3 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in eCommerce App Development

Planning on an eCommerce app development? Have you heard about the use of AR tech in eCommerce apps? Whether the answer is yes or no, you must read this blog and find out how Augmented Reality eCommerce Apps are taking over the market. We have compiled 3 ways of how AR can be used in eCommerce app development and be useful to users.

Augmented reality is gaining tremendous popularity among mobile app developers. And although augmented reality has numerous uses and scope for the computer industry, its most talked-about usage is for the eCommerce mobile apps. 

Yes, augmented reality shopping malls are real.

The eCommerce app developers can use augmented reality in the right way to develop an ideal app that is user-friendly and clearly displays all the items by the sellers.

If you are an online business owner and looking forward to providing the users with a great experience and a  good showcase of your products, then augmented reality can be very useful business app for your e-business app. 

As said, augmented reality can be useful in several ways to enhance the user experience; we will focus on the ways it can be used for eCommerce app development. We will also discuss how technology is being used now in the online shopping apps and how the experience can be further improved to get perfect user experience. 

So, be with us until the end to know the scope of this amazing technology that has the potential to change the complete eCommerce app mobile development industry.

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How Augmented reality can enhance eCommerce mobile applications

Traditionally, all the mobile eCommerce apps work in a similar way where the users can see an image of the product, its dimensions, and the other information related to the build quality and others. However, the users have no way to see how the product is going to look like if they actually buy it for their home. There are many cases where the customers have returned the products just because they did not fit their space. 

This is where augmented reality can be extremely beneficial for users. Augmented reality helps the users to imagine the products in their home without actually buying it. The three-dimensional model of the product projects through your mobile camera and you can easily decide whether the particular product is the right choice for your home, or not.

As a seller, it will be a lot easier for you to sell the right product to the customers, which will reduce the cost of transportation that would have been wasted while delivering the wrong product. 

In all, Augmented reality will not only help the buyers but it will also help the seller to gain more profit and gain credibility amongst the buyers. A few online business apps like Pepperfry and Amikasa let the users have a free 3D trial of the products that they are planning to buy. 

So, try augmented reality in your apps and see your business getting new and better customers. 

3 Ways in which Augmented reality can be used in eCommerce app development

Although there are numerous ways to implement augmented reality in the eCommerce platform, some of the most reliable ways that will surely enhance your business are described below

  1. Using 3D trials

    The best example of augmented reality is the 3D trial. By using it, the buyers can easily judge whether the product will look good in their home or not. This also provides a good hint to the buyers about the actual size and dimensions of the product that won’t be possible by any other means.

  2. A virtual tour of the showroom

    If you are into a business like the real estate or are selling bigger than usual products, augmented reality can help your potential customers get a virtual tour of the product through your app. So, regardless of the type of eCommerce app you are planning to have, you can easily make good use of augmented reality. And how perfectly you get this, totally depends on the developer you are planning to hire for your app. So, choose the developer carefully and know how technology can help you get more business. 

  3. Helps users take the decision in a better way

    By having an augmented reality rich shopping application, the users can easily make the final decision whether they should rely on the product or not. Augmented reality helps them know the actual size, shape and how it will look in their place which is completely impossible without it. For the sellers who are concerned about the customers’ time and want to sell the best quality products, an augmented reality rich app is a must. 

These three ways will help the users get the best idea of how the product will look after buying it for the home. Augmented reality can be a great technology for those business owners who are in the consumer-related business and the satisfaction of the customer means a lot to them. So, if you are also involved in such business, try using Augmented reality in your apps and see your business grow like never before. 

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How using augmented reality rich eCommerce app can help users

The two of the most talked-about benefits that a user can get by having an augmented reality rich app are as follows. Go through them to know what you can expect from an eCommerce app that is using augmented reality

  1. Enhanced UI

    The apps that are based on augmented reality are relatively simpler than the traditional apps. eCommerce app design is such that the user experience is enhanced and all features of eCommerce app development are covered. Although they need to access your smartphone camera, it is only for providing you with a better user experience. 

  2. A more effective product description

    Unlike the traditional eCommerce websites and M-commerce apps, augmented reality-based apps provide a better description of the products. So, if you are not willing to try buying the product to make sure it fits your needs well or not, relying on an augmented reality-based eCommerce app will be a great choice for you. 

    So, these were the three most exciting ways to enhance the overall reach and user experience of the eCommerce applications. So, if you are a business owner and want to develop eCommerce app that has a great user interface and experience, then try finding a developer who can implement these three augmented reality projections to your app. 

Summing up 

We now hope that you are inspired to take on a new expedition and try your hands on augmented reality in shopping apps. We can make your augmented reality app a reality.

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