10 Best Car Rental Apps for Android & iOS

The global car rental industry is booming with more than $124.56 billion in 2022. The technological convenience is winning the frequent travelers and economically sane Gen Z population with online cab bookings and other service sectors like car rental app.

With the travel and tourism industry growing digitally, the online car rental apps and services are also expanding. If you are a car rental company looking for an online platform to provide more convenience to your customers then you are looking at the right opportunistic market.

The world is facing a variety of economic and health issues like COVID-19 pandemic. So, for an individual to stay safe and maintain social distancing along with the economic condition, needs such an online car sharing marketplace. Thus, this blog will enlighten you on some major car borrowing app developments that are ruling the genre along with some upcoming trends for the fleet managers or cab startups and entrepreneurs who are having a car rental app idea.


Factors such as the rise in the trend of on-demand transportation services and low car ownership among millennials have driven the growth of online car rentals. The adoption of car rental software has prominently anticipated the growth of fleet transportation. Such a personal car rental app for free help in curbing pollution level, traffic, and are an economical option for travel as it is a faster mode of transportation.

Goliaths like Turo, Getaround, Hertz, Kayak, Alamo, Payless are the online car rental companies who have successfully provided manufacturers and customers with car rental schemes that are cost-effective, such as leasing cars from their owners for a defined period of time and then again putting the cars on rent through best car rental apps.

Being a newbie, you might be thinking about the potential market around the world for app development. Our experienced app developers have curated the information for your online venture. Countries like the USA, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan are among the top ones in using such services and also hold the global revenues from it.

global comparision of car rental revenue countries

Source: Statista

Thus, today’s population wants to be their “own boss.” So, car rentals are set to be the transport AirBnBs for Gen Z. If you are planning to become the top car rental app, you need to analyze your competition. These car rentals provide users from renting to roadside assistance to customer support for eliminating their trip based queries. Let’s have a look at the best car rental apps in 2021 and the technological revolution in the transport industry.


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10 Best Car Rental Apps in 2021

App NameFeaturesApp Store LinkPlay Store Link
  • Choose from a unique list of over 800 cars
  • Booking cars directly from the local hosts
  • AI chatbot integration for better communication between the parties on the occasion
  • The host can manage the vehicle and monitor the performance through the app
  • Go remote technology for local owners to earn more from the car sharing marketplace
App storePlay store
  • The quick and easy way for verification of renting or hosting a car
  • Users can book a car on an hourly as well as a daily basis
  • The host and rep can easily list down the number of share cars without any limit
  • The Getaround connect feature helps the host with keyless entry and enhanced security
  • The rental car users can locate and unlock the car with their phone
App storePlay store
  • Secure booking via the app without re-entering the traveler data and credit card information.
  • Filter your search according to destination, dates, and best flying time
  • Price forecast to know the airfare trends
  • The app navigates a user around the airport with step-by-step directions on the device
  • Share travel plans with friends and family members
App storePlay store
  • The users can book through check-in options their round trip cars
  • Organizing upcoming trip details in one place from car’s location to details on reservation changes
  • Unlock the car with the in-app unlocking feature
  • The app has more than one languages to communicate with users
  • Change or extend the car service on the go
App storePlay store
  • A user can have a look at his upcoming reservation details
  • It allows accessibility of receipts for expense tracking
  • Users can search parking slots through SpotHero
  • The previous car rentals service is also saved for faster booking and check-in options
  • Social media channel sign up like Facebook
App storePlay store
  • It allows everyone to narrow their search and filter vehicles and save rental details for future reservations from a review
  • 24/7 road assistance and consumer support service
  • Visit the favorite location and access the information whenever needed for the reservation
  • Earn and redeem points for free rental days
  • Fast signing through fingertip recognition technology
App storePlay store
  • Complete the car rental counter process in one go
  • Select from a wide range of premium cars, vans, and trucks
  • Download the digital key and unlock the Virtuo
  • Automatic transmission facility for better navigation
  • A user can add four friends as additional drivers for free
App storePlay store
  • Select location, age, date
  • Book a car and get a voucher through email
  • Choose from a wide range of cars
  • Compare prices before booking a car via check-in options
App storePlay store
  • Book the whole trip with just one app
  • Search and compare flight prices before booking it
  • Get the best deals on hotels, hostels, resorts, apartments with a proper comparison
  • Customize flight search (flight duration, departure-arrival time, travel class)
  • Select a car rental and pickup location
App storePlay store
  • A user can book trips and errands with car sharing marketplace feature without any limits of duration, drop-offs, destinations
  • It provides the filter for price, type of car, equipment, driver age
  • An individual can manage multiple profiles with a single login
  • View and manage upcoming reservations and also get an overview of the past reservations
  • Pres-schedule a car and pay via credit card easily and securely
App storePlay store
  1. Turo (iOS, Android)

