10 Best Face Recognition Apps in 2022

With the advent of biometrics, the digital world witnessed some ground-breaking innovations in the form of AI-based face recognition apps. The global facial recognition market size is valued at $3.2 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.6% in 2024.

The concept of mobile face recognition seemed more like science fiction about some three decades ago. But, now, the facial recognition app helps control false arrests, diagnose patients with genetic conditions, and lower the cybercrime rate as well as malware attacks. Such a wide landscape also leads to engaging and entertaining people with successful developments like Face app and its alternatives.

Looking at this growing trend of face recognition software, we at Space-O Technologies Canada had a discussion with our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning app consultants about the types of biometrics technology and the best recognition apps 2022. So, if you are planning to develop a face recognition app for your business or security purpose, you need to know your niche and the competitors. Have a good read of this blog and you will get more market insights.


We have come a long way in AI-based deep learning technology. From unlocking a device to identifying criminals. Somehow this biometrics technology has become an interesting topic, both in research and in industry.

Facial recognition comes under biometric authentication when used under security purpose. Biometric data (BioID connect) is unique for each individual and therefore used to identify each of them. Compared to traditional card recognition, fingertip, or iris recognition, face recognition has more advantages. The facial recognition system has advantages like high concurrency, non-contact limits, user friendly. From security purposes to education every field is adapting the face application biometric technology.

The social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Prisma, MSQRD, have helped in bringing advancement in this field other than the security angle. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth enjoy the old age filter of face app, and posting the same picture all over the internet made the face app popular all of a sudden in a night.

Thus, there are many other facial recognition software with different facial features, as a result, that has made the bioid connect possible. Now, without any further due, let’s get on to the list of face tracking apps and know more about their features, pros-cons, and more.

Here is a list of the best face recognition applications which are all used in different fields. Let’s take a look. You might even have a Newton moment while reading about these face-scanning apps and get inspired to develop an app yourself.

10 Best Face Recognition Apps of 2022

App NameRatingsTotal DownloadsAvailable for PlatformPriceDownload
Google Play: 3.6
Apple app store: 3.7
10,000+iOS, AndroidFreeApp store Play store
Google Play: 4.7
Apple app store: 4.7
100,000,000+iOS, AndroidIn-app purchases vary from $4.99 to $39.99App store Play store
Google Play: 3.91,000,000+AndroidFreePlay store
Google Play: 4.0100,000+AndroidValue package $6.95, basic package is $11.40, PRO package $63Play store
Google Play: 3.71,000+iOS, AndroidFreeApp store Play store
Google Play: 3.4
Apple app store: 2.2
1,000,000+iOS, AndroidFreeApp store Play store
Google Play: 2.5
Apple app store: 2.5
50,000+iOS, AndroidFreeApp store Play store
Google Play: 3.6
Apple app store: 5.0
1,000+iOS, AndroidFreeApp store Play store
Google Play: 4.2
Apple app store: 4.6
1,000,000+iOS, AndroidIn-app purchases vary from $0.99 to $1.99App store Play store
Google Play: 2.4
Apple app store: 1.9
10,000+iOS, AndroidFreeApp store Play store
  1. Luxand (iOS, Android)

    Luxand face recognition is not just one app. It is actually a whole hi-tech company that was formed in 2005 with a bunch of different services and apps under its name. It consists of Face SDK ideal for surveillance, biometric identification, and other purposes used by big organizations and brands around the world.

    Luxand face recognition customers include big brands like Universal Pictures, Samsung, LG, Philips, Unilever, P&G, Ford, Badoo. Not only these, the United States Department of Defence Cyber Crime Center, Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs, Korea National Forensic Service are also their customers.

    face recognition app


    Key Features:-

    • The facial recognition app memorizes faces to recognize it for future references
    • Face recognition software detects 70 unique facial features
    • It can recognize faces in live video streams or footage and authenticate the profile identification
    • It provides Face SDK feature publicly with privacy concerns and scrutiny for multiple face detection APIs

    Luxand face recognition APIs are as under

    • Facial recognition API: Just tap at a detected face and add a name to it. The face app will memorize it. It will recognize it at any time in the future. In fact, you can also move your head so that the face identification app recognizes your face at multiple views.
    • Avatar API: Transform users’ faces into 3D animated avatars that can emote.
    • E-Cards API: Create 3D e-Cards and animated faces of the visitors
    • Baby Prediction API: Predict the future of the users by creating a photo of their potential child
    • Face Aging API: Lets the users discover how their faces might look as they age through the facial recognition software
    • Zombie API: This facial recognition app for photos help end users can discover how they would look if they were Zombies.
    • Face Enhancement API: The face recognition technology lets the users improve skin tone and enhance photos by removing imperfections.

