7 Best Dispatch Software Solution for Your Business in 2022

Are you a fleet manager and you’re in charge of managing vehicles, drivers, analyzing data, fuel consumption, and maintenance schedule?

Do you want to ensure that your vehicles are managed properly and you get the best out of your fleet?

If yes, this blog is for you.

If you are managing fleets on a day-to-day basis, you may be facing challenges like:

  • Tracking the status of delivery
  • Fuel cost management
  • Manual paperwork to get the actual data
  • Late product delivery

Most of the businesses that are managing fleets use fleet management solutions to streamline their day-to-day operations which include vehicle tracking, driver safety, and route optimization. Here’s one of the case studies from Motorola solutions, which states that Nashville in Tennessee USA, uses dispatch management software service to take a special approach in emergency management.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the global fleet management size is forecasted to grow from USD 20.6 Billion in 2021 to USD 33.9 Billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.5%.

What are the benefits of using dispatch software?

  • Driver’s safety
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • End-to-end route optimization
  • Best utilization of the resources
  • Business process optimization
  • Cost reduction

Best Dispatch Softwares

As a dispatch manager, you might be aware of the different dispatch software available in the market. But, finalizing the one that fits best for your organization could be a challenging task for you. And, making a minor mistake in selecting the dispatch software could mismanage your entire budget.

To make it easier for you, we have written this blog where we are going to compare the best dispatch software available in the market on the basis of a number of customers, and ratings & reviews from G2, Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp.

After reading this blog and checking out this table, you would be in a position to easily compare and find the best dispatch software according to your custom requirements.

Sr. NoSoftware NamesNumber of CustomersFree Demo Available?Ratings and ReviewsPricing
1Verizon Connect80000+Yes
  • Capterra – 3 (700)
  • G2- 4 (278)
  • Getapp – 3.2 (700)
  • Software Advice – 3.21
  • Capterra – 4.2 (219)
  • G2 – 4 (14)
  • Getapp – 4.2 (219)
  • Software Advice – 4.23 (219)
3Housecall Pro20000+Yes
  • Capterra – 4.7 (2534)
  • G2 – 4.5 (93)
  • Getapp – 4.5 (25000)
  • Software Advice – 4.7 (2534)
$49(1 user ) – $109+ (1-5 users)
4Track POD10000+Yes
  • Capterra – 4.6 (51)
  • G2 – 4.5 (4)
  • Getapp – 4.5 (51)
  • Software Advice – 4.65 (51)
$29/ driver- $69/driver
  • Capterra – 4.6 (42)
  • G2 – 4.5 (42)
  • Getapp – 4.3 (56)
  • Software Advice – 4.65 (38)
Starts at $49/month
  • Capterra – 4.7 (81)
  • G2 – 4.5 (45)
  • Getapp – 4.5 (81)
  • Software Advice – 4.7(81)
$149/month – $1999/month
7Upper Route Planner500+YesStarts at $39/driver/month

Let’s discuss about all these software in details:

  1. Verizon Connect

  2. verizon-connect

    Verizon Connect is a field service management software that provides a 360-degree view of the fleet’s daily operations, provides route optimization, increases the productivity of drivers, and streamlines fleet management.

    So, if you have trouble in maintaining the fleets and are looking for scheduled deliveries and route management tools, Verizon Connect offers field service and dispatch management solutions to streamline your business operations.

    Why Select Verizon Connect as Your Dispatch Software

    • Enables setting up service reminders for each vehicle to prevent breakdowns.
    • Tracks vehicles in real-time communicates with the field service workers and alerts customers in case of delays based on real-time GPS data.
    • Office staff can use a drag-and-drop calendar to schedule the job of field workers based on the skillset, location, or whether they know the customer.
    • Provides field visibility with real-time tracking and the estimated time of arrival.
    • Provides proof-of-delivery data allowing drivers to capture pictures and collect signatures from their mobile app.
    • Manages entire operations from central locations; job status, job scheduling, vehicle tracking, and live map manage everything from one place.
    • Enables checking the customer’s ratings and reviews and helps to track the performance.