    The cars for rental platform offer the car owner to maximize the value of their asset (the car) into the earnings engine and earn money off it rather than letting it sit in the house parking area. It provides convenience to the local car owner throughout the USA, Canada, New York Times, UK, and Germany, and many more in Europe. Turo services also are known as part of Airbnb for cars. The online rental car program allows users to choose from a variety of options like jeep to Tesla to classic VM bus. The app provides 30% less than the traditional car rental agencies, thus, it is economically apt for the millennials.

    best car rental app

    Source: Turo

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

    • The rideshare app is a self-explanatory app with something like adjustable settings and tips to make decent money from the car
    • No waiting in line at the counter
    • It has the best customer service for car owners and the users
    • It has great navigation and UI design
    • It has a lengthy login and verification process steps
    • There is no calling facility and sometimes messaging gets tedious for the users
    • The search filters need to be more precise for car model selection
  2. Getaround (iOS, Android)

    If you are planning a rental car app like Getaround then you need to consider unique features like ‘unlock your car through the app’ and allow users to hire a car of their choice from a Toyota to a BMW. It is a free platform without any monthly or annual fees. Getaround app provides online car rental liability insurance for a stress-free road trip and cruiser. The peer-to-peer ride sharing app serves throughout Europe and allows users to rent or share a car as low as $5 per rush hour.

    best car rental app

    Source: Getaround

    Before moving forward with other apps, let’s have a look at its pros-cons which will also help you to create a successful app development.

    • Renting a car with a reasonable price and login process is easier
    • No limit of update and listing cars through a single car owner
    • The UI/UX of the car is appealing for better user engagement
    • No timely consumer service is available
    • The in-app navigation and car booking is a task
    • The unique unlocking feature takes time to unlock the car without keys
    • Slow loading app on ongoing road trips and commutes
  3. Kayak (iOS, Android)

    Kayak is a full-fledged travel app navigator from restaurants to hospitals to airports. If you are someone with a travel service wanting to enter the online cab world then this can be one of your opportunities to discover. This specific app allows people to function offline. It can help in booking flights, rental cars, and has constant support for business trip advisors who can plan the whole trip on behalf of the user. The app is among the top car rental apps and is also nominated for the “Best Mobile App Awards” based on a user-friendly interface.

    best car rental app

    Source: Kayak

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

    • Before purchasing a trip the users are able to cross-check the trip prices
    • It is an easy and specific app for bookings
    • The app organizes and saves the trip and adventure detail in an in-app itinerary
    • The app does not allow to select a departure city and fails the flight booking feature
    • Multi-City flight search doesn’t work on the occasion
    • A user cannot delete a note once added updates and also cannot change the check-out date of an existing hotel event
  4. Zipcar (iOS, Android)

    It is the easiest and quickest way to hire a car rental application. Zipcar is available on a daily and hourly basis with gas, liability insurance, mileage, and dedicated parking facilities. This app allows users to signup and choose membership options and get a “Zipcard” in the mail. The online user can book a car near him and unlock it with the help of a Zipcard. Flexible and convenient for urban areas and university campuses. This card consists of gas and insurance records so an individual does not have to worry about the cover. It is a multilingual app available in selective cities of the USA.

    best car rental app

    Source: Zipcar

    Before moving forward, let’s have a look at pros-cons which will help you in better user engagement of your app.

    • It is easy to book a car through the app
    • The users are satisfied by the customer service
    • Effective car location and parking facilities
    • The users face login is a bit buggy and have dust errors in the app
    • The Zipcard is not helping in unlocking a car in one go
    • Automatic billing issues in the app
  5. Hertz (iOS, Android)

    The Hertz app allows users to rent a car quickly, modify a reservation, find a location, and redeem or check Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. It is one of the best car rental apps with effortless intuitive features with a ‘park near me’ option that engages users through SpotHero. The users are also allowed with special discounts and offers, for better prices than traditional services.

    best car rental app

    Source: Hertz

    Let’s have look at its pros and cons.

