11 Best Money Making Apps in 2022

Making money (white money) has always been hard, but as technology is reshaping every day, we have witnessed that it has opened up so many avenues for earning money and one of them is money-making apps!

Long gone are the days when apps meant to be just for fun and convenience. Apps have far more meaning today than they ever did. It has become our support system literally. Need to message? Whatsapp it. Need shopping? Amazon it. Need money? Here you are googling it.

Well, now you don’t need to look at any other place even for money making. You’re just one app away or maybe two apps to make money. Because we have curated the list of earning apps that make money for you in 2022. Keep reading this article to know more.

Best Money Making Apps of 2022 to Earn Extra Income

Active installations: 1,000,000+
Unique features: Dashboards, Survey, Interactive Reporting, Earn Rewards
App store

Play store

Active installations: 1,000,000+
Unique features: Daily Survey, Video, Search and Discover, Swagbucks Live
App store

Play store

Active installations: 10,000,000+
Unique features: Multi-currency Support, Private Communication for money making, Custom Offers
App store

Play store

Active installations: 1,000,000+
Unique features: Quick Surveys, Reporting, Responsive
App store

Play store

Active installations: 1,000,000+
Unique features: Daily Rewards Points, Carats, Trending News, and Ads
Play store
Active installations: 1,000,000+
Unique features: Fast Registration, Sign-up Bonus, MyPoints Playing Games
App store

Play store

Active installations: 500,000+
Unique features: Price Comparison, Automating Couponing, Rewards
App store

Play store

Active installations: 1,000,000+
Unique features: Search with Filters, Car Details, Book and Rent Cars, Secure Payment Options
App store

Play store

Active installations: 5000+
Unique features: Offering Types, Private REIT, Responsive
App store

Play store

Active installations: 5,000,000+
Unique features: Online surveys, Incentives, Coupons
App store

Play store

Active installations: 500,000+
Unique features: Mobile Survey, Secure Payment, Panel System, Rewards
App store

Play store

11 Best Money Earning Apps

  1. iPoll – Make Money on Surveys

    The iPoll application is the top option to explore if you are someone who likes the thought of getting paid to take surveys. iPoll was launched in 2008 as Survey Head, but Survey Polling International, LLC owned and managed the platform as of 2016. It’s claimed to be a social and online culture, according to its official website, iPoll.com, where your specific insight is your benefit.

    iPoll App

    Source: iPoll

    You can choose to exchange your time for cash for a few perks, including PayPal, Amazon, as well as Apple gift cards. The website will pay you for your reviews and views on the testing services, movies, TV shows, stuff, goods, or products you use daily.

    These include customer satisfaction survey, market & product survey, net promoter score survey, events/conference survey, and human resource and employee survey. Depending on its length, you will be paid anywhere between $0.50 and $2 per survey.

    Core Features

    • Alerts on a daily survey
    • Mystery shopping
    • Videos, photos, and audio capabilities
    • Interactive reporting
    • Reward catalog change
    • Cash paid via PayPal
    • Third-party gift cards
    • iTunes gift cards
    • Sweepstakes entries
    • Panel-portals & tips 
    • No charge to become a member
    • An application that lets you and your partners estimate time before starting any survey
    • User-friendly
    • The survey amount is displayed before you start
    • Take up to 4 weeks to get paid real money
    • Money making app crashes occasionally
    App storePlay store

  2. Swagbucks – Put Cash Back in Your Wallet

    Next, one of the best money-making apps on our list is Swagbucks – which is a cash-back and rewards app. It is also known as a GPT (get-paid-to) platform that provides a range of ways to earn small sums of cash on apps. This app to cash is recognized as a leading spot to take a survey to win cash and give your opinion online.

    Swagbucks App

    Source: Swagbucks

    However, you don’t get paid direct cash for these jobs. You win Swagbucks instead (that is where the name comes from). You can redeem points for the gift card or get cash-back to your PayPal account.

    Swagbucks is one of the best apps to make money in Canada. To start getting money, just signup for the app or site, and do your shopping in partner stores. It is quick to win cash-back as it is supported by more than 1,500 retailers like Groupon, Amazon, Kohl, and Starbucks. You will receive up to 20% cash-back in the form of SBs for each dollar you spend when you’re shopping.

    Such real money earning apps has no limit on how much you’re eligible for gain. If you get started using SBs as your web browser, play some sports, and take a lot of surveys, you may be able to increase your income per month by $25 to $50. Isn’t it a great way to earn extra money?