    Key Features of Verizon Connect

    Smart schedulingRoute history
    Job managementSatellite view
    NotificationMultiple language support
    Technician statusFuel card integration
    Drag-and-drop calendarRoute replay

    When Should You Choose Verizon Connect?

    • If you have motor carriers and commercial vehicle drivers and need to maintain a record of duty status.
    • If you want your fleet to follow the Department of Transportation rules as Verizon Connect provides an easy and innovative solution as per the Government guidelines.

    Industries That Use Verizon Connect

    • Distribution
    • Government and public safety
    • Construction & heavy equipment
    • Transportation & logistics
    • Oil, gas & mining
    • Services and Specialty Trades
    • Farming

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of Verizon Connect dispatch software.

    Gives reminders and alerts when vehicle services are dueSometimes report causes ambiguity or confusion
    A user-friendly map to display fleetDue to issues in the connection, alerts can get delayed
    Excellent customer service and referral programsProduct may seem to be pricey for the managers who are looking for budgeted solution
    Using this service dispatch software and mobile app is easy

    Want to Develop Your Own Custom Dispatch Software?

    Want to validate your idea? Want to get a free consultation from an expert?

  3. Samsara

  4. samsara

    Looking for software that tracks your fleet with GPS tracking and optimizes the route in real-time?

    Samsara is a cloud-based field service management software that helps lower fuel consumption, prevent accidents, and automate the manual field process. Based in SFA and founded in 2015, Samsara has customers across the globe that uses this service dispatch software to address safety, track the physical location, and monitor the driver’s behaviour.

    If you choose the Samsara dispatch software, you only have to pay for the features and assets you choose; Samsara will calculate the price accordingly. If you are finding a real-time dispatch software for small and medium business and looking for a budget-friendly solution, Samsara is considered the best fit.

    Why Select Samsara as Your Dispatch Software?

    • Manages routes and instantly tracks vehicle location, route progress, and late or missed stops rather than manually calling drivers.
    • Enables sharing live location so that authorized users can predict arrivals or delays.
    • Uses GPS tracking, intuitive reports, and advanced analytics to reroute the actual route.
    • Provides alerts to the drivers about tailgating, speeding, no seatbelt, and instant route updates.
    • Protect drivers with AI dash cams that capture incidents and provide preventive alerts.
    • Tracks the battery status and energy usage of EV vehicles.

    Key Features of Samsara Software

    Fleet maintenanceDash cams
    Asset trackingReefer monitoring
    Reporting and alertsOEM integration
    Video-based AI technologyCustom dashboard
    Driver mobile appCustom KPIs

    When Should You Choose Samsara?

    • If you want to identify the safety score of the drivers. Because safety and accidents avoidance is key to winning and maintaining contracts.
    • If you want to leverage temperature data for the emergency cause.
    • If you want to track precise hours and location of which trucks were delivering which loads.

    Industries That Uses Samsara Software

    • Food and Beverage
    • Construction
    • Higher Education
    • Passenger Transit
    • Field Service Fleets
    • Water and Wastewater

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages this software offers.

    Setting up the process is very easyInstead of time-based stops, the routing feature has priority-based stops
    Map is connected to data so you can get data points on a mobile device when you float the map routesSometimes there is a disconnection in the system with a mobile device
    Utilizes the data for preventive maintenance, reduce downtime, and identify fuel wastageDue to number of features, the layout of this dispatching software may seem scattered
    Streamlines communication from office to field by providing the correct information at the right time through the driver’s mobile app

    If you are looking to develop a customized dispatch management software like Samsara, connect with us and share your business requirements. Our software development experts will provide you with 30-minutes free consultation service to validate your idea.

  5. Housecall Pro

  6. housecall-pro

    Housecall Pro is one of the top-rated dispatch software that offers service professionals to create a business workflow, including job scheduling, dispatching, making bookings, and tracking dispatched employees.

