

Earlier, Apple featured applications made in Toronto-Waterloo, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary. This year, Canada’s Best Game Makers” series has also been running this year with Toronto’s DrinkBox Studios, Vancouver’s Klei Entertainment and RAC7 and Saskatoon’s Noodlecake Studios.

When it comes to talking about DrinkBox and RAC7, both have won Apple Design awards in the month of June at the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. In the App Store, there is also a general, non-province and developer-specific section that introduced by the company.

This type of Unapologetically Canadian collection featured applications that are based on different kinds of categories like the creativity that mainly aimed at children and top downloads in the country.

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