    Core Features

    • Answer surveys on everything
    • Shopping-in store online
    • Search and discover new options
    • Share opinion with people
    • Earn cash, tips & rewards
    • Multiple payments via credit cards
    • Gift cards
    • Photos and videos
    • Receive a $5 sign up bonus
    • Answers will be completely anonymous
    • Offers effective products and services
    • Easy way to earn money from a phone
    • The site is easy to navigate
    • User-friendly
    • Variety of ways to help you earn money
    • Do not store your credit card information
    • Can’t qualify for all survey steps

  3. Fiverr

    Fiverr is another money-making online web app that helps seeking freelancers for a wide variety of services, making it easier for consumers. It helps organizations to employ vendors in more than 200 diverse areas of specialization, including writing and translation, content curation, graphics and design, computer animation, finance, technology, and digital marketing (promotion).

    Fiverr App

    Source: Fiverr

    Each specialization is broken down into subcategories that contain detailed information about the type of services or product provided. Based on such data, clients may look at any of these sub-categories or conduct a quest. Just download the money-making app and you’re good to go.

    Go to the money making phone app and create a profile as a ‘seller’ and display your expertise. Clients will click through and place orders, known as ‘buyers.’ When you finish work, you’ll get paid. Based on the results, Fiverr also assigns vendor tiers. You will be able to earn cash, such as a shorter shipping period, as you step up each scale.

    Core Features

    • Create an account
    • Multi-currency support
    • Private communication 
    • Custom offers
    • Multi-category jobs
    • Search tab
    • Profile section
    • Secure payment gateways via debit and credit card
    • Freelance marketplace
    • Seller rating & share feedback 
    • Push notifications
    • Affordable money making service
    • Various content freelancers
    • Great customer services
    • Variety of projects
    • Earn points and extra money for your bills
    • Easy to use interface
    • Thousands of partner stores & featured stores
    • Advertiser disclosure
    • Frustrating deadlines
    • Fraud sellers and unhelpful spam link
    • A bit difficult for beginners

  4. Toluna

    Another of the best money-making apps that made our list is Toluna Influencers. It’s a worldwide polling community-owned and run by the Toluna Company. Toluna Influencers has millions of poll users who take part in a range of resources for fluid market study and shape the future of the world’s biggest brands!

    Toluna App

    Source: Toluna

    The Toluna Influencers community’s new participants would have 500 points directly deposited into their accounts. You’ll also be awarded 500 points per user if you invite new members and they join Toluna! Just download the phone app and you’re good to go.

    Simply sign in and start taking surveys and answers in return for points, which you can then exchange with PayPal for gift cards from various stores or cash. You can also participate in mini-polls (typically a yes/no question for 15 points) and fill out profile surveys (worth 100 points each) in addition to participating in online surveys.

    On its website, Toluna Influencers reports that it will take up to 8 weeks for prizes to be distributed after they have been demanded. However, within a few weeks of demand, several members receive virtual gift cards and PayPal payments.

    Core Features

    • Reporting
    • Timely surveys and alerts
    • Secure cash payments methods and debit or credit card
    • PanelPortal
    • Profile surveys section
    • Reward points, shares & commission
    • Push notifications
    • Share opinions
    • Reputed company
    • Free to join the marketplace for money making
    • Modern and user-friendly interface
    • Consolation prize even if any disqualifications happen
    • Disqualifications are frustrating
    • Minimum cashout of $30 with a paper check
    • Surveys take time to complete
    • Repeated questions in the survey offer

    Do you also have any such money-making app idea in mind?

    Want to discuss it with us?

  5. Slidejoy – Lockscreen Cash Rewards

    On a regular basis, we’re continuously subjected to digital advertising. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get paid to see advertisements? That’s now possible. Slidejoy is a legal application that pays for mobile screen lock advertisements to run. You’ll see a new advertisement or deal each time you check your phone.

    Slidejoy App

    Source: Slidejoy

    Regardless of whether you get involved with an ad or not, you will be paid to see the ad. Over the period, at various hours of the day, Slidejoy discovers your ad choice based on your behavior and curates a more appropriate user interface design.

    Earlier, you could reclaim your points via PayPal/several gift cards and cash out your profits or opt to donate them to charity. But now it’s closed. So, you’re left with only coupons for gifts which is also a good shot.

    Core Features

    • Rewards and carats
    • Built-in search 
    • News, content, deals, and ads on the lock screen
    • Redemption options via credit cards
    • Slidejoy gift cards
    • Google play gift cards
    • Amazon.com gift card
    • Real-time notifications
    • Referral program and commission
    • Free to use marketplace for all users
    • The company carries a solid A- rating with the BBB
    • Money making directs to your bank account
    • Use smartphone app full time simultaneously with other home screen lock apps
    • Content rating for android 4.1
    • Advertiser disclosure for readers and partners
    • Low average daily earnings
    • Difficult to contact the customer care department
    • Not available on the Apple iOS

  6. MyPoints – Cashback Rewards

    MyPoints is another one of the popular money making apps for Prizes that was founded in 1996. It’s one of the original websites for cash-back and is still going solid. MyPoints enables you to earn gift cards to respond to take surveys, play sports, watch videos, and many other things online! Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy’s, Target, and Groupon are examples of companies on the MyPoints program.