    If you’re into the home service business and looking for software that helps to find the most efficient routes or to map out a delivery plan, then Housecall Pro is the most suited for your business.

    Why Housecall Pro as Your Dispatch Software?

    • Dispatchers can easily create new jobs using a drag-and-drop calendar.
    • Easy to edit jobs, view job dates, check payment status, and set up new and recurring jobs.
    • Provides notification about the assigned task, changes in the schedule, and emergency service tickets.
    • Tracks the location of your field service technician using GPS.
    • Showcases customer reviews which help your service team to understand the customers and improve the customer service.
    • Customizes the invoice as per the work done by your team

    Key Features of Housecall Pro

    SchedulingLive map GPS tracking
    Job managementCard reader
    NotificationQuick book integration
    Job managementThird-party integrations
    ReportingOnline Booking

    When Should You Choose Housecall Pro?

    • When you want the data from all the different influences(drivers, locations, tracking) and want to understand the reason for the increased or decreased number.

    Industries That Uses Housecall Pro

    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Garage Door
    • Landscaping and Lawn
    • Appliance

    Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this dispatch software.

    Easy to use and keeps you organizedDue to technical issues, chat support takes too long to speak with someone
    Compared to the other trucking dispatch companies, it has an affordable fee and provides an all-in-one solution to run the business dailyAutomatic reminders are not sent to employees; just push notifications one hour before a job starts.
    GPS shows accurate property location and street view, which helps the technician to locate the property easily
    Provides backup in case of data loss
  7. Track POD

  8. track-pod

    Track POD is a dispatch software that provides one solution for driver tracking, real-time notification, and route optimization, which improves customer service and automates the business process.

    So, if you are one of the logistics service providers and looking for fleet maintenance solutions using order tracking, proof of delivery, and freight movement on a job site, Track POD can fit in your business. Being a unique paperless delivery system for small field service companies, this software works well for arranging multiple deliveries easily.

    Why Track POD as Your Dispatch Software?

    • Provides AI-powered route planning and optimization, which makes sure that no resources are idle and the product is delivered to the right place.
    • With a dispatch board, it is easy to schedule jobs, offer real-time tracking of drivers, rearranging routes, fleet maintenance, ETAs, and chat with drivers.
    • Provides delivery confirmation by capturing geotags and timestamps, taking photos, and client signature.
    • The mobile app of track POD works offline and synchronizes data when the connection is restored.
    • Sign of glass technology to capture recipient signature and reduce paperwork and invoicing errors.
    • Instantly sends feedback about the status with an actual quantity of items and delivery receipt.
    • Sends SMS and email notifications with estimated arrival times so that customers can know when their courier will arrive.
    • Optimizes the routes with various stops with one click.
    • Monitors the fleet in a single map, tracking the progress of the drivers in real-time.

    Key Features of Track POD Software

    Real-time driver trackingUp-to-date detailed map
    DashboardAPI integration
    Route optimizationSearch and Filter
    Safety managementVisual communication
    Delivery trackingInstant notification

    Industries That Use Track POD Software?

    • Retail
    • Food and Beverage
    • Wholesale
    • Parcel Delivery
    • Logistics

    Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Track POD software.

    This field service management solution makes it easy to optimize the route for a day which results in saving wasted fuel and timeInability to remove a delivery stop on a route once the driver has started their route
    The dashboard design is simple to use and extremely usefulFinding addresses is sometimes inaccurate, especially in the rural areas
    It records job progress and captures geo stamps of the location where the signatures and pictures were taken to avoid discrepancies between company drivers and customers
    In this field service business, the process of uploading routes and adding new routes is highly intuitive and streamlined, and job details are sent to mobile apps.
  9. WorkWave

  10. workwave

    Work Wave is one of the best cloud-based dispatch softwares that provides full-suite solutions for any size, including easy estimation of jobs, scheduling jobs, route optimization, and customer billing. If you want to reduce manual labour, prevent data loss, save fuel and simplify the time-consuming process of invoicing, Work wave is a best fleet management software to use for your field service.

