Best App Ideas That Could Change The World in 2020
December 19, 2019

Best App Ideas That Could Change The World in 2020

In this digital evolution, mobile app ideas have changed the technological world. New ideas for an app are making the genre more popular with a successful development like Uber, Tinder, Spotify. If you are someone looking for mobile app ideas, we have curated a list of 30 best app ideas for startups who want to conquer the app world.

Remember the times when one would jokingly say, “I wish there was an app for that?” We suppose people took it too seriously. Now, these are the times when one would say “There is an app for that!”.

In this blog along with the trending mobile app ideas, we have a curated list that you can consider as one of your startup app ideas. Let’s have a quick look at the ideas.

You must have heard it a million times already that the future is mobile. Do you know which other number is in millions? The number of mobile users in Canada. There were over 26 million smartphone users in 2019 in Canada. There were over 26 million smartphone users in 2019 in Canada. This number is set to reach 30.4 million in 2023.

Smartphone users in Canada

Source: Statista

The global numbers won’t fail to surprise you either. There were 2.9 billion mobile phone users worldwide in 2019 and this number is projected to increase to 3.8 billion in 2021. 

Mobile users spend most of their smartphone-use time on mobile apps. Mobile apps that make money are huge business now. In fact, in 2018, global mobile app revenues amounted to over 365 billion U.S. dollars. In 2019, it was $462.5 billion, which is more than estimated. In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising. 

mobile app revenue

Source: Statista

There is no limit to the number of creative app ideas/startup ideas that one could come up with. We decided to tell you about 30 of the best app ideas that can make money. Go on read them…thank us later. 

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Now, if you are looking for some great idea for an app or startup ideas, herein we have curated the best app ideas in 2020, after studying the market requirement for you business owner.

Best App Ideas That Could Change The World

#1 AI-Based Picture Translation App

We all have faced some or the other problem in translating or speaking foreign languages and understanding the transport directions when we travel abroad. What if there is a translation app like Google lens and Google Translate that allows frequent travellers to translate text from images, text boards, objects, and files, into any preferred language. An individual can also carry out his business transactions by integrating pronunciation features that helps them to listen, copy, and share their viewpoints. As the travel and tourism industry is increasing there is a wide scope of such an AI-based translation app as a seamless transport option for tourists, thus, resulting as a boon for the online travel world.  Let’s have a look at the new app ideas features.


  • Integrate voice commands
  • Multilingual translators/ voice translation
  • Object recognition
  • Offline image and text translation
  • Add pronunciation feature

#2. Custom-cake ordering app

Cake ordering apps are not that unusual but most of them do not have a good interface. Further, there is rarely an option to order customized cakes. Bakers, known for their creative custom cakes or home bakers who need to get a digital platform for their business might find this a great mobile app idea. Such mobile applications can also work as gift ideas to surprise their loved ones. You can allow your customers to add their favorite recipe with customized ingredients, and allow them to share photos directly from the app through social media integration and increase social networks.

cake ordering app


  • Select weight and flavor of cake
  • Select shape, design, color, message on the cake
  • Upload image of desired cake design
  • Payment option
  • QR code
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

#3. Decorating app

Third, on the list of best mobile ideas, is the decorating app. The holiday season is here. Every year people forget to buy some decorative items or the item they want runs out of stock. A mobile app that lets users rent, buy, and sell decorative items can ease things up. You can also include a feature where users can hire decorators for their event who can manage their birthdays, functions, gifts, and all the other arrangements. You can make money with an app like this if you choose the correct monetization ways. Let’s have a look at the new app ideas features.


  • Search decorative items
  • Buy or rent the decorative items
  • Create a sellers account
  • Hire decorators
  • In-app messages
  • Decorating tips or tutorials
  • Email integration (market your business by collecting apt email address)
  • Social media integration

#4. Find flexible work app

The gig economy is in trend and many people are turning toward it. What people need is a platform that connects freelancers to employers who need such workers. An app to find flexible work is one of the great mobile app ideas in such cases. In fact, it can be considered one of the unique mobile app ideas for students and other people who need side jobs to earn a little extra.  Thus, your online business can be a huge success as an app to help in eliminating unemployment.


