Clubhouse Clone App: Build Your Own Audio-Based Social Network App Like Clubhouse

With lockdowns and quarantine measures having forced us to work remotely, video conferencing is something that has become the new normal. But it has its challenges.

An idea that is gaining momentum in the tech world today is that of a free-flowing way of communicating, Clubhouse. This audio-only virtual platform was launched last year in May in the US marketplace and has grown to have more than 1,00,000 users, despite being restricted to an invite-only basis.

Through the course of this article, we will go through the features that have enabled the success of Clubhouse, how it’s been forecasted to disrupt technology as we know it, and why you must consider developing a Clubhouse clone app in 2021.

What is Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is a live audio chat app that allows people to freely participate in live discussions. The user experience can be compared to an audio-only virtual event with thousands of users from across the world. These ‘rooms’ host conversations about varied professions and different industries.

This voice-only social network model is similar to that of podcasts, the only difference being that the conversations are not recorded for playback. This ephemeral nature of its content makes Clubhouse so addictive- if you’re not there in the room, you miss out. The ease with which you can enter and leave rooms or even host your room has triggered people to spend a lot of time on the audio chat application.

Clubhouse the Audio-based Social Media App Became Popular Quickly

So what is it about this audio chat application that has created such a buzz in the tech market?

  • Conceptualized by Paul Davison, who previously founded the location application Highlight, Clubhouse introduces a sense of human connection whilst maintaining a degree of privacy. Its use via the invite model ensures that anonymous people do not spam the application and its purpose is maintained.
  • Another reason for its rapid success is the spontaneity of it all. The Clubhouse is unlike anything on social media. This audio-chat social media app allows people to spontaneously join voice-chat rooms. You can either join the talk or simply listen along, much like the podcast on the topic of your choice.
  • Another feature that has made Clubhouse so appealing amongst users is the fact that you have total control of the content you are exposed to. No recommendations, no algorithms predicting your content intake patterns.
  • According to, Clubhouse has raised a total of $110M in funding in over 3 rounds. The latest funding was raised on Jan 24, 2021, from a Series B round.
  • The Clubhouse has grown exponentially since its launch. The social media platform was launched in May, and by the end of 2020, it had more than 600,000 registered users. As of today, it has more than 1 million active users.

In a concluding note Clubhouse, the new invite-only is replacing the popular social media apps such as Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify!

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Why Build an App Like Clubhouse?

Why build an app like clubhouse

Whether you feel like having a conversation with someone or simply feel like listening to others’ opinions on a particular matter, Clubhouse has you covered. Here are the reasons why you need to develop social media app solutions like Clubhouse or create a social media app that stands-out.

  1. More Opportunities and Business Leads

    Clubhouse allows any business person or start-ups to not only establish and promote their product/services but also help interact with the target audiences. You can gain inputs from your audience regarding a particular feature of your business that you want to introduce- a pilot run of sorts.

    From creating awareness of your product to organizing focus groups, Clubhouse provides you with endless possibilities. This gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and information that puts you way ahead of your competitors even if your startup is in its early stages.

  2. No Followers, No Problem!

    Your customers will thank you endlessly for developing a Clubhouse clone application. We will tell you why! Most social media platforms of today have over-emphasized the metric of follower count due to which people end up creating fake accounts just to promote themselves. However, in Clubhouse-like apps, things are different.

    Your customers will get push notifications even if their phone is locked when someone they follow hosts a room. Also, as your clubhouse-like app will only accept users on-invite, chances are that someone with whom your customers want to have a conversation is going live. By clicking on the notification, they can join the room as a listener.

    Thus, there is no additional incentive for users to have a following on your app which is a breath of fresh air after all the giant apps that rely on follower count. Nonetheless, as your network grows, you’ll be able to draw larger crowds into your rooms.

  3. Human Engagement Only

    Your business will have access to pure human engagement which in itself is a great deal. As the access to your Clubhouse clone app will only be on an invite basis, by limiting the number of invites users can send each other, you eliminate the incentive for fake followers. Thus, be ensured of a community that comprises humans rather than bots.

  4. Camera Conscious? No Issues

    Another compelling aspect of your Clubhouse Clone app will be its transparency. There will be no private messaging or public comments. All you can do is join rooms and either listen or talk. It is as simple as that.

    Your customers may often be camera conscious and hesitate to join live streams in the fear that they might accidentally turn on their webcams. So no matter where they are, be it in the subway or your local grocery store, they can participate in any conversation they like without worrying about how they look. Just a stable internet connection and they’ll be good to go.

    A huge community that is comfortable and loves your social media platform, what more do we need?

  5. Use Your Voice To Be Heard

    An app like clubhouse clone will step-up your community game. As cliche as it may sound, your clubhouse-like app will empower your users to voice their opinions irrespective of the number of people that follow them. By leveling out the playing field, you can provide your customers with an equal opportunity to be heard.

    If your customers think they have a point to make, they can simply host a conversation and start talking. Plus the audience will have no biases based on the following metric- they stay in the room as long as they think someone is adding value to their lives.

    A brand that makes effort to listen to its users, and considers each small feedback, how thoughtful is that!

  6. Relevant Insights

    Last but not least, your Clubhouse clone app will provide the perfect platform for you to test your ideas. It is a great opportunity to not only engage with an audience but also to crowdsource content. Listening to different people having multiple opinions on the same topic will enable you to think more creatively. If people like the sound of your business proposition, maybe that’s the way to proceed.

