Best Relaxation Apps to Get Relief from Stress and Anxiety

By 2025 mediation apps are estimated to reach a market volume of US $9,914.05 million as per Statista. In fact, a study by NCCIH suggests that meditation has many benefits for your body, like recovering from illness, physical relaxation, and cures insomnia.

So, people are likely interested in investing their time in meditation and developing a healthy mind with the body.

If you are an entrepreneur and have an idea of developing a relaxation app, this is the best time. We have prepared a list of the best relaxation apps for 2022( as per downloads and ratings) that attract users’ attention and make millions of revenues. Additionally, users likely consider downloading these meditation apps to find happiness and calm amidst daily chaos.

Let’s discover the best relaxation apps that can tackle stressful environments.

Top 9 Best Relaxation Apps in 2022

Many people feel stressed out or unable to focus as plenty of thoughts are running in the mind. Here, meditation is the solution to overcome such situations. Meditation rejuvenates mental health and is the best medicine to cure anxious thoughts.

Below we have mentioned the best meditation and relaxation apps to combat anxiety and stress,

App NameFeaturesDownload
  • The Daily Calm feature offers 10 guided meditations every morning.
  • Sleep stories help to keep the mind calm and improve the sleep
  • Meditation practices for different types of moods
  • Music tracks to increase focus and relaxing the mind
Android | iOS
  • Offer two types of meditations guided and unguided
  • Sleepcasts to get relaxed and take a good sleep
  • The focus feature provides a relaxing playlist which helps to focus on work
  • Headspace for kids has different meditations courses
  • It even allows you to make social contact on the app through a contact book
Android | iOS
  • It offers guided meditation courses for every mind and mood
  • Stories for inspirations to cope up with stress and depression
  • Short meditations for beginners
  • Offer bedtime stories for deep sleep
  • Mindfulness techniques that help to keep the brain active
Android | iOS
  • The app offers guided meditations for beginners as well as masters
  • Sleep music tracks help to take good sleep at night
  • Sleep programs are the meditation courses for effective sleep
  • Different community meditations groups for every situation of life
Android | iOS
  • The app offers various guided meditations for every stage of life
  • It has personalized reminders that offers relevant courses
  • Background songs to calm the mind in stressful situations
Android | iOS
  • The app has meditation courses for every age group of person
  • It offers a 30-day meditation challenge to build a good habit in users
  • Gratitude practicing helps to bring a positive mindset for daily life
  • The app has a feature to sync with Apple Health
  • It even offers relaxing ambient sounds to keep users relax and gain calm mind
Android | iOS
  • This app offers sounds to help people with insomnia
  • You can create 3-mins self-care habit to improve yourself
  • Offers personalized courses based on your content choice
  • Enables to build a daily habit of practicing meditation to improve your overall health
  • You can even track your progress and improve it
Android | iOS
  • Simple Habit helps to create meditation habit that improves health
  • It has breathing exercises to keep users relax and mindfulness
  • Listen to motivational talks to get rid of stress and depression
  • Daily Streak feature to track your daily progress
  • Quick audio meditation for five-mins
Android | iOS
  • It even offers a program for kids to learn meditation at young age
  • The small sessions of meditation allows users to get started
  • You can practice gratitude to keep yourself motivated every day
  • Even it has program to cure the program of concentration
Android | iOS
  1. Calm

  2. Calm is an award-winning app and is preferred by thousands of meditators and beginners. It has over 100+ million downloads with 5-star reviews of 1.5+ million people. According to TechCrunch, the app has received $75 billion in funding.

    Image Credit: Calm

    Calm aims to improve health and happiness. Additionally, it helps to increase focus and reduces stress. This app provides meditation sessions, mindfulness courses, sleep stories and music tracks that help to calm the mind at night and sleep peacefully.

    Furthermore, experts provide guided meditation sessions to take the understanding level deeper on mindfulness, gratitude, or habit-forming information. This app even has sessions for kids to practice meditation and sleep tales to promote better sleep.

    To access the advanced features of Calm, users will be required to buy yearly subscriptions starting from $49.99.