  • Create a profile (job poster or seeker)
  • Post job specification
  • Search according to skills
  • Work time management
  • Payment integration
  • Social media integration

#5. App for baby’s daily needs

Parenthood is always difficult. It is probably the most difficult in the initial period when they are new and the child is small. Managing work-life and taking care of a baby together is a challenge for every parent. Some parents might not get a chance to buy supplies for the kids due to their schedule. This is the perfect app idea for such parents. Parents can easily order supplies like baby food, diapers, creams, medicines using such an app. Being in an online businesses world you will also be able to manage the database and plan the marketing accordingly.


  • Search for baby supplies according to brand, products.
  • Set filters like price, ratings, etc
  • Set delivery address
  • Share and receive parenting tips

#6. Book recommendation app

We need to have new app ideas for avid readers or students in the world. Very few people read and fewer read the genre you like the most. Who do you ask for a recommendation? Online suggestions might not be the best way to go. A platform for readers to share their views and recommendations is a paradise for readers (obviously, after a library). If you’re looking for new app ideas to make money, you can also add a feature of selling second-hand ones.

This can also become an education app wherein teachers can suggest study material, specific books of a respective author, and a student can also share it with other colleagues to make it more challenging and competitive. You can develop an app and contribute to the online reader’s world.


  • Create a profile with preferred book genres
  • Add a list of books (already read and yet to read)
  • Share book reviews and recommendations
  • Ask for suggestions
  • Buy or sell second-hand books
  • Chat with other users
  • Share your experience with a teacher or student (vice versa)
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#7. App to find the nearest utility place

We can’t stress enough about the usefulness of this utility app. Whenever anyone travels to a new place or takes a new route, they face some small yet significant inconveniences. Suppose someone is driving on a highway and needs to use a restroom or fuel. They can see the route using GPS but what about public restrooms and gas stations? An app that can inform the users about the nearest utility place can come as a blessing. This is one of the innovative and new mobile app ideas for startups.


  • Add destination
  • Search for a gas station or restrooms
  • Find a route with less number of tolls

#8. Trip planning and budgeting app

Trips and holidays are fun but planning them is not. What if there are mobile app ideas that can do the hard work for you? From where the trip should start to where it should end and everything in between. You can either be a local guide about the hotels, site seeing, transport, restaurants, and expand your database. One can avoid chances of getting cheated on or just have a reliable travel app for it. In fact, you can also decide on a budget and the app will plan the trip accordingly.

We have developed a similar expense tracker app on both the app stores that lets the user keep tabs on the expenses they make. Through this expense tracker app, startups or entrepreneurs can easily keep a record of their bills, cards, interest rates, manage invoices & reports, make payment of taxes and other purchases, keep a track of amount and transaction, lastly can calculate the risk factor before making an investment through the in-app calculator and easily achieve their tasks.

expense tracker app


  • Select locations of the trip
  • Choose a range of the budget
  • Select preferences (stay, transport, cuisine)
  • Voice translation
  • Add to wishlist
  • Track expenses

#9. Animal (Pet) Matrimony App

Tinder for pets? Might sound strange to some and thrilling to others. The thing about partners is that everyone needs one, whether it is a human or an animal. When you have a pet at your place, it becomes your responsibility to find a healthy partner for them to mate with. Coming up with new mobile app ideas is not difficult when you can find a problem to solve in your own house. Pet matrimony or pet dating apps are meant just for that.

best app ideas


  • Create a profile with all details
  • Set preferences according to species, age, etc
  • Search pet partner
  • Chat with the other pet’s owner

#10. Food donation app

This one is our favorite among the best app ideas on the list. With a growing population, we cannot afford to waste any more food or resources. Yet, a lot of people throw away leftover fresh food after an event or even regular meals. Restaurants, hotels, food stores, and weddings throw away a ton of food frequently. Simple yet unique and new mobile app ideas like a food donation app can help curb this problem. It will connect the food donors and organizations that collect food for the needy. NGOs or government organizations can make such apps ideas to curb hunger. The food app genre is very popular in both the app stores and highest digital revenue is attained by them, thus, there is a larger acceptance in people for new application developments.