    Let’s look at the pros & cons before moving on to other recognition apps.

    • Luxand find face app has good facial APKs
    • It can detect any face stored in its memory and the user can add a name to the photo
    • Allows users to experiment with avatars with different characteristics like hair color, facial hair, piercing, and more
    • There is no rear camera. It only has selfie camera functionality
    • The app does not work to recognize identical twins
    • Only recognizes one view of your face at a time
  2. FaceApp (iOS, Android)

    It is a face detection app launched in 2017 for iOS phones only. Later as the popularity increased, this facial recognition app was launched for Android as well.

    This is the most famous celebrity face recognition app among the others in this genre. The FaceApp started the trend of people posting photos of their old selves. Almost everyone did this on social platforms, even celebrities. It is known as the “best face recognition app actors” as actors from Justin Bieber to Jennifer Lopez everyone engages in the app.

    face recognition app

    Source: Face

    Key Features:-

    • The facial recognition app engages the audience with Hollywood filter selfie
    • Tech-savvy AI-Based styling features
    • It recognizes (facial identification) celebrities and allows users to share their old and new photographs like other media apps
    • A user can replace the background with a single tap, and also apply color filters, and lens blur by using the faceapp

    Like a face compare app that compares two faces, you can also create a ‘before and after’ image of your current and future self. These are the filters available in FaceApp.

    • Smile filter: This face identifier app decides how wide you want the smile to be. In fact, you can make a smile toothed or remove teeth from one.
    • Hairstyle filter: Make the hair blonde, white, black, or brunette and see what you look like if that was your hair color. Also, experiment with different amusing hairstyles and have fun.
    • Genderswap filter: The gender swap filter of this facial recognition app is probably the most efficient after Snapchat for anyone. See what you would look like if you belonged to the opposite sex
    • Age filter: Through Faceapp one can see the older and younger versions of yourself. People are using this filter not only on their own faces but even on the faces of celebrities and friends.
    • Skin tone lightning filter: You can use this filter to lighten your skin tone and print yourself as different.

    Let’s have a look at its pros & cons before moving towards other recognition apps.

    • Professional quality results and great in-app navigation
    • Engaging features and filters for better user experiences
    • It is expensive
    • Filters are not in many shades
    • The photos are not saved into HD or any other better version

    Planning to build a security face recognition app?

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  3. AppLock (Android)

    AppLock, being among the best face recognition apps, is one of the free face tracking software that ensures that only a user can access their personal information, social media apps, and financial accounts.

    It is not only for mobile face recognition but also for voice recognition for security purposes. As the name suggests, the face and voice work as passwords and are the biometric keys that can unlock your apps.

    How facial recognition works?

    • Choose one of the three pre-selected voice-unlock phrases or create your own custom unlock phrase.
    • Enroll both the face and voice by looking into the phone and speaking the passphrase.
    • Select the apps you want to lock.
    • Select the security level as a password to use for each app.

    face recognition app

    Source: AppLock

    Key Features:-

    • Combines speaker and face recognition technology to ensure a seamless and secure experience
    • Create a backup authentication option to use your backup method if conditions are extreme for face or voice
    • This face matching app works in the offline mode without internet

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons of this free face recognition app before moving towards the other face recognition apps.

    • It has face and voice multimodal biometric authentication technology
    • Enrollment is quick and easy
    • Facial recognition technology has an interactive user interface
    • In the convenience mode, all the apps are unlocked
    • This free facial recognition app deals with some privacy issues
  4. Face DNA Test (Android)

    This is an ancestry facial recognition app. Among the mobile applications, it is one of the most advanced face apps online, as it takes the facial profile of one person and calculates the unique facial points in a row. The facial recognition app then compares them to another person to see if those two people could probably be related.

    face recognition app

    Source: Face DNA Test

    Key Features:-

    • Compare the facial profiles of siblings
    • Verify the relationship between family members with the help of algorithms of the app
    • It uses 68 different facial points and compares one person’s anatomy to another(facial identification)
    • Baby photos can also be used to obtain accurate results

    Let’s have a look at its pros & cons before moving on to the other recognition apps.