    Ratings: 4.8 for iOS, 4.3 for Android

  3. Headspace

  4. Headspace claims to be “the most science-backed digital mindfulness product in the market”. It has received around $100.7 million Series C funding, and it has around 1.5 million downloads on the App Store.

    relaxation app
    Image Credit: Headspace

    This app offers eight useful meditation practices that help you to relax your body and mind. It also offers sleepcasts for its users to calm their minds before going to bed. It cures anxiety, depression, insomnia, loneliness, emotions and anger. It even has a session for children to teach them meditation, mindfulness, kindness, and generosity.

    Headspace is all about reducing stress with helpful tips like daily meditation for the inner calm of the body. Headspace app is available for both Android and iOS users.
    Although there are limitations, to gain access to all content, you can buy a premium subscription starting from $69.99/year.

    Ratings: 4.9 for iOS, 4.6 for Android

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  5. 10 Percent Happier

  6. Want to sleep better, be more mindful and improve relationships? If yes, Ten Percent Happier is just for you. It provides meditation guides, videos, talks and sleep content which helps users to boost meditation practice. According to TechCrunch, the company has raised $5million in funding. This app has several experienced faculties who conduct happiness, stress, relationship, and gratitude sessions for 5 to 20 minutes.

    Image Credit: 10 Percent Happier

    Additionally, the company has received several accolades such as:

    • #1 Top listed app in New York Times ‘How to Meditate’ guide
    • #1 in Apple’s ‘New Apps We Love’
    • Featured on The Daily Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, The Rachael Ray Show

    Moreover, Ten percent has a yearly subscription of $99.99 / €109.99 on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iPhone.

    Ratings: 4.8 for both Android and iOS.

  7. Insight Timer

  8. If you want to opt for an app with much free content on meditation sessions, Insight Timer is for you. This app helps users to get relief from anxiety and stress. It provides unlimited access to 95,000 free meditation sessions and has over 200 topics to start with. According to Crunchbase, it has received funding of $27.4 million.

    Insight Timer
    Image Credit: Insight Timer

    All these topics cover the scientific concepts, talks and practice sessions to increase awareness of the mind from one minute to two hours. Insight Timer is one of the best relaxation apps for people interested in improving mental health as it helps users to improve sleep and boost self-confidence.

    The app has received accolades as Application of the year from Time Magazine and Women Healths. Users can even buy a yearly subscription at $59.99 per year.

    Ratings: 4.9 for both Android and iOS.

  9. The Mindfulness

  10. Looking for a relaxed and healthier state of mind? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in meditation, this application will help you to stay focused in day-to-day life.

    The Mindfulness
    Image Credit: The Mindfulness

    It is one of the best meditation apps that offer content to get good sleep with its soothing music. The Mindfulness app consists of various timed sessions starting from three to thirty minutes which helps users to choose practicing meditation according to their choice.

    With its reminder option, users build a habit of meditation and maintain it as a routine. The Mindfulness App has 250+ guided meditation courses for its users to reduce blood pressure due to stress.

    The app offers various courses on relationship, sleep, stress relief, focus, and breathing. Moreover, the yearly subscription starts at $59.99 per year.

    Ratings: 4.7 stars in iOS, 4.5 in Android.

  11. Unplug

  12. Unplug App provides meditation for every situation in your life. Unplug App helps users by offering short and inspirational stories. So, people with stress and anxiety may need sleep. It also has 850+ powerful and effective videos shooted on their LA meditation studio to inspire people.

    Image Credit: Unplug

    These videos are on a variety of topics like mindfulness, hypnosis, breathwork and other practices. If you had a bad day, it helps you find good things in the day and write in a gratitude journal. To improve lifestyle and gain mental peace, this app motivates you to build consistency in practicing meditation daily. If you like to access the app’s premium features, you can buy $69.99 per year.

    Ratings: 4.8 in iOS and 3.6 in Android.