  • Register as a donor
  • Setting a pickup location where events like weddings are conducted
  • Selecting the type of food
  • Putting the amount of food
  • Mentioning expiry or best before dates (in case of stores)

#11. Seasonal food app

If you’re looking for unique ideas for apps for fitness freaks, this one is for you. People are becoming health conscious. Everyone wants to consume farm-fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is also reasonable as this produce has the least or no amount of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The users just need to put their location and time of the year to find out about the local seasonal products. You can also categorise your idea in a fitness app genre or can also turn it into a seasonal food delivery app.


  • Provide information and recipes
  • Search seasonal produce through search button
  • Find out freshness according to season
  • Set shopping reminders
  • Online delivery service

#12. On-demand home-cooked food app

We order food from restaurants when there is a house party or its a weekend or an occasion. At some point in time, we’re bound to miss home food. What if we are too busy to cook but still want home-cooked food? You can build an app that lets users order home-cooked food at reasonable prices and you will create your own among other cooking apps. Help your users make a healthy choice every day! Have a look at this mobile app ideas features.

best app ideas


  • Search for home-based chefs or cuisines
  • Search for food dishes or cooking recipes
  • Multilingual language
  • Make customization or special requests
  • Payment integration
  • Food recommendation via push notification alerts.
  • Review and feedback

Expert Advice: To enhance your app development you can also integrate review code for winning user loyalty and giving them discounts on their next orders. This will engage more traffic to your online cooking businesses & will become someone’s life hacks, and will also increase social networks.

food delivery app

#13. Hire an artist app

This is for sure among the best app idea for artists as well as people who want to hire an artist. It has become a trend to hire a stand-up comic for an office event or a singer for a birthday party. Now, most people don’t have direct contact with artists and it becomes difficult to find a required artist for a show. This problem can be solved by creating a connection between both these parties. A user or party planning planners can look for an artist and see his profile before selecting while an artist can sell his talent at his deserving rate. Let’s have a look at the mobile app ideas features.


  • Create a profile as an artist or employer
  • Artist must enter his skills, price and other information
  • Employer will search an artist according to his criteria
  • Set filters according to price, location, ratings
  • Maintain booking schedules
  • In-app chat

#14. Barter trade app

Most of us either hoard things that we don’t need, and they stay in the garage gathering dust. Or many times we just throw them away. What if you could sell your stuff that you don’t use using an app like Letgo or exchange them like the Barter trade system? Such an app idea will become a great business in the near future. Have a look at the new app idea’s features.


  • Register as a user
  • List items to sell/ take a picture and post
  • Search items to buy
  • Get matches based on selected items
  • In-app chat

#15. Interest-based community app

This is one of the good app idea to build if you feel passionate about something and want other people with similar interests to have a platform. If a person is a Harry Potter fan, he would love to know about others who also like it. If there is an app for these fans that gives them ways to share their views and discuss their favorite topics, imagine their ecstasy. Creating an app for a specific community can bring them together.


  • Create a profile
  • Write and publish posts, quizzes, events
  • Like, comment, share the posts
  • In-app chat

#16. Finding a remote job app

People have started to realize the tremendous benefits of working remotely. Whether it is setting your own schedule or getting more time to socialize, there seems to be no end to these pros. Probably the only con is the difficulty in finding such remote jobs. Creating an app that bridges the gap between the job seeker and the employer is the perfect solution for this problem and it also changes the job-seeking methods.

best app ideas


  • Create a profile (seeker or employer)
  • The seeker or app users may search for jobs according to his skills
  • The employer may look for employees with relevant skills
  • In-app chat
  • Schedule meetings, interviews
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#17. Uber for repair

A whole lot of people have faced car breakdowns in the middle of the road. It gets worse when they can not find a garage nearby. Sometimes when the air conditioner malfunctions or the dishwasher makes unwanted noise, you need someone to repair it as early as possible. An on-demand platform can help lots by finding any type of repair personnel is a savior in such situations. You can call it Uber for repair.


