5 Best FaceApp Alternatives

Why is photo editing development so much in demand? Well, this craze comes from FaceApp. Read this blog to know about important statistics about FaceApp, FaceApp alternatives, and its features. You will also find out about features recommended by our app development experts.

How has FaceApp taken the internet by storm?  The amazing filters of this app have taken photo editing app a notch higher. People love to see older, younger, and even opposite gender versions of themselves. It uses machine learning to manipulate faces on digital photos, giving a scaringly accurate estimation of future selves.

It feels like we have all travelled to the future like Marty from ‘Back to the Future’ movie series. No matter which social media app you open, you will find older versions of your friends and family, staring at you, making you itsy bitsy uncomfortable. In fact, you might have tried the Faceapp age filter as well following your favourite celebrity’s footsteps. 

Before going to talk about the features, we should talk about who founded FaceApp and how it has fared in the international market.

FaceApp: Viral Photo Editing App

Faceapp was launched in 2017 by Wireless Lab, a Russian development Company.

It was first designed for the iOS platform and later looking at its success, launched for the Android platform as well.

It is an app like Prisma in using server-side technologies to add filters on photos but only accesses one picture at a time. According to the development company, FaceApp uses neural networks technology which is a machine learning method to modify the faces on the images.

Important Facts & Figures Regarding FaceApp

  • According to the CEO and founder of FaceApp, Yaroslav Goncharov, FaceApp has reached one million downloads within just 2 weeks of its launch.
  • The photo app also reached #1 on the top free photo apps list in six territories, and #1 in the photo category across 9 countries.
  • The AI face swap app has 100 million downloads on Play Store alone.
  • In fact, according to statista.com, there were about 30 million downloads in July of 2019 alone. You can see the craze of this app in the graph below.

FaceApp Craze

Source: Statista.com

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Faceapp is not the only app with face swapping software. In fact, there are many online photo editors. Let’s talk about some of the best apps like FaceApp.

5 Faceapp Alternatives

  1. Snapchat

    Snapchat is one of the most versatile face swap apps. Using the filters in this app, you could swap faces with family, friends, or celebrities. This makes the app really fun.

    Recently, the baby filter of the app went viral and almost everyone started to use it. It is a social media app as well and hence has a lot of other features too. The dog filter still remains the most famous of all. Easy sharing and applying filters to videos makes the app quite appealing.

  2. Photo Face Swap

    The most distinctive feature of the Photo Face Swap app is the Face bomb effect. Using this, you can put a single face on all the faces which are there in the image.

    It is quite a popular app to swap faces from two photos. You can take any photos from your gallery and swap their faces. The only restriction is that the faces in both photos should be aligned properly. 

  3. Face Swap Live

    Just like Snapchat, and as the name depicts, this Face-swapping app can let you swap faces in real-time. Not only that, it has a ton of fun features and filters that can enhance your selifies. 

    It is a funny face app as it can be used during video calls too. Imagine using other’s face instead of yours during video calls. It could be your friend or a celebrity too. Image editing apps have come a long way

  4. MSQRD

    MSQRD is another face changer app that allows you to switch faces with another face. MSQRD stands for Masquerade and was acquired by Facebook. 

    You can change your face with filters that give you the face of your friends or get a famous celebrity face swap. Being a video face swap app, it also has a lot of masks and video selifie filters that make the experience fun and exciting.

  5. Lip Swap

    Do you want to switch just one facial feature and not the entire face? Lip Swap is a face changing app just meant for this unique feature. It is a photography app for Android to change particular features of the face. 

    Even though it has limited face filters, it is highly liked by the users as it is like a breath of fresh air as compared to regular face change apps. 

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After talking about FaceApp alternatives, let’s see what made FaceApp stand out in the myriad of photo editor apps 

Features of FaceApp – Top app to make you old

  1. User Sign-in

    You need a verifiable email id to sign up in this app. This has become customary in almost all apps these days. This AI selfie app requires user-data in order to work and hence this feature is necessary during photo editing app development.

  2. Image Loading

    If you want to work with photos in real-time, the app will require access to your phone’s camera. If you want to edit photos from your phone gallery, permission for its access is also required. Images are loaded on the FaceApp server using server-side technology. Only one image at a time is accessed and you don’t need to give access of all the photos on the phone.

  3. Edit Photos

    The app offers a variety of face swap filters. We have listed a few tempting and unique filters of the app that you can use to edit your photo:

    • Smile filter: Using this filter, you can customize your smile in a photo. You can decide how wide you want the smile to be. In fact, you can make a smile toothed or remove teeth from one. 
    • Hairstyle filter: You can make your hair blonde, white, black or brunette and see what you look like if that was your hair colour. You can also experiment with different amusing hairstyles and have fun. 
    • Gender swap filter: The gender swap filter of this face morph app is probably the most efficient after Snapchat. You can see what you would look like if you belonged to the opposite sex.
    • Age filter: The age filter is the reason behind recreating the popularity of this selfie filter app. This filter lets you see the older and younger versions of yourself. People are using this filter not only on their own face but even on the faces of celebrities and friends. 
    • Skin Tone Lightning Filter: This filter steered a lot of controversy toward the app as it seems to be racist. You can use this filter to lighten their skin tone and look different.
  4. Save Photos and Social Media Integration

    After editing photos with this funny face swap app, you can save the images and collages in your phone gallery. Also, you can  share them on different social media platforms with your friends. 

    You can directly share your edited photos on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

    These features made FaceApp viral and led to the trend of hashtags like #FaceAppChallenge and #AgeChallenge. Now its time for you to make your photo editing app even better.

    We consulted our best photo editing app developers and they recommended a few features that you should consider during your own photo editing app development.

Recommended features during photo editing app development

  1. Edit video

    If you wish to make the best face swap app, you should include videography also. Face swap filters that can be used even in videos make the app like a video editing app. Features to edit sounds and voices in videos is also an added benefit.

    Slow-motion, fast forward, looping of videos like that in Snapchat will make sure that people are kept entertained.

  2. Funny filters

    Age, smile, gender filters are definitely fun. New additions and updates to such filters should be made to keep the users involved. Apart from these filters, you should also integrate other funny filters like animal filters, funny voice filters, movie character filters, etc.

  3. Games

    If you have ever used Snapchat, recently they have added the feature of games while using filters. Using this feature, one user can challenge another user to use the same filter and play the game. This makes the app more interactive and compels the users to use it more.

So, these were a few features that could do wonders for your photo editing app development, you could definitely add more and get ahead of others.

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Wrapping up

Take a different type of FaceApp challenge and create an app like FaceApp but even better. 

We hope that now you know what your photo editing app development needs. If you still have doubts regarding Face swap photoshop, photo editing software or photography software, feel free to consult our app development expert.

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