    • Variety of DNA testing options for users
    • Face matching algorithms to assist manual scan are accurate
    • Easy functionality of uploading and knowing the genetic features
    • Lack of advanced features
    • The user interface design of this facial recognition app is not engaging
  5. Railer (IOS, Android)

    There are a lot of offices, colleges, schools, and other institutes that use facial recognition to manage attendance. The main benefit of such protocols is that no one can mark fake attendance or try to do “buddy-punching” for their friends.

    Railer app is a face recognition attendance app and a mobile attendance system. It is one of the best face recognition apps used to track employee attendance.

    The most unique facial features of this app are that it takes care of a lot of aspects and needs minimal manual work by integrating the deep learning BioID connect technology. The HR department can actually use it to track employee leaves and workdays.

    face recognition app

    Source: Railer

    Key Features:-

    • Employees can log-in and out quickly using face recognition on the mobile
    • It allows users to self-check-in and out or kiosk mode
    • The HR team can have time attendance
    • The facial recognition app also helps leave management
    • The app provides analytics and reporting with comment
    • The app sends push notifications so that the user is kept informed of the necessary details

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons before moving towards the other face recognition apps.

    • Employee management is done efficiently from attendance to leaves everything is seamlessly integrated
    • The app provides detailed analytics and reports for keeping a track on the employee movements
    • The attendance app is not engaging audience because of other facial recognition software made specifically for it
    • The requirement is too much for a face recognition app
  6. Blippar (iOS, Android)

    The latest addition to our list is the Blippar app. Blippar is an amazing app that helps users learn from their surroundings. Through this face scanner app, the users can just scan whatever they want to learn more about and the app will tell everything it can.

    It is mainly an object recognition application. It helps users unlock augmented reality experiences from everyday objects and places. If they scan a dog, it will give information like which breed it is, if they scan a logo, it will tell them the brand and so on. It is also recognized as a face finder app as it detects human faces and becomes a worthy entry on our list.

    facial recognition app

    Source: Blippar

    Key Features:-

    • Scan every object
    • Scan a place
    • Scan animal, plants
    • Recognize human faces

    Let’s have a look at its pros & cons.

    • Scanning with the app is easy
    • A user can scan a product or package with Blippar logo on it
    • Augmented reality experiences from everyday objects and places with the app
    • User interface and feature functionality is poor
    • There are a lot of bugs from logging into the app to all the way hampering user experiences
    If you are someone looking for an opportunity in the BioID connect world then without any delay ask your queries or confusions to our experts.

    Want to develop an interesting AI-based recognition app with unique features & functionalities?

  7. Face2Gene (iOS, Android)

    This public figure facial recognition is designed specifically for healthcare professionals and thus it is not for public use. It is not viable to use this app without any medical training. It evaluates enhanced patient evaluation with next-generation phenotyping. The face recognition app development increases the confidence of clinicians and bioinformatics by prioritizing genetic disorders and variants in the clinic and in the lab. It is one of the best evolutions in the healthcare app genre.

    facial recognition app

    Source: Face2Gene

    Key Features:-

    • Discovers genetic disorders and detects dysmorphic features
    • Special communities or community group created for health care professionals
    • Users get constant feedback and comments on their cases
    • The doctors can directly share use cases in secured group forums

    Let’s have a look at this face analysis app pros and cons.

    • Wide variety of syndromes based on the clinical inspection
    • A user has to enter generic information and get accurate analysis about the health
    • It is more accurate than a doctor’s diagnosis
    • The user interface and internal feature functionality are not upto the mark
    • Too many email alerts are annoying the users
    • Only professionals are allowed to use this app
  8. Face First (iOS, Android)

    Among the other face recognition apps, this facial recognition allows users to identify people from a distance. It is an ideal online face app for law enforcement, military, retailers, transportation centers. When a user uploads a photo on the app, that particular person is identified with a massive database of known persons to know his individuality and avoids identity theft.