Now that you know the benefits, don’t you think that the app development costs nothing?

After why to build an app like Clubhouse app you may have another question about how to develop, Right? So we’ve written an in-detailed article about “how to create an app like Clubhouse” (including tech stack). Let’s move ahead and discuss the important features of the Clubhouse application.

Unique Features of Clubhouse App

Unique Features of Clubhouse Clone App

Tech enthusiasts predict that Clubhouse is the wave of change that is required to mold social media applications for the better. Here are some aspects that make Clubhouse so unique and in high demand.

  1. Easy profile creation

    It’s pretty easy to create a profile on Clubhouse. All you need to do is add your name and phone number when you sign up. Your username, however, must be booked in advance.

  2. The main feed – Clubhouse Hallway

    This is the main feed of Clubhouse. Here’s where users view all the chatrooms. The ones that you follow appear at the top of the Clubhouse Hallway. This hallway allows users to search for people using their name/keyword, invite someone to the app, view the upcoming rooms and their respective dates, and manage their profile.

  3. Clubhouse Rooms

    This is what Clubhouse is really famous for. Clubhouse rooms allow a number of people to come together and have conversations on specific topics. The audience can see rooms as podcasts. Users can choose to listen to a conversation, mute it, or simply explore the rooms that interest them. However, if you do choose to stop and listen to a conversation, you’ll have access to the name of the speaker, moderator, and the audience of that particular meeting room.

  4. Clubhouse Clubs

    Another interesting feature is the option to create clubs or communities within the app. This will give you the power to host conversations and conduct meetups. Inside the club, there are four designations – Founder, Members, Admin, and Followers.

  5. Clubhouse has an Invite Only App Usage

    What that means is to join the app, existing clubhouse users must invite you from their account. Only that can give you access to set up an account on Clubhouse.

    If you’re an existing user and want to invite your friends to Clubhouse, you must add them as a contact on your phone. You then need to connect your contacts to the app, and you’ll start seeing people among your contacts who are already on Clubhouse and send an invite to those who aren’t.

  6. Clubhouse promotes Audio Usage

    By eliminating video usage, Clubhouse promotes the usage of audio to converse with fellow users. This allows users to log in to the app from anywhere- be it a grocery store or in the comforts of their beds. All you can do is join audio meeting rooms and either listen or talk. It is as simple as that.

  7. Spontaneity and Thrill

    Last but not least, Clubhouse addresses the need for interaction with strangers while keeping the user activity in absolute control of the content. Whether you feel like having a conversation with someone or simply feel like listening to others’ opinions on a particular matter, the app has you covered.

Have unique features in mind that you want to include in the Clubhouse clone app?

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Facebook’s Clubhouse Clone in Making

If Silicon valley rumors/news are to be believed, Facebook is in talks of developing its alternative to Clubhouse or we can say Clubhouse clone. This comes after the immense popularity of the app during the pandemic, which enables audio-only interactions. Mark Zuckerberg, has even appeared on the Clubhouse as a part of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) conversations.

Although the clubhouse clone script is still in its conceptualization stage, it is likely to be brought into existence. Another social media giant, Twitter has introduced a ‘Spaces’ feature on its app, in an attempt to facilitate audio communication forms.

Going by history, Facebook has been accused of implementing attributes of competitors (other social media apps) on its platform. Snapchat filters and story features were implemented into Instagram and Whatsapp while Instagram Reels were a spin-off to TikTok. So it may be likely to see a Clubhouse clone script being developed by Facebook.

These are however silicon valley rumors speculations and only time will tell what technologies lie ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Clubhouse app used for?

    The clubhouse is a live audio-based social media app that allows people to freely participate in live discussions. The audio-only social media app allows users to host rooms and either listen or participate in conversations. Conversations are not recorded for playback, this sets the app apart from podcasts.

  2. Why is the Clubhouse app so popular?

    Users claim that the spontaneity of the app is unlike anything on social media. Features like joining/hosting/creating rooms for conversations, an audio-only medium of communication, and an invite-only rollout have made it extremely popular.

  3. How does Clubhouse work?

    Clubhouse acts as an invite-only audio chat product that solely focuses on conversations. Inside the app, you can see audio chat ‘rooms’ of groups talking, which you can join. Participation is not necessary as you can also simply listen to the audio content which spans debates, performances, and even lectures. Additionally, you can host a room where you can start your conversation.

  4. How do you get invited to Clubhouse?

    Access to Clubhouse as of now is only on an invite basis and the app is available solely on the app store. Each member is allotted a certain number of invites which they can send out.

  5. Who has created the Clubhouse app?

    The clubhouse was conceptualized by Paul Davison, who previously founded the location app solutions Highlight.


Audio social can be the norm of the future with Clubhouse massively disrupting the social media ecosystem, especially with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter under judicial scrutiny. Clubhouse – a massively successful audio chat product – represents an opportunity for early adopter entrepreneurs to amass users.

Being an entrepreneur, if you have decided to develop an app like Clubhouse or we can say Clubhouse clone, then we are a leading mobile application development company in Toronto with hands-on experience in developing various mobile apps. So, just share your requirements with us through our contact us form and one of our executives will get back to you shortly.

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