5 Best EV Charging Apps in 2022

Are you a charge point operator, and you are responsible for managing entire EV networks and EV charging operations?

Do you want to ensure that your EV drivers

  • Discover your charging station easily?
  • Can access the real-time availability of the station, images, station ratings, and descriptions of the charging stations?
  • Get notifications when your charging station is nearby?
  • Don’t have to wait in the queue at the charging station by booking the slots earlier?

In such a case, electric vehicle charging mobile apps can prove to be your best investment. Moreover, mobile apps help to increase the visibility of your business and enable you to generate more revenue streams.

According to research by JD Power [data analytics and consumer intelligence company], 41% of EV owners use their brand’s EV mobile app on most of their trips for hassle-free services.

If you develop the mobile app, you get the actual insights of your charging stations, daily profit, power consumption, EV drivers details, transactions, and feedback.

Therefore, to provide you with a general idea of EV mobile apps and what features you can integrate, we have listed the 5 best EV charging apps to help you get started.

5 Top EV Charging Apps

Being an EV charging station provider, you may be well aware of the different EV charging apps available in the market. However, if you want to develop an EV mobile app, you need to know the features, advantages, and limitations of top EV mobile apps. This is important because you will be competing with the top mobile apps.

So, to make it easier for you, we have written this blog based on funding amount, performance, and popularity. After reading this blog and checking out this table, you would be in the position to easily compare and find the leading EV charging apps as per your customer requirements.

LogoCompany NameNumber of Charging StationsFunding AmountPricingAvailable On
chargepoint iconChargePoint132000$929.2MFreeApp Store | Play Store
evconnect iconEV Connect45,000$25.9 MFreeApp Store | Play Store
greenflux iconGreenFlux20,0000$12.9MFreeApp Store | Play Store
evgo iconEVgo800$400 MFreeApp Store | Play Store
chargehub iconChargeHub3000$92.5KFreeApp Store | Play Store

Let’s discuss these apps in detail:

  1. ChargePoint App

  2. Established in 2014, ChargePoint is one of the biggest global players in EV charging, covering more than 132000 independent EV charging stations. It has more than 1600 public DC fast chargers. The ChargePoint charging network is available in almost every state of the USA, Mexico, Australia, and in 3 Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec).

    With a growing number of active users, the ChargePoint app is very useful for EV drivers to find EV charging stations and other major networks. This fully-functional app can lead the driver’s way to the nearest EV station within minutes.

    Top Six Reasons to Select ChargePoint as an EV Charging App

    • As ChargePoint covers more than 132000 charging points across houses, multifamily dwellings, workplaces, retailers, and parking garages, it is easy to charge wherever the driver goes.
    • Before heading towards the nearby charging station, the EV driver can check on the ChargePoint mobile app if the charging station is functional or not.
    • ChargePoint shows you the fastest route to reach the nearest EV charge point around Australia, Europe, and the U.S.
    • EV drivers can enter new EV charge station details on the map, and that will be registered in ChargePoint’s database.
    • The ChargePoint app covers stations of its own and other networks containing the details of public stations through an easily accessible real-time map.
    • The ChargePoint app is easy to download for free from the app store of your phone. No matter what type of OS you have (iOS/Android/Windows), this app supports all types.

    Key Features of ChargePoint

    Global mapFastest route
    GPS trackingCharging status
    Easy registrationWaitlist view
    Satellite viewAlerts and notifications

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of ChargePoint.

    Advantages of Using ChargePointLimitations of Using ChargePoint
    Through ChargePoint, the EV driver can filter the search by choosing different attributes like the type of charger and network. Based on the selection, the drivers get custom search resultsIn case of a bad area network, the map doesn’t show up or takes time to load
    EV drivers can locate nearby open stations and also check the charging costs beforehandNeed to create a separate account if the users purchase more than one home charger
    Offer frequent updates so that EV users can use the latest features
    Allows EV drivers to know the charging station status when all ports are occupied with electric vehicles
  3. EV Connect App

  4. Established in 2009 and with 4.5+ ratings on the App Store, the EV Connect simplifies the set-up, management, and optimization of charging stations from installation to driver support. With EV Connect, EV drivers can monitor the charging session from the phone in real-time and calculate when the EV goes off.

    All the certified charging stations of EV Connect provide exact charging status, 24/7 support, and analytics for EV management. Verizon, Marriott, Dell, Hilton, Taco Bell, and Electrify America are some of the customers of EV Connect.

    Let’s hear out the other reasons too!