  • Search for the type of repair personnel
  • View profile of the personnel
  • Filter by price, ratings
  • Set location for the appointment
  • In-app chat

#18. On-demand gift and flowers delivery

Imagine this scenario: You have to go to a party and you have forgotten to buy a gift or a bouquet for the host. You need to get ready, buy a gift yourself, get it wrapped up and reach the venue. There is a big probability that you will be late. Won’t you be relieved if, by the time you are getting ready, someone does all the other work? It is a great benefit, Right? This is why an on-demand gift or flower delivery app is on our list of best app ideas for startups. Have a look at the new app idea’s features.


  • Search for gift categories
  • Search for types of flowers
  • Filter by rating, price, delivery fee
  • Set delivery time and location
  • Payment integration

Guide to Develop an Engaging Delivery App During the Flu Season

#19. Emergency alert app

If you are passionate about using technology in a positive way, then this app idea is for you. Safety has become an issue all over the world. Crime rates have gone up and are at an all-time high. Fires also break out more often than before. Such an app will alert the people in the vicinity of the emergency situation about it. This way either they can save themselves or help the people stuck, based on the type of emergency or even contact police. Have a look at the mobile app features.


  • Report an emergency
  • Live location tracking
  • Receive alerts or alarm notification
  • Send alerts to family and friends
  • Watch live updates and videos

#20. Quality monitoring app for vegetables and fruits

Won’t you prefer to eat fresh veggies and fruits over canned? But are the uncanned foods as fresh as told and sold by the stores? They might be stale and look fresh only on the outside. This can be a fantastic management app for Gen Z. Eating healthy has become easier with apps that can check the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables. Advanced apps don’t require any external hardware apart from the smartphone device. Only the smartphone camera is enough.

best app ideas


  • Uploading picture using phone camera
  • Detect freshness or staleness levels
  • Detect rottenness levels
  • Detect fungal or bacterial rots

#21. Influencer marketing app

This is a generation of influencers and their fans. Brands and branding agencies have realized the impact of social media and influencer marketing on their mobile device users. This is why they want to find new personalities that can make their marketing effective. Advertisement campaigns are many times unable to connect with a celebrity. The platform we are talking about is an influencer marketing app.

influencer marketing app


  • Details of campaigns
  • Browse and join campaigns
  • Manage campaigns

#22. Scan and shop

This is a type of online shopping app. Usually, people need to search for an item or type of other things by typing the brand or product name. A scan to shop app can read an image of the product and provide a list of the same or similar options while grocery shopping. The user can select the best option and buy it online. Fascinating isn’t it? You can build this ‘scan to shop app’ for your marketplace and get ahead of eBay and other online shopping sites. With the help of a mobile app development company that has experience in Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence services, you will be able to achieve a successful supermarket checkout app.  For eg: Amazon Go has done a fantastic approach to the in-store buying abilities of consumers. Have a look at the attached video to better understand the concept


  • Upload a picture
  • Scan the picture or barcode
  • Recommend similar products/ similar interests scroller
  • Online payment
  • Loyalty programs (discount, a freebie, or special customer treatment)
  • Social media integration

#23. On-demand car wash app

If you own a car washing service, you can venture into the on-demand car wash to improve business. Many times people would prefer an Uber for car wash or an on-demand appointment. The best part about such wash services is that the owner can order a car wash in his own garage or go to the service center depending on his need. Have a look at the mobile app features.