    • Instant car bookings, easy to find and submit car rentals
    • The app has an engaging user interface
    • Quick and detailed information assists with travel
    • Automatic disability of the reserve button
    • The app fails to show the current rental car with a map and directions to drop off location
    • Randomly logs you out and does not let you log in using the email address

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  6. Enterprise Rent-A-Car (iOS, Android)

    The Enterprise Rent-A-Car App is a personal assistant for the car rental counter. The user is allowed to modify a reservation, view the pickup and drop locations, information about the current rental car item, 24/7 customer support, and roadside assistance. It functions in over 7800 locations worldwide with many language support including English.

    best car rental app

    Source: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    Let’s have a look at its pros-cons.

    • The app easily modifies the rental dates
    • It remembers user’s past car rentals so they can easily book again
    • All locations and phone numbers are available in the app
    • No additional liability insurance through the rental app
    • Lack of promotional deals for loyal customers by the enterprise community
    • It is not easy to navigate, UI/UX is not upto the mark
  7. Virtuo (iOS, Android)

    Virtuo app gives users a completely hassle-free, flexible car, and truck hire facility. A user can easily book premium cars at affordable prices. Anyone can book a car anywhere, anytime and can avail all-in-one car hire app and drive away. The app serves at airports, train stations, and key locations throughout France, UK, Spain, and Belgium.

    car rental app development

    Source: Virtuo

    Before moving forward have a look at its pros and cons.

    • The app is straightforward to navigate, any and all charges are clear and transparent
    • The customer support is excellent
    • The signup is quick and the app is designed well for better user experience
    • The app keeps on opening multiple times against the will of a user
    • Vehicle maintenance is not on track
    • GPS system is impossible to access even after integrating it to google car
  8. Carngo (iOS, Android)

    This app is easy and simple, specifically designed for the middle man. It allows the users to book a car and truck, pick it up, and drop it off when the work is done. Carngo app works with hundreds of global and local cars rental suppliers. It works with Alamo, AVIS, Hertz, National, Payless, Ace, SIXT, Priceline, Enterprise, Europcar, and more than 1000 world-known car rental companies.

    best car rental app

    Source: Carngo

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

    • The users can book their car and compare price at their convenience via category compatibility
    • Helps in viewing and managing car rentals
    • Users can earn/redeem price each time they login into the app
    • The app has a booking problem and errors in check-in options
    • The UI/UX needs to be upgraded for engaging more audience
    • Lack of new technological features like car unlocking
  9. Skyscanner (iOS, Android)

    Skyscanner app allows users to plan, book flights, hotels, and transports at their ease. It helps in finding the best flight prices and amazing hotel discounts. There are no booking fees or hidden charges to book a business trip from the rental app. The app also provides users with search based on vehicle type, fuel, and some advanced functionalities.

    online car rental app

    Source: Skyscanner

    Before moving forward, let’s have a look at pros-cons which will help you in better user engagement of your app.

    • No added fees or hidden charges for becoming any of the services from the app
    • Notification alerts to find the ideal price for flights and transports
    • It has partnered with Travelocity, Trip.com, and more for stay convenience
    • The explore feature does not work worldwide to find the cheapest flights
    • The car payments system has a technical glitch
    • There is no intuitive navigation and the UI of the app needs to be revamped as it is exotic
  10. SIXT (iOS, Android)

    Another fantastic car rental application SIXT, allows users to drive or get driven to their specified destination. The app serves its online car rental service across 100 countries. The carsharing feature of the app has no limits for cars, drop-off limits, and duration. The user can book their favorite car and manage reservations within the app account. And the search filter narrows down the search to car type, price, and popularity for better custom results.

    cars rental app

    Source: SIXT

    Let’s have a look at its pros-cons.

    • It provides flexible car renting service from one minute to 27 days
    • Select the range of cars from economy to first class
    • The app has exceptional promotional rates
    • Poor online customer support
    • Car payments and invoice generation issues
    • Document scanning functionality does not work

So, this was the list of popular car rental app services across the globe. Before concluding the blog, have a look at some of our contributions to taxi booking app development and the ride-sharing app genre.