    Based in New Jersey, founded in 1984, and experience of 40 years has made Work Wave a pioneer in delivering exceptional customer service.

    Why WorkWave as Your Dispatch Software?

    • Enables schedule jobs and assigns jobs to the team effortlessly.
    • Limits the calls to the drivers as real-time tracking with GPS can track the location of the driver.
    • Easily track the dispatch location and pull the history from the admin panel.
    • Monitor driver behaviour and set alerts from the start of the day to the last stop
    • Cuts down operating costs reduce mileage, improves customer service with the route optimization software for the field service.
    • Drivers can get the fastest and most efficient routes in minutes
    • Provides real-time notifications and alerts to the manager when a driver arrives or departs from the stop
    • The actual performance of the driver can be tracked from the factors like idle time, fuel consumption, delivery time
    • Offers mobile application to provide visibility of what’s happening in the field

    Key Features of WorkWave

    Barcode RecognitionGPS
    Delivery TrackingMileage Tracking
    Field Service ManagementOrder Entry
    Performance MetricsMobile Signature Capture
    Driver ETADrag and Drop

    When Should You Choose WorkWave?

    • If you want to use a solution globally in multiple languages or want to switch from USD to EUR or miles to km.
    • If you want to seamlessly integrate with the existing order management system

    Industries That Uses Workwave Software

    • Pest control software
    • Lawn care software
    • Landscaping software
    • Cleaning services software
    • HVAC software
    • Plumbing software
    • Electrical contractor software
    • Delivery management software
    • Logistics and distribution software

    Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this software.

    Routing is great and can be easily integrated with Magento 2 storeRequires maintenance plans to work for your GPS
    Easy to upload CSV files with all the routing data in this service dispatch software.Takes little time to learn as the tool is feature-rich
    Integrates tracking, point of delivery, and orders all in one software
    Lets the customer, small business, and field service companies know expected time of delivery.
  11. On Fleet

  12. onfleet

    Do you want to streamline your delivery operations by offering real-time fleet tracking, analytics, and route optimization? Give a try to On Fleet, which is a dispatch delivery management system that provides real-time monitoring of drivers, and the approx estimated time of arrival.

    Headquartered in San Francisco, it also builds custom software for last-mile delivery operations. It has done millions of deliveries every month for companies like Kroger, Gap, Alto, and United supermarkets.

    Want to Develop Your Own Custom Dispatch Software?

    Want to validate your idea? Want to get a free consultation from an expert?

    Why OnFleet as Your Dispatch Software?

    • Intuitive web dashboard, which provides consolidated routing and dispatch operations.
    • To produce the most efficient route, it considers time, location, capacity, and traffic.
    • Provides search and filters which enable you to find drivers or customers by searching with text, time, or status.
    • Enables technicians to hold one task and set another study as per the demand. With this auto dispatch facility, drivers can reduce service time and labour cost by
    • sending the right driver at the right time.
    • Native iOS and Android app for drivers, which provides real-time driver tracking.
    • Supports deliveries in multiple countries across the globe.
    • Drivers can provide proof of delivery by capturing photos, signatures, and barcodes of customers.
    • Customer satisfaction is a priority; they get an accurate estimated time of arrival and real-time alerts with the help of machine learning algorithms.
    • Provides SMS notification during the start of delivery and predictive time of arrival.

    Key Features of OnFleet Software

    Real-time driver trackingReal-time data
    DashboardDetailed task history
    Route optimizationIn-app communication
    Feedback collection
    Comprehensive ReportingSearch and filter

    When Should You Choose OnFleet?

    • If you are looking for voluminous last-minute hot-shot deliveries across different geographies or powertool tools to manage complicated tasks
    • If you are looking for a solution that doesn’t have upfront set up and on-boarding fees

    Industries That Uses OnFleet Software

    • Food and beverage
    • Retail
    • e-Commerce
    • Furniture
    • Pharmacy
    • Logistics

    Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this job management software.

