Clubhouse: The New Invite-Only Social App is Replacing Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify!

Forget listening to the podcast, and directly call the podcast!

Well, that’s the idea of a powerful Clubhouse app. While people are desperate to be invited to the Clubhouse already, Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify apps may feel threatened! Because, this audio-only app is filled with actors, talent shows, and insightful panel discussions, much like a chat room. It changes the way people socialize on social media long after COVID-19! It is bringing back the feel of parties and events.

The more acknowledgeable fact is, the app is still in private beta, yet the buzz is already worth millions! So without a delay, let’s understand what is exactly clubhouse and why it is so popular, so soon.

What is Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. It is a new invite-only social chat app become so popular quickly. It’s also called a drop-in audio chat app. It enables individuals to tell stories, chat in real-time, share ideas, and use their voices to interact. You may opt to listen or join in with the discussions. Just step into a room and begin listening. You can also randomly host your own space and people turn up magically and the interactions may last for hours.

Imagine a dinner party or clubhouse – where you hop in and out of multiple conversations, like a free-flowing podcast, on different topics. You may also ‘raise your hand’ to encourage the speakers to participate. In essence, it simplifies social media using voice, without the need for other additional devices.

Who Has Created Clubhouse, the Drop-in Audio Chat App?

The app where you see “rooms” full of people exploring multiple conversations is founded by Silicon Valley businessman Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth in April 2020.

It has immediately received $12M in funding in May 2020 from US venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and has continued to skyrocket in late December 2020 as it is valued at $100M.

Started with 40 influencers as users, the app reached another milestone as having 600,000 registered users as of December 2020.

However, the audio-based chat start-up does not have a running website right now as it has not been publicly released, but people are desperately waiting for an invitation that will mark the future of social networks to use this app.

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Who Uses the Clubhouse Social App?

The clubhouse invite chain is filled with celebrities.

Whether it’s Kevin Hart, an American comedian, sharing his thoughts on the app…

Or Michelle William, the signer, having a great conversation on Clubhouse,

Or even Wiz Khalifa, the great rapper, getting candid about the app…

All have hosted the chat rooms on the application recently. You could also hear folks like Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Jared Leto, Chris Rock, Van Jones, or Ashton Kutcher buzzing about the app here and there. That’s the part of Clubhouse’s charm in certain respects even with private beta. You get the opportunity to have unvarnished conversations with prominent and influential personalities and even partake in them.

Other than celebrities, the app concentrates on iPhone users who it considers to be an exclusive clientele. Following its arrival in 2020, it became a status symbol of sorts for Silicon Valley types.

Apparently, the entire invite-only thing was taken very seriously. Hence, it’s rising now.

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How Does Clubhouse, the Invite-Only Social App Work?

How Does Clubhouse Invite Only Social App Work

Step 1. Get on the Platform

As of now, there are only two ways that you can use the app, and both have strong ties with clubhouse users already on the app, which are,

  • Personal Invitation: If someone joins this audio app, they can send one invitation to someone like a friend or family member, using their phone number.
  • The Side-Door: If you ever have visited their website, Clubhouse gives an opportunity to download the app from App Store, in order to reserve your username. You will be on the waitlist until the app accepts your invitation.

Step 2. Set Up Your Profile

Once you are in, the application provides you with a profile, like most social media platforms, that can tell others a bit more about you. Here’s how can you set your profile:

  • Choose a profile photo and select
  • Write out a complete bio in plain-text editor provided by the clubhouse
  • Insert emojis, if you feel like
  • Connect your other social media profiles under “Add Instagram”, “Add Twitter”, if you want
  • Disconnect your profiles under “Disconnect Instagram”, “Disconnect Twitter” anytime

Step 3. Go To Clubhouse App Hallway and Scroll

Just like you scroll Instagram and Facebook feed, this social media app will let you scroll its hallway and show you active and ongoing chat rooms. If you follow any specific planned rooms or clubs, they will be shown on the top.

Step 4. Join Any Clubhouse Room and Clubhouse Clubs or Host Your Own Space

While you scroll the app hallway, you may find interesting active chat rooms that you want to join. Here’s what happens when you join the cyber room:

  • First, when you hop into a chatroom, you will be just a listener. You can’t use your microphone. Just raise your hand if you want to communicate.
  • If the host or another speaker brought you up as a speaker, you will have access to your microphone to mute or unmute.
  • You can also be promoted as moderator, depending on the host and the current moderator’s choice.

If you don’t have anyone in the community to promote you as moderator or speaker, you can always host your own space and invite people. When you host your own space, the application will notify you when it is approved and other users can join the conversation.

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How Clubhouse is Replacing Popular Apps like Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify?

Networking Opportunities. Alluring Functions. Unique concept. Real conversations. Sense of intimacy.

Want more?

Where ‘show off’ is the prominent objective of all social media apps, Clubhouse is actually giving an opportunity to tell! Opportunity to connect with tech giants, celebrities, and activists!

Though not many people are able to join Clubhouse, this fusion of Instagram, Zoom, and Spotify is already allured by the world’s top communities.

The strange thing about clubhouse is, we do not measure its popularity based on the number of log-ins and users like all social media apps, but we are seeing clubhouse success as Silicon Valley’s social hot spot!

Talking about its security, Clubhouse developers, Alpha Exploration Co, has mastered the game so soon that it has implemented the whole new policy where,

  • Each room can create customizable ‘club rules.’
  • You can block the clubhouse user, or report an incident if something unusual happens.
  • You can not save any chat room audio, even with permission.