  • Schedule appointment
  • Select wash type
  • Order a wash at home or go to the center
  • Keep track of the wash
  • Have a look at the mobile app features
  • In-app payment

#24. Parking finder app

As more and more vehicles are getting on the streets, it is becoming difficult to find a parking space. This has made car parking management a growing business. The global parking management market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12% between 2017 to 2023, amounting to $7 Billion. It is probably an ideal time to build a parking spot finder app. You can manage a seamless payment system, check in-out, parking spot history, and can also find missing car data.


  • Sign-up
  • Parking spot details
  • Schedule booking for parking space
  • Manage parking data via online history
  • Payment integration

#25. Virtual interior designer app

When you decide to design your room or any other place you wish, this interior design app can ease up a lot of things. It is the best for the users who can’t decide what would suit in their room and where. Using Augmented Reality technology, they can take a picture of the room and place 3D models of various items and furniture in the virtual space on the phone screen. They can visualize or find new interior design options, colors, objects, wall stickers, curtains, etc. moreover, the AR app can also recommend the places from where to buy these items.


  • Upload picture of the room
  • Select and try different wallpapers designs and colors
  • Choose from different furniture and decorative items
  • Move items around virtually
  • Save final design

#26. Tenant finder app

Next on the list of top app ideas to make money is the tenant finder app. Most people have faced trouble in finding the perfect apartment to stay. Similarly, the landlords can not find ideal tenants for their property. A tenant finder app will make it easy for landlords to find tenants and tenants to find a house without paying any commission to the broker. The people will no longer have to find and make contact list from yellow pages.


  • Make a profile (tenant or owner)
  • Owners can list their property
  • Tenants can look for property
  • Filter according to type, price, and location of the property
  • Social media integration
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#27. Shopping assistant app

People are too busy to look for perfect clothes and matching accessories. Many buyers do not like to waste time browsing on the shopping app or going up and down the aisle in shopping malls. This is where this effective app idea comes into role. Personal shopping assistant apps use data intelligence and human consultation that is an advantage for shoppers to buy whatever they want.


best app ideas


  • Input preferences and other data
  • Price comparison
  • Virtual try-on
  • Shopping history
  • Package tracking

#28. Suicide Prevention apps

Suicide and mental health problems are considered taboo in many parts of the world. It is now time to talk about them freely and prevent people from committing suicide. As most of these people are facing some sort of mental health problem, it is important to take advice from a professional consultant before building an app like this.


  • Provide important information
  • List of common warning signs
  • Tips on how to behave with suicidal people
  •  Do’s and don’ts of such situation
  • Contact information to suicide prevention hotlines

#29. Security app

We all know that security is becoming an everyday issue. We keep hearing about robberies and muggings that happen in the neighborhood or anywhere in the city. It is one of our biggest concerns and hence one of the top mobile app ideas comes from this concern. A security app can help to control all the security devices and equipment within the house or office space, allowing you to open the door, check camera footage, etc. you can also build a face recognition app for security based on biometrics.


  • Connect all security devices with the app
  • Receive alerts and notifications when there is a probable threat
  • Check live feed of camera on phone screen even remotely
  • Work with low or no internet connectivity

#30. Stress relaxation app

Life has become very stressful. Whether it is personal, professional or spiritual, people face issues every day and this piles up more stress. To get rid of or reduce this stress, you can develop a meditation app or a relaxation app. These apps can help users relax and revive their mental and physical energy. This app must have advance functionalities to compete with the others in the genre.

relaxation app


  • Peaceful music
  • Bed-time stories in soothing voices
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation tips

#31. Indoor navigation app

Outdoor navigation apps are quite common. You can easily find most of the locations with the help of Google Maps. once you reach a mall, airport, hospital or any place which is quite big and confusing, you will find it difficult to navigate inside. An indoor digital navigation app will help in finding restrooms, stores, other facilities inside the mall. You will be able to virtually explore the place and find out where is what. Such apps are in great demand as malls, hospitals and airports are getting bigger to include various facilities.