    Top Five Reasons to Select EV Connect as an EV Charging App

    • The EV Connect app allows users to pay for the charging session directly from the app, ensuring the EV driver has the best experience while EV is charging.
    • Before choosing a charging station, EV drivers can check other user experiences online and read out the station reviews and comments.
    • In case an electric vehicle is running out of EV battery life, the EV Connect app helps the EV drivers to find the shortest/fastest route and suggest navigation directions to follow.
    • This app offers full transparency to EV drivers. When an electric vehicle gets “charged up”, EV drivers get notified immediately. Also, the driver can then get an estimate of how long the vehicle would go further.
    • The EV Connect app is device-friendly and can run smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. Plus, this app has 4.5 and 4.7 ratings consecutively on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

    Key Features of EV Connect App

    Real-time status checkWorldwide network
    List of public stationsFilters for easy search
    Waiting in line status24*7 customer support
    Free downloadControl access of stations

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of EV Connect software.

    Advantages of Using EV Connect AppLimitations of Using EV Connect App
    Covers more than 45,000 locations worldwide, making it accessible for people to access electric car charging stations across the USA and CanadaThe app’s intuitive map doesn’t load sometimes and shows wrong station details
    Generates reports on the local charging station’s status so that other users get immediate notification about the service disruptionThere’s no remote pause/stop in the app according to users’ reviews on Google Play Store
    EV drivers can check the detailed information about the vehicle they are driving, including the remaining energy status
    You can run custom-search and look for different types of stations, including public, high power, and residential, along with the network provider details
    The app’s interactive map shows all residential chargers shared by other EV Connect members
  5. GreenFlux

  6. Established in 2011 and with consistent service history, GreenFlux is one of the top EV app choices with a service territory covering the USA, India, and Europe. The easy-to-use EV charge app provides details about all nearby charging stations along with the availability of charging points. From controlling the charging status to paying the charging session, the app can do it all.

    GreenFlux was the first to start with nationwide networks of semi-fast chargers to make driving easier.

    If you haven’t yet tried the GreenFlux app, it’s time to give it a go.

    Top Four Reasons to Select GreenFlux as an EV Charging App

    • Once the users download the app on their smartphone, it automatically pulls out the EV’s charging history from the cloud and shows the preferable charge stations on the map.
    • How to know if the nearby charging station is preoccupied or has an available charging point to use? The GreenFlux app shows only those EV stations that are currently operating and has available charging points for use.
    • The user can see charging stations that are compatible with their car model. The user can even get a satellite view before heading towards the charging stations.
    • This app is free to use, available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It runs smoothly on different OS devices, including iOS, Windows, and Android. Also, the user is able to connect with their smartwatch.

    Key Features of GreenFlux

    Charge assistFiltered search
    Device trackingActivity log
    Online paymentFastest route
    Smartwatch compatible24*7 customer support

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of GreenFlux.

    Advantages of Using EV Connect AppLimitations of Using EV Connect App
    One app can do it all: smart charging, quick payment checkouts, and real-time charging updatesThe app’s charging station’s status sometimes shows wrong results
    Based on the EV’s charging history, this app offers you custom smart charging solutionsWith a slow network, the user might find it difficult to locate a location on the map
    Interact with other EV drivers and operators through the app anytime
    EV drivers get real-time charging updates about all nearby local free public chargers spots
    Once the EV is fully charged, pay directly via GreenFlux
    Easy to take control of vehicle’s charging status via phone or smartwatch

    Build Your Own Custom EV Management Solution

    We offer flexible hiring models to meet your unique work requirements. Share your business requirements. Let’s convert it into a reality.

  7. EVgo App

  8. EVgo notifies before EV is drained out. Founded in 2010, it covers more than 800 charging stations. EVgo is currently one of the largest EV fast-charging networks in the United States. According to EVgo, more than 130 million people in the USA live within a 10-mile drive of an EVgo fast charger. Moreover, EVgo serves more than 300,000 customer accounts and maintains a 98% uptime across our network.

    For Americans traveling domestically, the EVgo app provides services in 34 American States, including Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, and a few other main areas. Its wide-spread network provides you with complete information about 1,000+ DC fast-charging locations within minutes.

    Here are the reasons to select EVgo.

    Top Four Reasons to Select EVgo as an EV Charging App

    • Even if the EV user lives in America, he might not know which is the nearby charging station. He might not know whether the charging station is operational or closed. Isn’t it? The EVgo app lets the user know which charging point is open or closed based on the current location.
    • The EVgo app provides real-time updates from time to time so that their drivers stay updated about the new charging station entries on Google Maps.
    • The EVgo app is very user-friendly, along with a 24/7 customer support facility. So, no matter what the problem is, you get quick help from the support team.
    • This app categorizes the nearby charging points as the public charges, or the fastest chargers, or the chargers with people waiting in line. These charging stations are located at convenient locations so that you can charge the electric vehicles anywhere, anytime.

    Key Features of EVgo

    Real-time updatesDriving tips
    Charging logCurrent EV status
    Account managementFastest route
    EVgo rewardsEVgo reservations
    Monitors the charging stations

    If you are looking to develop customized smartphone apps like EVgo or EV Connect, contact us and share your business requirements. Our mobile app experts will provide you with a 30-minutes free consultation service to validate your idea. Since we have experience in developing apps for various industry niches, including education, healthcare, real-estate, and on-demand apps, we can easily understand your requirements and plan a road map. Apart from this, we have even received 5-star feedback from our clients.