    Easy on-boarding process and super easy to use user interfaceReports to track performance are difficult to manage
    Able to reroute and add or edit stops while drivers are on their stop
    Gives the minute update to track the status of the drivers on-site
  13. Upper Route Planner

  14. uperr-route-planner

    Looking for an all-in-one solution that provides a unified way of tracking a vehicle, route planning, increases fuel efficiency, and recording of vehicle’s data? Upper Route Planner is one of the best service dispatch software that helps you generate route plans with hundreds of stops in just a matter of seconds.

    Upper Route Planner is a route planning and optimization software which helps small to medium-size businesses manage and streamline daily delivery operations. This software provides an eagle-eye view of your delivery operations.

    Why Select Upper Route Planner as Your Dispatch Software?

    • Enables you to add hundreds of stops in seconds.
    • Uses optimization algorithms which helps to cut time on the road, saving gas and driver’s salaries
    • Helps to dispatch drivers in one-click
    • Gives instant notification to field service workers when order status changes when a vehicle needs maintenance or crosses a predefined zone.
    • Provides simple proof of delivery by enabling customers to add signatures from the user before delivery.
    • Provides historical insights into how the fuel was consumed.
    • Provides data analytics of the longest routes, stops covered the previous day, and missed stops.

    Key Features of Upper Route Planner software

    Real-time alertsHistorical reporting
    Dispatch managementVehicle tracking in real-time
    Driver managementGPS tracking
    Vehicle maintenanceData and analytics

    When Should You Choose an Upper Route Planner?

    • If you want to detect anomalies in fuel consumption or want to identify fuel card misuse or fraud.
    • If you want to know the root causes of your driver’s accidents or want to safeguard them in case of non-fault incidents.

    Which Industries Use Upper Route Planner software?

    • Courier services
    • Daily deliveries
    • Weekly deliveries
    • Field services maintenance, installation

    Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this service dispatch software.

    Customer service is helpful and responsiveDue to some technical reasons, this dispatching software may take time to respond to a customer’s query
    Analytical data collected by the system enabled to create and streamline the logistic process
    Makes it easy to replay the route of several vehicles at once
    Staff can communicate with the drivers and can reroute them if necessary

Still, have questions about the dispatch software? Let’s discuss some of them in frequently asked questions.

FAQs About Dispatch Software

  1. Can I integrate dispatch software with existing billing and CRM software?

  2. Yes, the software mentioned above provides third-party APIs through which you can hassle-free integrate with the existing CRM of billing software. However, you can develop customized dispatch software for your business to integrate with your CRM.

  3. How much time does it take to install the software?

  4. Most of the software works on the cloud and doesn’t require installation. You just have to sign in to the software and get going. And the software which requires installation doesn’t take much time and is easy to set up.

  5. Why should I choose custom dispatch software platforms?

  6. Here are the reasons to use custom field management software for your field business

    1. If you want to add customized features for multi-destination scheduling, VoIP/RoIP gateways, or automated time stamps
    2. If you want to get comprehensive reports by using machine learning and business intelligence technologies
    3. If you want to modify or update a software in a long run
    4. If you want to scale your software as and when your business grows
  7. How much cost and time does it take to build dispatch software?

  8. If you’re planning to develop customized dispatch software with an app for drivers and panels for the backend, it takes around 750+ hours around 3-4 months.

  9. Which is the best dispatch software for small trucking companies?

  10. Here’s the list of the best dispatch software that is considered the best fit for small trucking companies. Following are the names of it.

    • Samsara
    • On Fleet
    • Upper Route Planner
    • Axon Trucking Software

Ready to Make Your Dispatch Management Easier?

In this blog, you have learned about how different dispatch software helps in streamlining your fleet management process, their benefits & limitations, and in which conditions you should select it. Apart from this, we have even given ideas about when to create your own custom dispatch software solution.

Now it is up to you, whether to select ready-made dispatch software or a customized one. If you want a customized fleet management solution as per your business requirements, fill the following contact us form and let us discuss your project.

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