  • Find stores by name, categories
  • Directions from one store to another
  • Store details like address, open hours, website, phone number
  • Find facilities within venues like gates, ATMs, information desk, etc.
  • Find on-the-spot deals

#32. Restaurant reservation app

Nowadays no one is ready to wait for hours at a restaurant. Everybody wants quick reservations and the best dine-in services. Thus, to provide one, this mobile app idea of restaurant reservation can be a great convenience to the restaurant owners as well as consumers. Let your user select his preferred table through AI, avoid miscommunication, and provide them with an online deal to earn their loyalty. You can integrate the following features in the restaurant reservation app:


  • Virtual table selection
  • History of client check in-out
  • In-app chatbot
  • Sequential excel sheet of customers

#33. Toy Exchange App

This is one of the most creative mobile app ideas 2020. It is for the community of parents whose children have outgrown playing with toys. Instead of buying branded toys or new ones the few months’ parents can get the donated toys from this online app platform or also can exchange it. This online toy category will create its own niche in the market. You can integrate features like:


  • Add toys
  • Select a favorite toy
  • Add it to wishlist
  • Make payments or opt for a barter system

#34. Karaoke app

Everybody has a pop star fantasy. With such an entertainment app of karaoke, the users can sing and use filters to be the next singing idols. This music app is for both amateur singers and professional singers as well as musicians who would want to practice their daily routine. You can integrate features like:


  • Select soundtrack and song
  • See your progress report through in-app counting system
  • Group singing
  • Collaborate with artists and integrate live singing sessions
  • Different filters to edit voice
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Now, before ending the blog, let’s have a look at some of the application development ideas and simultaneously help people during the virus season like coronavirus. These are curated by our experienced healthcare app developers who are constantly studying the new trends and needs when it comes to online health assistance.

Unique App Ideas Specifically for Flu/Virus-Like COVID-19

best app ideas

#1 Symptoms tracker app:

There should be an open-source symptoms tracker app that can answer the basic questions related to the flu/virus along with providing a checklist of the symptoms. Since mobile phones have GPS history one can easily keep track of the user’s location, contact tracing is easily done to determine whom an infected person has been in contact with. Thus, you can show this information through a live locator map.

Features to integrate into your app:

  • Basic Q&A through AI chatbot
  • Contact tracing
  • Online live locator
  • Allow users and authorities to track their location records and patient history
  • Emergency call services

#2 Telemedicine app:

The fastest, easy, convenient, way of meeting a doctor when practicing social distancing is a telemedicine app. The users can have quick access to a doctor for non-emergency issues when they are in a lockdown condition or are out of town for work. There are many functionalities like ordering medicines, tracking the medicine order, scheduling an appointment for virtual assistance, and can also provide them with live video sessions. It will become one of the top mobile app ideas for health check-up online and will efficiently deal with other variables.

Features to integrate into your app:

  • Select service and answer basic questions related to it
  • In-app calendar to book online appointments
  • Virtual assistance with collaborated doctors and pediatrics
  • Pharmacy tie-ups for emergency medicinal orders
  • Live video sessions of doctors regarding specific disease and their side-effects
  • News updates on new inventions or discoveries in the healthcare industry

#3 Mental health app/ Meditation app:

As humans, we are restless creatures on the planet. To overcome it, we need to have an app for mental peace or meditation. As this genre has successful business apps like Headspace, Calm, Youper, still it has many more opportunities and vast audiences to conquer. Your app can take the health industry with a new advance online app development.

Features to integrate into your app:

  • Mindfulness tracks with guided meditations
  • SOS meditation for emergencies
  • Progress trackers
  • Live sessions with expert meditation practitioners
  • Consult an expert for personal coaching or guidance

#4 Location tracking app:

 Such applications can easily give your users instant access to someone’s whereabouts. If you use your app with the mobile Bluetooth functionality, you can easily trace contacts within limits, for example, closer than 3 meters for more than 20 minutes. It helps to keep track of the infected person as well as knowing where their dear ones are stuck at the moment accompanied by the current spread of flu/virus in a particular region or city.

