6 Best Roof Measuring Apps in 2022

If you are in the roofing business, then you surely know that managing project work is not an easy task.

What are the challenges while handling roofing projects?

  • Creating and repairing roofs of the buildings
  • Managing the paper works in the excel sheets of job sites
  • Allocating work to employees and getting work done within deadlines
  • Safety of people working on the job sites

Above all, managing all your project work manually takes a lot of time and resources. This can actually reduce your work efficiency and be really tiring at the end of the day. Isn’t it?

The roofing industry is estimated to grow at $19.9 billion in 2021. So, why not use mobile apps solutions that help you manage the roofing management process?

Therefore, we have listed the best roof measuring apps to help you manage your work process, such as taking accurate measurements, managing work orders, and sending contractors to job sites.

Let’s get started to know each app in detail.

List of The Best Roofing Apps to Take Measurements of Roofs

LogoNameDownloads (Google Play Store)In-app PurchasesDownload Links
pitch gauge500000+$0.99 – $9.99 per itemAndroid | iOS
hover100000+FreeAndroid | iOS
eagleview100000+FreeAndroid | iOS
roofing calculator50000+FreeAndroid
redxroof10000+$3.99 – $44.99 per itemAndroid | iOS
roofsnap10000+FreeAndroid | iOS

Next, we have described each app one by one with introduction details, how it helps, and features. This will help you to choose the best app for your roofing business.

  1. Pitch Gauge

  2. As the name suggests, this roof pitch app helps contractors measure the roof length of any building. It’s easy to use and has useful features that make the tasks of contractors done fast.

    pitch gauge

    Image Source: App Store

    To use Pitch Gauge, create an account and add the project address of which you want to measure the roof. Now, open the app on mobile, access the camera, and place it on the roof to measure it.

    Once you draw angles, it will automatically take the measurements. For reference, you can check out this video by Pitch Gauge on YouTube. This app provides two digital slope finders and a square calculator to make your process accurate of measuring the roof.


    Moreover, it has various features that help you make the work process smooth without using traditional and tedious methods of calculations. Now, let’s check out the features this app offers to roof contractors.

    Features of Pitch Gauge Roof Measuring App

    • Address stamps – It helps you add your current address to the taken photos
    • Accessibility – It allows you to access this app via any device like desktop, tablet, or smartphone
    • Track projects and leads – To make management of information easy
    • Calculator – To measure the roof and to increase your roofing calculations
    • Camera pitch finder – Measure the roof using an image capturing feature
    • Scheduling – Helps to manage your different work tasks like scheduling meetings and setting time for taking measurements
    • Analytics – This allows you to improve your efficiency of measurements
  3. Hover

  4. Hover, a roof measurement app, helps you to get accurate measurements with details and provides transparent estimations of the roof. The Hover app helps you to create 3D models of any property.

    To use this app, you will need to add the project address and need to capture the images as required in the application. Based on pictures taken by you, the app provides details like measurements and estimation and a 3D model in PDF format.


    Image Source: App Store

    One of the benefits of using this roof measuring app is that it allows you to provide understandable quotes to your clients. You can show them information about real products like roof shingles, windows, siding and provide 3D rendering. Therefore, it is one of the best roofing apps for your roofing business and scales it.

    Features of Hover Accurate Roofing App

    • Measurement – You can calculate “to the inch” of all roofing, siding, windows, surface areas, and openings.
    • Capture & storage – This allows you to take pictures and edit them before building a 3D model.
    • Accessibility – Access this app from anywhere, anytime, and on any device whether it’s a desktop or smartphone.
    • Storage – Store all your captured images with free phone storage.
    • Estimation – It provides accurate information about the cost in seconds which also includes job complexity and custom pricing.

    Looking to Create Custom Roofing Solution?

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  5. EagleView

  6. EagleView makes the process of constructors and roofers more efficient by providing ultra-detailed contextual roof information. It allows you to take aerial imagery with high resolutions. Thus, it increases the productivity of your workers of roof measurements more effectively.


    Image Source: App Store

    It has one excellent feature that provides the estimations of waste of each job. So, it becomes easy for you to know they have ordered the right amount of material to avoid any further confusion during work.

    EagleView roof measuring app is well known for providing aerial photos of measuring roofs. It is the best tool for a small business or a roofing constructor as it offers detailed reports for constructing the roof of any building. Depending on features and flexibility, it also becomes a preferable choice for small businesses and roofing constructors. And that’s how this app helps you to scale your business and get the benefits of using such roofing solutions.