    The app has functionalities like real-time alerts, accurate details, emails, and text alerts to the users. Organizations can keep an eye on their employees without any internet connection with safety. It also protects all data uploaded on the app from third-party access. The app does not work without valid credentials and properly-licensed servers.

    facial recognition app

    Source: FaceFirst

    Key Features:-

    • Security alerts are automatically routed to the right people with correct information and time
    • It has a mobile watchlist functionality defender. Thus, any organization can keep an eye on their new persons
    • A photograph taken from a safe distance can also confirm personal identity

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

    • Works seamlessly and updates with fast notifications
    • With all data encrypted the app prevents misuse and profiling
    • It can work as both a stand-alone solution and a key part of the company’s biometric platform
    • The user interface is not appealing to the audience
    • Both the platforms (iOS, Android) have different features and functionalities
  9. MojiPop (iOS, Android)

    Is there a facial recognition app that works as an expression reader? Yes, MojiPop app. Eureka Studios in the UK has developed a customized avatars app in the form of MojiPop. It is a free facial descriptor recognition software that has a wide range of fun animated stickers. These portray different moods and feelings of the users through an interactive keyboard. It claims to release new emojis every day.

    facial recognition app

    Source: MojiPop

    Key Features:-

    • Take a selfie and create your own avatar
    • Multilingual as it is available in 58 languages including prime language English
    • Users can change hairstyles, expressions, backgrounds, and mood/moods in the photos or group photos

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons before moving to the other face recognition apps.

    • It is fast and easy to access with convenient looking stickers that look just like you
    • No need to swipe apps, convert stickers to usable formats
    • Thousands of free caricatures and animated stickers made every day
    • Users are not able to delete their existing avatars from the in-app gallery
    • Users are not liking some features and functionalities, hampering user experiences
    • No accuracy in online customer support service
  10. BioID (iOS, Android)

    It is one of a multi-factor user authentication systems, face recognition app. The app uses biometrics to verify identities and enables individuals to log into various supported websites and apps with face identification.

    BioID claims to identify hackers using their patented Fake Defender feature. Hence, a user has to click his photo every time he enrolls in the app for verification. The application also has liveness detection that protects photos attacks, the malware bug, and a challenge-response to block video replay attacks.

    best face recognition app

    Source: BioID

    Key Features:-

    • The BioID connect provides liveness detection to prevent photos and videos
    • Analyzes movement and length to ensure users presence
    • Periocular eye recognition for partially visible faces for BioID connect
    • Photos are clicked in four directions to vary the lightning thing

    Let’s have a look at its pros and cons

    • End users can use it as an authenticator to log in any app and website that support the app
    • Developers and companies can easily add secure, convenient face app to their mobile platform
    • Simple and user-friendly support for the growing number of apps and websites with its liveness detection tactic
    • No other primary option in unlocking the phone or any other app
    • The features and functionalities fail to engage users and in turn, hampers user’s in-app experiences

Now, let’s have a look at the biometrics market and types of biometrics which will help you in developing your own facial recognition app with its own niche.

Growth of Biometrics Market

  • Biometric tech is now in almost every smartphone and mobile device. You can see the growth of the share of mobile devices that have biometric technology.

best face recognition apps

Source: Statista

  • In 2018 global biometrics system brought in around 21.8 billion U.S. dollars
  • The market is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching a size of 55.42 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

best face recognition apps

Source: Statista

  • Facebook started using facial recognition in 2010. Now, it will use this facial recognition technology to unlock the with ‘FaceID’ from January 2020.

After knowing the scope of your application development, you might want to have an insight into the niche of biometrics and figure out your own face recognition app ideas. As a leading mobile app development services providing company, with the help of one of our machine learning developers, we have curated a list of types of biometrics.

Do you want to build a recognition software for your business?

Types of Biometrics

There are two kinds of biometrics, they fall into two categories: physical identifiers and behavioral identifiers. Let’s check out physical identifiers.

Physical Identifiers

1. Fingerprints:

Fingerprints have their widespread deployment on smartphones. Any device can be touched, such as a computer mouse, smartphone screen (screenshot description), door panel, has the potential to become an easy and convenient fingerprint scanner.

2. Photo and video: If the mobile phone is well equipped with a camera, it can easily be used for authentication. The common approaches to this are facial recognition and retinal exams.

3. Voice: Speech/ voice recognition is one of the popular authentication systems that already use digital assistants and phone-based service portals to identify users.