The biggest winning point for Clubhouse is, Facebook has implemented the ‘Catchup’ feature to facilitate room conversations, immediately after the Clubhouse launched. And that’s enough being said!

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Clubhouse Use Cases for Business Owners and Marketers

Clubhouse Use Cases for Business Owners and Marketers

If you are wondering how the clubhouse can be beneficial to businessmen out there, here’s the list of opportunities for business communities you need to know.

  • Coaches and Trainers Can Build Communities

    If you are a coach, get the community together and open up a new way of engaging with students and learners on this social media platform. Also, if you network with other clubhouse members, you are likely to increase your community as they will follow you over there.

  • Event Managers Can Host Virtual Events

    Event managers are lost in this pandemic. But in the form of a party that can complement simulated and even in-person activities for members to interact, Clubhouse provides a private, unique event group.

  • Companies Can Collaborate Projects & Networks

    As everyone can initiate a personal meeting with one of their links, Clubhouse is a perfect place to hold private discussions about opportunities for networking or collaboration or even participate in affiliate marketing programs.

  • Build Podcast Communities

    You can use Clubhouse clubs to create podcast-related communities without having to add a lot of content production and overhead to keep the audience between episodes engaged, once the application is public.

  • Social Network With Experts of Any Niche

    While it takes time to create networks and consult experts, imagine the importance of learning on a regular basis from other startups, small business founders, multimillion-dollar CEOs, and tech giants! This platform makes it possible to share a stage, ask a direct question, and receive a real-time answer from experts.

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Unique Features of Clubhouse App

Moving forward, Clubhouse is trending also because of its enticing features. So, here are the functions to look in for a podcast experience.

Clubhouse App Unique Features

  1. Send Invitation
    This clubhouse social app feature lets you interact with your friends and family to invite someone new to the Clubhouse. But, on your phone, they must be on your contact list and give Clubhouse access to your contacts. If you are connected, you can see a list of your available contacts and search for someone to send an invitation to.
  2. Set Up Profile
    This function lets you design your profile as you want by selecting a profile photo, writing a bio, and make your profile clickable with other social media account links. To let people know what sorts of discussions you want to be invited to, you can also list topics that you are interested in exploring.
  3. Create Chat Room
    In order to allow small-scale voice chat, this function will help users to create ‘rooms’, by fulfilling the audio chat topic name and audience list (if you want to create a private club). When anyone joins the application or open rooms, users receive updates.
  4. Join Clubhouse Rooms and Clubs
    To participate in any conversation happening on the platform, this feature gives you an option to join the chat room or club if you are interested. Once you join the chat room, you may be a listener, moderator, or speaker depending upon the host’s choice. You can also leave rooms quietly as well as leave the app running without losing any conversation.
  5. Selective Notifications
    The application gives you a selective notification section to reduce unwanted noise, where you can control or pause alerts, depending on your preference. The application usually notifies you

    • When anyone has followed you
    • When someone you’re connected to speaks in chat rooms
    • When someone invites you to an ongoing discussion room,
    • When someone you’re following creates rooms
  6. Raise Your Hand
    When you join rooms or clubs as a listener, you have an option to raise your hand to politely interrupt a speaker, or request speaking time. If the speaker invites you to speak or share panel talks for room debates, you can unmute your microphone and start a conversation.
  7. Pull To Refresh
    This feature allows users to refresh the chat room where speakers momentarily change their profile photos to reveal another image or graph that represents a point in the chat room. For this, moderators will ask you to ‘PTR,’ and users will just pull down the room on the screen to refresh the room and you will see the new profile photos as well as the right order in which people have joined the room.

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  1. What exactly is Clubhouse?

    Clubhouse is a new kind of voice-based social network where people from all over the world come together in real-time to speak, listen and learn from each other. In other words, the clubhouse is an audio-based application that allows users to interact in numerous chat rooms with a wide variety of topics.

  2. Who is on Clubhouse?

    Currently, most of the VIP members of the clubhouse are celebrities, activists, Professionals, tech giants like Ashton Kutcher, Jared Leto, Drake, Jodie Turner-Smith, Tiffany Haddish, PR Eki Igbinoba, who owns iPhone.

  3. How do you create a club on the clubhouse app?

    Open the application, start your own private or public club and invite friends to enter, or keep it open and see who comes in.

  4. How to invite someone on the clubhouse?

    Invites are steadily sent out on the basis of how much you participate in the Clubhouse app. If the people you invite join a lot on their own, you’ll even get more invites. Some people may get an invite immediately after they sign up. Once, you receive an invite, you can invite your friend or family or anyone you might know from the invite icon on the app.

  5. How do you get invited to a clubhouse?

    If your friends or family are on the clubhouse social app, ask them to invite you or just reserve your username downloading the app product and wait for the approval.

  6. How many invites do you get on the clubhouse?

    Once you join the app, you will receive one invitation to send.


Looking ahead to social media marketing, the app reflects a changing need for users. People want to see more effort, value, and openness, but they don’t inherently want the emergence of advertising and constant streams of content on social media that pursue a brand. So do you also possess such a unique app idea that you look forward to making it a reality? Contact us. We provide mobile app development services for years that help you grow as a business. We also provide a free consultation with our experts who will guide you at every step. Hurry up!

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