    MyPoints App

    Source: MyPoints

    To initiate the registration process, simply insert your email id and preferred password on their home page. You’re free to start collecting points after you’ve completed your profile, which can eventually be traded to make money and prizes.

    As part of an Amazon gift card or Visa gift card, new MyPoints members get a $10 bonus. To get your welcome $10 bonus, just make a qualifying order. The app is available on both google play and apple app store.

    Core Features

    • MyPoints surveys
    • Refer to friends
    • MyPoints playing games
    • Printing coupons
    • Video
    • Read email
    • Local deals for kids
    • Market research
    • Browser extensions
    • Search and earn money
    • Rate and review
    • Reputed company for money making
    • Wide choice of retailers and content ride
    • An app that lets you earn cash by completing missions
    • Great credits and redemption options with the bank account and PayPal account
    • Poor customer support at a certain location
    • A lot of collapse reviews and terms

  7. Wikibuy

    Wikibuy is a browser extension and savings/coupon shopping app that helps you to compare prices for different online stores, find better coupon codes, promo codes, and even find better discounts among the various Amazon sellers. You can shop once you’ve added the app to your browser.

    Wikibuy App

    Source: Wikibuy

    By capital one shopping online through affiliate links of retailers and restaurants, you can receive points, which you can redeem at locations like Walmart, Lowe’s, and Nordstrom Rack for gift cards. It also has a watchlist where anytime an item on your list declines in price, the app will alert you.

    You can earn points for your orders that can be exchanged for gift cards if you shop online via Wikibuy. For example, on sales purchased at Dell, you will get 1 percent extra cash back, 2 percent cash-back from Walmart, 9 percent cash-back on sales at JCPenney, or 4 percent cash-back from Groupon. Great way to make money.

    Core Features

    • Price comparison
    • Automatic couponing
    • Price drop notifications
    • Google play cash rewards
    • Google opinion rewards
    • Universal search and information
    • Pricing and fees section
    • Sign up
    • Synchronization
    • Mobile support
    • Customer service 
    • Rating & review item
    • Free to use for everyone
    • Easy way to earn
    • Earn points and earn rewards when users shop from available places
    • Great potential penny savings
    • Commission and compensation from links and job
    • Privacy concerns

  8. Turo

    Do you own a car that mostly collects dust in the garage? Then, this application is just for you. Turo offers an opportunity for car owners to list out the cars on the Turo and rent it to other people who need it. Your depreciating commodity can be turned into an earning driver with Turo.

    Turo App

    Source: Turo

    Listing your car with Turo, also known as an application like Airbnb, is easy and simple. Create your profile, sign up, and enter the information of your car and wait for the request to rent. Once you get a request, confirm the demands, and decide whether you wish to meet the visitor. Then, as they drive, sit back, and earn cash. If your car returns with damage, Turo takes care of you as it incurs a cleaning fee from the driver.

    Owners earn about $700 a month on average and can be pumped up to $2,000 + for owners of 3 or more vehicles. The app is available on both google play and apple app store.

    Core Features

    • Create a profile
    • Booking trips options
    • Listing options
    • Contactless check-in options
    • Push notifications
    • Real-time tracking
    • Document verification 
    • Account management
    • Rating stars and review
    • Refer to friends
    • Insurance policy section
    • Easy money making account set up for anyone
    • Insurance policy
    • Get paid instantly with spare change on the device, several times
    • Google payments
    • Check driver’s license and background check in your area
    • Frictionless pickup and dropoff
    • Great money earning source
    • Available in all geographical areas just like Airbnb and Uber
    • Insurance policy claim can be nothing but hard over one time request

    Want to develop a money-making app like Turo?

  9. DiversyFund – Alternative Investing Platform

    DiversyFund is an investment site built for online real estate that deals in multi-family properties. So, this application is for those who are looking for an extra source of passive income. It’s like a win-win situation. Save + Earn! Also, DiversyFund is a low-cost entree into the high-roller world of investment in real estate as the minimum cap portfolio cost is only $500, without any fee.

    DiversyFund App

    Source: DiversyFund

    In comparison to other top money making apps (to cash), DiversyFund is a perfect way to make money as you save up for your potential home down cash payments too! Over the period, you can expect an average return of 11-18%. This can be a solid financial yield and a perfect way to diversify the conventional allocation of equity and the investment portfolio.

    The app is available on both Google play store (Android) and Apple app store (iOS).