Our Contribution to Online Taxi Booking and Ridesharing Business

  1. Houdini app: On-demand taxi booking app in Florida, USA

    Our experienced Uber for X developers has developed and deployed a fully-featured on-demand ride-sharing app on iOS and Android platforms. Using this app, the riders can locate and book rides with convenience whenever and wherever they want. This taxi transportation solution is complete with the rider’s app, the driver’s app, and the admin panel. Riders can book a taxi, drivers can accept or reject booking requests, and the admin is enabled to handle all the operations with this taxi dispatch software.

    best car rental apps

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    • The users can book a ride on-demand or schedule the same in advance
    • It provides riders with a preferred driver feature that lets everyone ride along with their favorite
    • The ride-hailing app allows the user to save up to 5 contacts through SOS functionality
    • Integrates google payments and another payment gateway for seamless and secure encrypted online money transactions
    • Reviews and feedback on online services for better improvement and loyal consumer base
  2. Raklux app: On-demand ride sharing app in Georgia, USA

    At Space-O Technologies, we have developed and deployed this luxury cab booking app for users to request a ride and get picked up by a nearby luxury driver to reach the destination on time. This app is deployed on both iOS and Android platforms. The unique feature of this app is preferred drivers and luxurious rides at affordable prices.

    best car rental apps

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    • Schedule or pre-schedule a ride as per the convenience
    • Track a driver through GPS locator
    • It allows riders to book a ride with any specification like age rating, babysit, battery life, wheelchair, music, screenshots description, or any other
    • A user can check his past riding history with pickup and dropoff car rental locations
    • Save and select the same destination for the next time
    • Integrated multiple payment options for a seamless transaction
  3. gIsPy: Peer to peer ride sharing app

    This ride sharing app connects drivers with riders. It also gives riders ride options to share their ride with others and share some income with the driver. It is developed and deployed on the iOS platform. The unique feature of the app is the private/sharing ride option. Apart from this, we have run some background checks along with third-party companies to ensure that drivers are meeting the state and national safety standards and protecting both of their drivers and riders.

    car rental app development

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    • It has an easy signup process for riders
    • Real-time location to track drivers
    • SOS functionality
    • The drivers can select routes through Google map and Waze map
    • The admin can manage all the users, drivers, and accounts on a timely basis

If you are a car rental fleet not able to decide the future trends or are fearing about the online car rental market profits, need not worry! We along with our app developers have gathered some of the efficient trends.

1. Increasing the Use of AI

When you have to manage a vehicle fleet, AI technology can help in analyzing current data. As a fleet management company, you can also keep a track of customer demographics and driver habits to the level of usage and destinations. An individual can also get better readings on vehicular damage faster than human counterparts.

2. Car Rental Accommodation at the Airports

Airports are the biggest cash flow for all the taxi and fleet management companies. Your car rental companies are among the steadiest tenants in the terminals, the users will get the benefit of faster travels and skip the taxi lines. And on the other end, the rental services like yours can help to make profits by serving people conveniently.

3. Subscription Packages for Online Expansion

The subscription packages help attract new customers, travelers, online companies like Enterprise and Hertz with their ideas of packages are successfully able to lure online users. Packages based on the price of vehicles on each level, occasional weekend bookings, can help the app sustain its audience for a long time.


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  1. What is the best app for rental cars?

    • Turo go
    • Kayak
    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Virtuo
    • Zipcar
    • Carngo
    • Getaround
    • Hertz
    • Skyscanner
    • SIXT
    • Getaways
    • Avis
  2. Is there a Airbnb for cars?

    The online car rental software works like Airbnb models. Here the car owner can list their cars on a rental basis and earn money. The online users engage in such a website or platform to skip the airport taxi lines or to go out for daily chore completion.

  3. Does Google Maps have a route planner?

    • Download a car rental application. Select a car according to your convenience
    • Talk to the host of the car over a call or chatbot and rest assured
    • Book an online car for a specific time period
    • Hit the road with road assistance and 24*7 customer support
  4. What are the car rental industry trends?

    Here are the top 3 car rental trends.

    • 1. Increasing the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • 2. Car rental accommodation at the train stations and airport
    • 3. Subscription packages for online expansion



If your company is dealing with fleet management issues, tracking the fleets, increasing fuel & transport costs, then you should explore ways to improve the efficiency of your services. The car rental software performs an accurate planning diagnosis, which models up performance improvements for your business models.

If you have any query or confusion on how to build a car rental app, online rental app development, AI technology, and car rental software, then discuss it with us. We provide a free consultation, you just have to fill the contact us form with your requirements. One of our app experts will get back to you in a short span of time. Drive your businesses with digital accomplishments and avail consumer satisfaction with profits.

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