  13. Aura

  14. Aura App helps to improve focus and sleep better by reducing stress in your daily life. This app is one of the meditation apps that uses AI technology to offer personalized content by knowing your preferences. Aura App has 1000+ meditations, stories, coaching, soothing music and other stuff. That helps improve breathing which helps to calm the mind and body. According to Crunchbase, Aura health has received a total funding of $3.9 million.

    Image Credit: Aura

    It offers personalized meditation, stories, sleep tales, cognitive behavioural therapy and music, which is a perfect solution to improve mental health. It provides gentle reminders to the user for improving habits and creating new ones. The app daily offers three minutes of personalized meditation to the users. Furthermore, Aura offers a seven-day free trial, and after that, you can purchase a premium membership at $94.99/month.

    Ratings: 4.7 in iOS and 4.6 in Android.

  15. Simple Habit

  16. Simple Habit is one of the leading relaxation apps for your wellness & sleep recommended by top psychologists, therapists and mental health experts. Their wellness sessions provide guided meditation, daily motivation, guided sleep sessions and coaching by world-renowned experts. As per TechCrunch, it has also received total funding of 12.5 million in Series A.

    Image Credit: Simple Habit App

    The Simple Habit App pushes users to take out five minutes from a busy day to practice meditation with the daily reminders. To boost self-confidence and to achieve more in life, the simple habit app has more than 100 free meditation sessions; so, users can start meditating even without subscribing.

    Simple Habit is built to tackle situations from lack of focus to sleepless nights. If you are struggling to take out time for yourself, then Simple Habit is the best choice. To access the app’s premium content, you can get a yearly subscription of the app that is $89.99 per year.

    Ratings: 4.8 in iOS and 4.9 in Android.

  17. Smiling Mind

  18. Smiling Mind, one of the best relaxation apps, has specific courses for children and adults to deal with pressure, stress, and tough challenges in daily life. These courses allow users to build a mindful perspective towards everything they do.

    Smiling Mind
    Image Credit: Smiling Mind

    There are various sessions, including mindful foundation, digital detox, sleep, and stress management for every age group. However, it’s not a well-built app like other meditation apps, but it’s an entirely free app and worth giving a try.

    Ratings: 4.5 in iOS and 3.8 in Android.

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How Space-O Can Help To Create The Best Meditation App

According to the report of Research And Market, the global mindfulness meditation app industry is going to reach USD 4,206 by 2027. As the market is rising, it is the right time to invest in meditation apps like Calm and Headspace.

Do you have an idea about a relaxation app and want to build the MVP of it? Do you already have a relaxing app and want to include intuitive features? Do you want to make an app from scratch? We will help you to build a meditation application like Headspace, Insight Timer, or Smiling Mind. We will help you to build a meditation application like Headspace, Insight Timer, or Smiling Mind.

We have expertise in developing similar apps and our experienced developer team will guide you from validating an app idea to launch your product in the market.

If you are still looking for answers to questions like the best relaxation app for iOS and Android, apps that help control anxiety, and free meditation apps, then refer to the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which are the best apps to control stress and anxiety?

  2. To cure stress and anxiety, we have listed some of the best relaxation apps. They are as follow,

    • Calm
    • Headspace
    • Insight Timer
  3. Which app is better: Headspace or Calm?

  4. Both the apps are best at their own stage. If you are a beginner in meditation we would suggest you go with Headspace. And if you know meditation or want to relax your mind before bed then Calm App is the right for you.

  5. How long does it take to build a meditation application?

  6. It can take up to three to five months to build an application like Calm and HeadSpace. Moreover, it also depends on the features that you are taking into consideration.

  7. Can I consider a Calm app good for anxiety?

  8. Yes, the Calm app is best to help people reduce anxiety and calm their minds to take good sleep. It also offers various meditation courses to its users to make their life happier.


There are people across the globe who face difficulties like lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and less focus on work in the busy world. Meditation is a great practice to increase focus, staying calm, build confidence and improving sleeping patterns.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or find stillness, there are meditation applications for you. Calm and Headspace are the leaders of the meditation industry. So, do you want to develop a similar application? Or Do you want to validate your idea?

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