    Features of EagleView Roofing Jobs App

    • Automatic quote – Provides automatic cost estimation to constructors
    • 3D visualizer – Provides roof measurements and suggest improvements
    • Reports – Allows to access or order reports directly from any device
  7. Roofing Calculator

  8. Roofing Calculator is a free application built for professionals and users to calculate the length and size of the roof. With this app, you can take measurements of different parts of your roof. This app allows its users to share the measurements via email and social media.

    roofing calculator

    Image Source: Google Play Store

    To use it, you need to enter the pitch and hit the run button. Then, it will give you information about the following things:

    • The common length of the rafter
    • Length of the hip
    • Provides bevel angles with seat and ridge of the rafter
    • Rise of the rafter per meter

    Being a free application, this app is filled with ads, but it’s easy to use for everyone. Moreover, this application doesn’t provide information like cost estimation of materials and their quantity details, unlike other applications. In case, if you want to develop a roofing web app with your custom requirements, then you can hire a top web development company like Space-O.

    Features of Roofing Calculator App

    • Calculation – Provides detailed calculations with bevels, jack rafters, and rise of rafters
    • Units – You get the flexibility to enter inputs either with IMPERIAL and METRIC
  9. RedX Roof

  10. This roofing app helps you to take measurements of the valley, common rafter, hip rafter, plywood angles, and gable truss. The RedX Roof app is easy to use, saves time, and helps you to take measurements.

    redx roof

    Image Source: App Store

    Using the Hip Rafter builder option enables you to check the hip rafter options for the building. It shows various hip rafter images that you can select based on your preferences. This is one of the best roofing apps because it is designed to provide fast, easy, and accurate roof measurements.

    This app automatically calculates the lengths of the valley builder with all the angles, so every time, you don’t need to measure taps manually. If you want precise measurements of plywood, then it provides a scale image of the piece of plywood with top, bottom, and side measurements.

    Features of RedX Roof for Roofing Contractors

    • Plywood angles – Get the top, bottom, and side measurements of plywood
    • Valley builder – Get every single measurement of different angles
    • Gable truss builder – Get lengths of truss, pitch, and stud spacing
    • Hip rafter builder – By entering the roof pitch and run, this app gives you a scale image of what your hip rafter will look like
    • Common rafter builder – Entering the necessary values offers you a scale view of what your rafter will look like
  11. RoofSnap

  12. Similar to other roof measuring apps, this also provides measurements to users using aerial images to enhance work efficiency.


    Image Source: App Store

    You get accurate roof measurements and also can check the estimates within the app. It is one of the best roofing apps available in the market, as it provides fast and more precise measurements, reports & documents, and professional estimation to your customers.

    It allows you to use in-app tools to design imagery and high definition imagery from Sketch Ordering Service. You can also add your logo on any document from the system of RoofSnap.

    Features of RoofSnap Application

    • Sketch ordering service – It allows you to receive measurements
    • HD imagery – It allows you to draw a sketch of the roof to get the accurate measurements
    • Integrated estimate builder – Within a few minutes, turn your roof measurements into roof estimation
    • Send material order to suppliers – It allows roof contractors to send material orders to suppliers from app
    • eSignature – It allows a roofing contractor to provide digitally signed documents or contracts to clients

Want to Streamline Your Roofing Management Process?

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Tips to Choose Right Roofing Calculator App for Your Roofing Projects

  • Ask experienced roofing contractors to know which tools and apps they are using and why.
  • Before downloading an app, make sure you check the required features on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Check for the application that offers you offline access. This will help to easy application access when you are in a remote area.
  • Check various groups, forums or communities to get a roof application. That is helpful for specific tasks, such as measuring pitch, lengths of valley builder, and hip rafter.

FAQ About Roof Measuring Apps

  1. Which app helps to measure the roof pitch?

  2. There are several apps available in the market that help to measure roof pitch. Here are a few of the best roof pitch measuring apps.

    • Pitch Gauge
    • VELUX Roof Pitch
  3. Which roof application helps in deciding roof shingles?

  4. The following are the apps that help you shingle your roof.

    • RoofSnap
    • Hover

Make Your Custom Roof Measuring Solution

So, this was all about the best roofing apps for roof measurements. Being a roofing contractor, these apps will help you to increase your productivity and the speed-up process of roofing work.

Want to develop a custom web or app-based roofing solution for your roofing business? Or looking to streamline your roofing business with a custom solution? Being a leading mobile app development company in Canada, we have experience in developing custom roofing solutions.

Recently, we have developed a custom roofing software solution for one of our USA-based clients. This solution helped our client in boosting work productivity by 40%. The following are the features of it.

  • Customer Management
  • Calendar Control
  • Statistics Chartboard
  • Push Notifications
  • Employee Management

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