4. DNA: It is the only biometrics that can trace familial ties. This identification biometric is accurate when dealing with missing persons, disaster victim identification, and potential human trafficking. It gives confirmed victims from the smallest skin particles of the body. Law enforcement officers primarily use this to identify suspects.

5. Signature recognition: This recognition software and hardware is in general use at retail outlets and banks. It is a good option for situations where users already expect to sign their names.

6. Physiological recognition: The human faces are authentically recognized by facial recognition. Apart from that, there are other image-based recognitions like hand geometry, retina or iris reading, palm vein recognition, and ear shape recognition.

Behavioral Identifiers

1. Typing patterns: It identifies a person by its typing speed, time taken to go from one letter to another, the degree of impact on the keyboard. Recognizes a person from its typing style.

2. Navigation standards: These are easy to detect with software, onespan, role, mouse movements, finger movements on the touch screen are unique individuals, thus, they are accurate and effective.

3. Physical movement: Walking is considered one of the authentic physical recognizers. It is used to identify employees in a building or as a secondary authentication identifier.

4. Patterns engagement: We all have different patterns when it comes to opening an app, the locations and times of the day, the way we browse websites, how we hold phones, how we check our social network accounts, all are behavioral characteristics. These are used to distinguish people from bots. It can also be used as an independent security measure if it is made tech-savvy in the coming years.

After going through these facial recognition apps, and analyzing the types. If you are wondering about which niche will be particularly using or gets benefit from the custom AI software development? Not to worry, we have done some scratch work for you.

Who Uses Facial Recognition Apps?

  • Airport facilities: The airport security can monitor people coming and going with the help of facial recognition systems. They can use this technology to identify persons who have outstayed their visas or are under criminal investigation. For instance, the Washington Dulles International Airport made their first arrest in August 2018 and caught an imposter trying to escape the country via face recognition software.
  • Education institutes: No student can skip the class or send a test replacement in their place after the face recognition app is enabled. There will be fewer fraud test cases in the classroom and the professors can keep a genuine count of students. It is important for schools and colleges to avoid such mishaps in the campus and maintain the integrity of the university.
  • Retail stores: They can combine surveillance cameras and facial recognition to scan the faces of shoppers and avoid potential shoplifters. The owners can easily identify the culprit with this recognition technology and keep a track of his loyal customers.
  • Airlines at departure gate: Instead of checking a person’s boarding pass, it is essential for them to check the person’s identity. What better option than recognition software? So, the airline’s staff must have a security check at their disposal before the individuals board the flight.
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns: Marketing starts with targeting a group of people based on their gender, age, ethnicity, for particular products or ideas. Through the facial applications, they can take care of the unwanted entries at something like campaigns or concerts for the brand.
  • Social media platforms: It encounters a lot of identity and database leak or threat cases. To avoid this, Facebook uses an algorithm (face recognition facebook) to spot faces when a user uploads a photo to its platform. It also asks if a user wants to tag others in his photo and creates a link to other profiles. Facebook has 98 percent accuracy in recognizing people.
  • Medical services: The dermatologists, pharmaceuticals, can keep a track of their patients and identify them. Also, keep a record of their information related to symptoms, detect phenotypes & reveal facial and non-facial features.

Planning to build a biometric technology software for your business?

Now, if you have made your mind to build an app for face recognition, then before you start brainstorming about the features, have a look at some of these features which our AI software developers developed for our mobile app.

Top 4 New Features We Integrated Into Our Developed Face Recognition App

Face recognition app top features

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  1. Is there an app that can recognize faces?

    • Luxand
    • Face app
    • AppLock
    • Blippar
    • Railer
    • Face2Gene
    • Face DNA Test
    • MojiPop
    • FaceFirst
  2. How do I use Google face recognition?

    Google offers the best reverse images search by matching similar images. A user has to upload pictures in the search box or can click a photo by clicking on the camera icon and finally tap on the search button.

  3. How do you find someone with facial recognition?

    There are two ways to find out the person.

    • A user can either paste the image URL or upload images and Google will find similar images.
    • The user can do a Google search for faces by adding a small code.
  4. Who is benefited by the facial recognition app?

    • Law enforcement and security services
    • Education institutes
    • Social media platforms
    • Airport facilities
    • Retail store owners
    • Marketing campaigns


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