    Have a look at the feedback from Gideon Banahene, who was happy with the overall development process and prompt responses. The client was satisfied with the solution we had developed for him.

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of EVgo

    Advantages of Using EVgoLimitations of Using EVgo
    The EVgo app is device-compatible. So, the app can start charging the car with one swipe from the phone or smartwatchOn a slow network connection, the app fails to run quick searches
    The user can run a custom search based on the current locationThe app covers only 14 cities across the United States, so the service coverage is limited
    Locate public charging stations with turn-by-turn directions so that the user can reach the right spot according to the requirements
    Easy to check the charging points’ real-time availability from the app
    Review the previous charging sessions with a single click. Based on that, you can estimate the time when the EV car’s battery might run out
  9. ChargeHub App

  10. Established in 2012 and with 100,000+ active users currently, ChargeHub helps the users in finding the best route to the nearest charging station within minutes. The ChargeHub app is available for all-electric drivers in the USA and Canada.

    This is one of the best apps if you are stuck in the middle of the way and looking for a nearby charging station.

    Moreover, with this app, the user can take control of the app and easily add new charging station details in the database.

    So the EV drivers need not have to worry if they are planning for a long trip; this app will find charging stations along with the route and provide turn-by-turn directions to find the next charging point.

    Let’s discuss the reasons for choosing ChargeHub.

    Top Seven Reasons to Select ChargeHub as an EV Charging App:

    • This app determines the current location via GPS so that you can locate all nearby EV charging stations within minutes.
    • The user can run a custom search in ChargeHub to find the details of different EV charging points at different locations/cities.
    • The user can browse on the app’s map to select a region, and the app will show quick results.
    • Through ChargeHub, the user can find the shortest route, navigate directions to reach the nearest charging station from the current location.
    • Enables the EV owners to chat through the in-app messaging system with other EV owners to learn more about their charging experiences via the ChargeHub app. This is indeed helpful in emergencies, i.e., locating another driver’s car.
    • Enables sharing photos and leaving user comments on ChargeHub about specific EV stations for other users.
    • This app runs on different types of devices, including iOS phones, Windows phones, and Android phones. So, it is easy to download it from the phone’s app store.

    Key Features of ChargeHub

    Dashboard for analyticsIn-app messaging
    Tracking via GPSAlerts and notifications
    Trip plannerReporting
    Custom search24*7 customer support
    Online sharing

    If you want to create a mobile application with similar features or a customized one, you need to consult a company that can provide you with strategic advice to streamline business operations. Space-O is one of the leading IT consulting service providers that helps you to choose the right technology as per your requirements.

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of ChargeHub software.

    Advantages of Using ChargeHubLimitations of Using ChargeHub
    As ChargeHub shows the list of nearby electric vehicle charging stations, the user can find the stations within secondsIf the user is in low network connectivity, the ChargeHub app may work slow
    ChargeHub provides alerts about the road-blockages and service ambiguity, so the user can prevent beforehand to avoid inconvenienceChargeHub service is just limited to the US and Canada
    ChargeHub offers full access to the map in the mobile app, which provides a visual view to find the charging station
    Since ChargeHub enables in-app chat messaging, the users can easily communicate with other users

Looking to Develop an EV Charging Mobile App?

Let’s talk. We help you to integrate features like finding the nearest charging stations, in-app chat messaging, payment, fetching real-time charging information.

Still, have questions about the EV charging apps?

Let’s discuss some of them in the frequently asked questions.

FAQ About EV Charging Apps

  1. How much time does it take to develop an EV-based mobile app?

  2. Generally, to develop an MVP version of the EV-based mobile app solution, it takes around 1 month (150-200 hours) with the help of a dedicated development team. However, developing an EV-based mobile app depends on the requirements and types of features you want to integrate.

  3. Why develop and use custom EV charging apps solutions for your EV charging station instead of ready-made solutions?

  4. Here are the reasons to choose customized EV mobile apps:

    1. The mobile app is developed as per your needs
    2. You own the data and have control across the platform
    3. Easy to add new features as you grow
    4. No vendor lock-in, you own your business
    5. Provides comprehensive reports by using ML and BI technologies
    6. Access to the flexible tariff management and local payment system integration

Ready to Make Your Custom EV Charging App?

In this blog, you have learned about how different EV charging apps help to find the nearest station, their benefits, and their limitations. If you want to develop an EV charging app as per your business requirements, connect with us.

Our mobile app development consultants have to experience developing apps with the use of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Get your 30-minutes free consultation service to understand the requirements of a project. Contact us and fill in your requirements to proceed further.

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