    Core Features

    • Create an investment account
    • Schedule investments
    • Individual and joint investment bank account
    • Accredited investor status
    • Weekly newsletter
    • Personal finance
    • Investor dashboard
    • Top brands and news stories
    • Investor contact
    • Push notification
    • Secure payment methods via debit and credit card
    • Low investment version and side hustle earning source
    • Open to non-accredited investors and banking
    • Track your hard work and effort
    • Most personal finance benefit
    • Save money on things
    • Investments are pre-funded with big brands like Bank of America
    • No investing platform fees
    • Completely passive investing categories
    • Worthy bonds, mutual funds, and stocks
    • Google wallet
    • Only one investing stock theme
    • Not a liquid investment house
    App storePlay store

  10. InboxDollars

    InboxDollars is another money earning platform with cash prizes that pay its users to complete online activities, google play sports & video games,take surveys in spare time, and more in return! All you have to do to get started is enter your mail address, generate a password for the money making site, and then verify your mail address and you get $5.


    Source: InboxDollars

    You will also have the ability to get paid by taking surveys and completing online activities once you are registered with InboxDollars and have changed your settings. By couponing, watching videos, or playing any of their arcade games, you can make money from phone apps. 

    However, the most profitable ways of collecting are surveys and polls on the site. You can cash out with a check, eCard (i.e. Amazon gift card), or PayPal once you reach the $30 earnings mark.

    Core Features

    • Create an account
    • Online survey
    • InboxDollar games
    • Incentives & coupons
    • InboxDollars video
    • Paid grocery shopping online
    • Team challenge games
    • Multiple payment options via credit cards
    • Third-party gift cards
    • Schedule paid email
    • Push notifications
    • Referrals
    • 100% free to sign up
    • $5 sign in bonus amounts in your pocket
    • Reputed life company
    • Get paid with extra cash
    • Great user experience
    • Health benefits with Samsung health, Google fit, and Apple watch
    • Payment threshold at $30 via PayPal
    • $3 transaction fee for money making
    • Takes two weeks to receive your earnings

  11. Survey Junkie

    Survey Junkie is one of the best money-making apps and a legal way to make money while waiting for the bus, on your lunch break, or even while napping on the couch. Survey Junkie is an online forum that ties its 11 million users in the form of online polls of major brands and market research firms to research studies.

    Survey Junkie App

    Source: Survey Junkie

    On your computer or using the mobile app, you can engage in online surveys to win prizes, including cash transferred to your PayPal account. The United States residents are also eligible to collect gift cards and bank transfers with Junkie. It’s free to build an account from the survey app and it can be done through your Facebook or Google account.

    After you took a survey, accepting your points will take up to 24 hours. Points do not expire for an active participant.

    Core Features

    • Social media sign up like Instagram and Facebook
    • In-app purchases
    • Mobile survey on items or anything
    • Secure payment
    • Panel system
    • Cash-back rewards with internet usage
    • BBB accreditation
    • E-gift cards option
    • Push notifications
    • Free to sign up for a checking account
    • Get bonus points for a few quick simple tasks (closet)
    • Long expiration on points to convert it into a cash amount
    • Answers are anonymous
    • A+ Rating with BBB (better business bureau)
    • Best for side income and side hustle
    • Earn extra cash back opportunities
    • Support team and advice for others
    • Low overall payout
    • Only offers the survey
    • Cash for app transfer could take a few business days

Tired of handling manual business processes and daily tasks?

How about automating it through a mobile app solution? Great?


  1. Does money making apps really work?

    Yes, apps where you can earn money surely do work. There’s a limit, though. Depending upon what smartphone apps claim to do and what is their goal.

  2. What apps pay you instantly?

    Honeygain, M1 Finance, ibotta (Ibotta), Secret Shopper, TaskRabbit, Foap, Instacart shopper, Rakuten, HealthyWage, Acorns, Mobee, and StepBet are a few recommendations of the app that lets you make money.

  3. Are there really apps that pay you?

    Yes. Swagbucks and secret shopper – are two of the top money-earning apps that actually pay app users via PayPal.

  4. What apps pay you to play games?

    • InboxDollars
    • Bananatic
    • HQ
    • Lucky Day
    • Big Time Cash
    • Lucktastic


So folks, did you like our list of best earn money apps? All the survey apps mentioned above are trusted and you can start earning money right away.

These money making apps for cash are not only for money-making purposes, but some of them are really great for business and passive incomes like Turo and DiversyFund that captures everyone’s interest. Isn’t it?

However, seeing such best apps for making money that help you earn money, do you also have mobile app ideas to make such interesting apps? Maybe a rough imagination? Or a dream?

Let’s discuss your idea in detail and our tech team will help you with money-making mobile app development. For any queries, suggestions, and opinions, contact us at any time and we are just one nudge away. See you there!

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