‘Code For Canada’ – A Step Forward to Build More Efficient Digital Public Services
April 25, 2017

‘Code For Canada’ – A Step Forward to Build More Efficient Digital Public Services

code for canada

Recently, Deb Matthews, Ontario Minister of Digital Government, declared the launch of Code For Canada that is a non-profit organization mainly dedicated to helping governments to develop highly efficient digital public services.

The Ontario government is spending approximately $700,000 to help found a non-profit organization ‘Code For Canada’ that will work hard to build better digital services.

Officially launched on April 5, 2017, Code For Canada is the part of an international network of non-profits including Code for Australia and Code for America that works together to fill a gap between government and tech communities.



When it comes to talking about the $700,000 in funding, the amount will go directly towards paying digital experts to work with the Ontario government so that they can design simple yet easier digital government services.

The main aim is to make government services online as good as popular banking applications and eCommerce shopping websites.

Two biggest giants like Shopify and Normative are also supporting Code for Canada. At Shopify’s offices on Spadina Ave, Deb Metthews said, “People in Ontario deserve government services that are simpler, faster and easier to use

Moreover, this non-profit organization is going to support Canadian “vici tech” groups that are groups of people who come together to develop technology-based projects, benefiting their communities. Furthermore, it will bring together coders and designers with governments to look high-technology solutions to improve people’s lives.

Code For Canada Work Dedicatedly to Help Improve Services

This non-profit organization is going to launch one fellowship program, imbedding different teams of tech professionals and experts into government departments so that they can work on digital projects. It is also expecting to deliver high-end tools like agile development and design thinking to its work, and develop digital public tools instantly and at the much affordable rate.

The executive director of Code For Canada, Gabe Sawhney, said “At Code for Canada, we start with the belief that government can work better in the 21st century. Like the best technology, our governments can – and should – be user-centred, iterative and data-driven”.

He also added, “By bringing top tech talent into the public service, Code for Canada’s fellowship program will help transform Canada’s most important government services, and improve outcomes for residents.”

Code for Canada’s opening fellowship team will be introduced by the Government of Ontario, where the fellows will work to quicken digital transformation at Queen’s Park.

The creativity is being supported by Ontario, Normative, and Shopify, and this non-profit organization will also encourage the growth of civic tech community groups through hack nights, which will bring together coders, policy experts, designers, and engaged residents.

A director of policy and government affairs at Shopify, Alexandra Clark said, “As a proud Canadian company, we saw an opportunity to enhance civic engagement across the country.”

He also added, “We believe this initiative will play a major role in redefining how Canadians interact with elected officials. Whether it’s developing an app to improve consultation processes, or building a new platform to track constituent concerns, the opportunities are endless.”

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