7 Step Process For Creating an Online Booking System for Your Business

Are you looking to build an online booking app for your business? Look no further, you’ve landed on the right page! In this blog, we’ll tell you how an online booking system can help you get a better return on investment while providing your customers with a better service. Apart from that, we’ve also mentioned several benefits of doing so and a 7-step process that you can use to build a mobile app for your business. 

Nobody likes to stand in queues for tickets or go to a salon for booking appointments. Making a booking from the comfort of your home is just so much more satisfying. It saves time and energy of the customers so they just end up being happier.

And happy customers equals to…? Better business, of course. 

Whether you want to create an event booking app, online ticket booking app, taxi booking app or a hotel booking app, there are certain steps that are common for all. We have discussed these in this blog.

So are you ready to create a booking app and improve your sales with an online booking app? Still not convinced? Read these online booking statistics below and they might give you a better insight.

Scope for an Online Booking Application

With the boom in internet usage over the years, there has been an increased demand for mobile apps. It’s just easier to make a booking online rather than take out time from your schedule to buy tickets or book an appointment.

Clearly, online bookings are here to stay for good. So let’s take a look at the benefits if you create a booking app for your business.

Benefits of Online Booking App Development

You want your customers to be able to book your services at any time of the day, from anywhere they go. But not everybody will have access to a computer at all times. However, people do carry their smartphones around with them. Hence, providing an online booking app to your customers offers a super convenient way to book your services. All the users have to do is tap the screen of their smartphones a few times.

Apps can help remove all sorts of confusion from the booking process. Your customers won’t have to sift through their contact list to find your business’s number or find the booking form on your website. All they have to do is download your app and they’re good to go.

Here are the advantages of having an online booking app for your business:

  • Easy booking with a simple booking form
  • You can offer loyalty points for the bookings made through the app
  • You can send push notification for offers that encourage more bookings
  • Geotargeting can be used to send reminders prior to bookings

How to Create a Booking App for Your Business

We’re glad to see that you are planning to create an online booking system for your business. It will help you offer better customer service, gain more profits, and boost your business easily.

Since you are looking for a way to create an online booking app, we are assuming that you already have a brilliant idea on your mind. Hence, we’ll directly cut to the chase and quickly list down the steps you can take for building your app.

Ready? Onwards! 

  1. List down the features you want

    Do you know what you want in your app? What do you aim to provide to your customers through the app? Will they be booking services or making appointments? Or will they be able to purchase coupons for your services? Will they get tickets to any events you might organize?

    Make a list of all possible features that you want in your app. It doesn’t have to be in technical knowledge, it just has to be clear to you. For example, maybe you don’t know the term push notifications but you know that you want to send promotional notifications from the app to your users. So note down whatever you think will play a major role in your app.

    The reason why we’re asking you to make a list is that if you know what you want, you’ll be able to explain it to others easily.

  2. Conduct market research

    This is the next step to create a booking app. Now that you have everything on the list, you’ll be able to conduct market research more easily. Find out who are your competitors, and then download their apps (if they have any). Check out what features and services they offer to the customers through the app. Check their reviews and ratings too, then see what is missing. Add some unique features in your app to beat them at the game. You can also conduct a survey to know who your potential customers will be, or if your existing customers will be using the app. 

    In this step, you can also decide the platform you want your app to be on. Depending on your research and market needs, you can develop an app for both iOS and Android or just one of the two. 

  3. Identify your target audience

    Who will be your target audience?

    If your answer to that question is everyone then it automatically becomes the wrong answer. You will need to narrow down your audience and focus on a specific group of people. Even if the group is vast, there has to be a group of some kind. 

    You can assign your target users a specific age group, professions, put them into a certain income class, gender, region, or any other group. Knowing your audience helps you understand how they will be using your app and what features they might want in it. 

  4. Identify monetization strategies

    Since your app is an online booking app for your business, the majority of your income through the app will be through bookings, appointments and other sales. So here, you can decide what exactly you will be offering to people through the app.

    Here are some ideas for your business’s online booking platform:

    • Making appointments
    • Booking a particular person’s service (or a table, in case of a restaurant)
    • Preordering the food in case of restaurants
    • Buying gift cards for others
    • Getting discount when booking through the app
    • Purchasing tickets for any shows/events that are hosted by your business
    • Buying any products that you sell (eg. some salons sell branded shampoo and other beauty products and restaurants sell their special spices or condiments)

    These are just some ideas to include when you create a booking app for your business. Other than these, ads are a way to earn money too. However, ads lead to users uninstalling or reporting the app so we won’t really recommend it.

  5. Find the best mobile app developers and get estimates

    Search on Google, ask your friends or relatives, and if you have any friends who work in the software development field then badger them as well. Find some of the top mobile app development companies and get estimates from them. 

    Of course, you could hire mobile app developers and build an in-house team too. But the costs would be too high and managing the project will take up too much of your time. By hiring developers from a mobile app development company, you just have to tell them your requirements. You can be free to figure out how you’ll be marketing the app after you make a booking app which will be very beneficial to you. 

  6. Get the app developed

    Once you have signed the contract with one mobile app development company, make sure that you explain all the details to them so your online booking app is exactly how you want it to be. You can go for web development (people might use the website instead of installing the app on their phone), android or iPhone app development depending on the platform you want. The team of mobile app developers will be releasing a build of the app at regular intervals that you can test. Make sure that you do thorough testing from your end to maintain the quality of the app. You can also involve your friends or some customers in the testing phase to ensure that you’re going the right way. 

  7. Launch the app and market it

    Once you are satisfied with the final build of the app, send it for approval to the App Store and Play Store. Get some consulting by experts for marketing your app and come up with some introductory offers and strategies that will make people install your app. You can also try marketing via social media platforms and by telling the customers who walk into the physical location of your business. 

    Plus, nowadays there are bloggers for every niche, you could reach out to some of them or to an influencer from your city. They will have a better reach and they can promote your new mobile online booking app effectively. If you have the budget, then you can also hire a marketing agency for the same.

Summing it up

We have tried to explain all the steps for creating an online booking system as in detail as we could so you can be more informed. If you still have any other questions, feel free to comment your questions below!

It’s high time that your customers get the type of service they deserve and you can provide it with your own mobile app. Like everything else, there will be challenges and problems but we assure you that we’ll assist you in the best way possible. 

At Space-O Canada, we have a team of outstanding app developers. And as a leading iPhone and Android app development company, we can build a highly-interactive and performance-focused app for your business. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now by filling out the form below. You will be entitled to a 30-minutes free consultation with our technical mobile app expert. We can assure you that the consultation will be completely confidential. You will also be provided with a free estimation and timeline for your online booking app development project from our side.

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