Features to integrate into your app:

  • Timeline of all the places visited in the past
  • Integration with Google services
  • Location sharing online/offline
  • In-app messaging using AI chatbot

We at Space-O Technologies Canada, use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for custom AI software development in different industries like Transportation, eCommerce, Finance, and Healthcare. Our team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to new advancements to develop apps for iOS/Android. Our assigned project manager is with you from the ideation to the deployment stage which helps your online app business to flourish in the desired direction.

#5 Health and Nutrition app: 

When we face such flu/virus season, it highly affects our food intake. With nutrition apps, one can track their daily diet, calorie intake, and also assist their mentors for further guidance. Such apps like nutrition and diet apps help Old Age people to cope up with their health in this flu season.

Features to integrate into your app:

  • Track food intake and exercise plan
  • Free health and diet tips from professionals
  • A calorie counter and water tracker as in-app functionalities
  • Cutting edge technology for food logging
  • Integrate app with wearable devices to obtain BMI information
  • In-app video calling to the respective dietitian or health specialist

Diet Apps Help Old Age People to Fight Against Coronavirus

Frequently Asked Questions for Best App Ideas

1. What are good app ideas?

Coming up with fresh ideas for app development is an easy task in a fast-growing and competitive field. But despite having ample of budget or experience, there is no guarantee of the app development becoming successful like Uber, Netflix, Spotify. You need to test your app to know the actual outcome. Here are some steps to verify whether your app idea is good or not.

  • Approach a reputed mobile app development firm with your idea.
  • Prepare a basic feature and functionality and test amongst a small targeted group of audience.
  • Analyze your performance and do the needful updates in the app
  • Discuss with your app developers about the futuristic business and features an update of the app.
  • Develop the app after you are assured about its success.
  • Deploy the app on respective platforms

2. What are the best app ideas to sustain coronavirus?

Here are some of the necessary apps that can help people in lockdown or social distancing situations.

  • Symptoms tracker app
  • Telemedicine app
  • Diet and nutrition app
  • Food delivery apps
  • Meditation app
  • Community video call app
  • Location tracking app

3. How much does it cost to develop an app?

The development cost of an app depends on the hourly rates of an app development company along with the specific features and functionalities of your app. But there is a simple formula

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

You can find out an estimation of your app development by this calculation method.

4. How do apps make money?

After developing an app for your startup or business, you must be wondering on how to make profits from it. But how would you do so? There are a few app monetization strategies that you can integrate into your app development from. You can also combine multiple tactics to earn your income.

  • Advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Transaction fees
  • Referral marketing
  • Collecting and selling data


From Ideation To Development

Do you have your own app idea that you want to develop like a dating app, management app, mall navigation app or any other? If yes, do let us know. Also, tell us what other app ideas you have heard about. We will keep updating our list for you.

Do you have your own app idea that you want to develop? Do you have questions like how to build an app or what is the cost to create an app? Feel free to discuss it with us.

We are a premier software and mobile app development company in Canada. We are known for our fully-equipped software and apps for Android, iOS, and web platforms.  We provide development services right from your application idea generation to design framework to deployment on the respective app store. We are familiar with the new advancements in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, which will also help in the enhancement of your mobile app development.

To connect with us, just fill the Contact Us form given in the footer and we will get in touch within 2 working days. Being a leading mobile app development agency, provide a 30-min free consultation with our experts to discuss your ideas and expectations in confidentiality.

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Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel

Designation: Co-founder and CEO of Space-O Technologies

Mr. Rakesh Patel is a Founder and CEO of Space-O Canada. He has 28 years of IT experience in business strategies, operations & information technology. He has expertise in various aspects of business like project planning, sales, and marketing, and has successfully defined flawless business models for the clients. A techie by mind and a writer at heart, he has authored two books - Enterprise Mobility: Strategy & Solutions and A Guide To Open311.

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