Want to Create a Food Delivery App? Presenting 3 Tips from Our Experts to Develop an App Like Foodora

Are you a food delivery startup or entrepreneur who wants to take the offline delivery business online? Being an on-demand app development company, we receive a lot of questions and inquiries related to on-demand mobile app solutions from the different delivery businesses. Today, we are writing a post on tips to create a food delivery app like Foodora which will help you startups to successfully develop your own food app.

How many times do you see a food delivery boy while you’re returning from work? Can’t even count, can you? 

We’re pretty sure that this is an everyday scenario. These uniform-clad heroes are on the mission to deliver food to the customers whenever and wherever they want. 

By definition, on-demand food delivery services have changed the way people order and consume food. Long queues or waiting time are no more trouble for food lovers. Everything is available within a few minutes after you order food online.

All this is possible because of the apps that deliver food right to the doorstep. If you are a food delivery start-up, catering service, own a single or chain of restaurants then you must create a food delivery app and have an uber for food app to your name.

Before we talk about the tips given by our food delivery app development consultant, let’s talk about one of the most popular apps to deliver food in Canada, Foodora.

Foodora: One of the Best Local Food Delivery apps

  • Foodora was originally launched as Volo GmbH in 2014 in Berlin, Germany. 
  • It entered the Canadian market by acquiring a Toronto-based online food delivery company Hurrier. 
  • It expanded to Montreal and Ottawa and later rebranded as Foodora.
  • Foodora has partnered with over 9000 restaurants in several countries globally.
  • Foodora app has over 1 million downloads on Google Playstore.

Now it’s time to talk about the crux of the article you are reading it for, 3 tips from our experts to create a food delivery app

3 Tips From Our Experts To Create An Online Food Delivery App Like Foodora

  1. Prospering your single or chain of restaurants

    If you own one or multiple restaurants and need to grow your business, food ordering apps cannot go wrong for you. They will help you in creating a strong presence in the market. 


    Well, your restaurant app will advertise your restaurant, as people who have this app will get to know about new offers and discounts through notifications. This will attract more customers.

    According to our experts, you can use your online food delivery app not only to receive and deliver orders but also to market your business. You must use the app to collect information about customers and use it to boost your growth.

    If you own a chain of restaurants, you can choose from an app or an online food ordering website. You can also keep a track of customer feedback and work to improve the customer experience.

    All in all, you should use a food ordering app like Postmates to build a better customer base and promote your business

  2. Provide options

    When you create a food delivery app, you must make sure that customers have different options to order food. The customers must have an option to choose from various restaurants, cuisines or price ranges.

    create a food delivery app

    Source: Foodora App

    It is also not necessary that your restaurant mobile app is only an on-demand food delivery app. Customers may also choose to pick-up their orders. They can just order online and then go to pick up their order when it is ready. No need to wait for takeaways.   

    Other options like getting food delivered where they want or booking a table if it is a restaurant are also quite important. This will give customers the freedom to choose. Customers will feel exclusivity and prefer your apps over others.

    Even Foodora app provides an option to pick-up an order instead of just getting it delivered. This is the most important tip that our experts gave on how to create a food delivery app

  3. Integrate unique features

    Most Uber for food delivery and top food delivery apps have certain basic features like real-time tracking of order, in-app chat, payment gateway integration, among others. This makes it even more essential that you must make an app that doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

    The best way to do this is by integrating unique features in your app that make your app noticeable. We have some ideas about it.

    • Multi-language set up: If you want to target a wide audience you can include this feature in your food delivery application. 
    • Schedule delivery: If any customer needs to schedule a delivery according his preferred time, then he can use this feature. This will help the restaurant to prepare food in advance and the customer will save time. Foodora app has this unique feature.
    • Favourite order: Many people have a weekly or monthly ritual of eating a particular item from a specific place. You can give a feature where the user can save this as his favourite orer and get it delivered to his place every time.

    create a food delivery app

    Source: Foodora App

    So, these were the tips that our food delivery app consultant gave to create a food delivery app.

Summing Up
We hope that the tips in the articles have helped to clear some of the doubts about online food delivery app development. We also understand that this is not all, you must have more questions. An app development company can answer these.

We are a leading web and app development company based in Canada known for our performance-driven apps. We have experience in developing Web, Android and iPhone applications of various categories. We have developed a range of food and beverage solutions as well. 

Do feel free to ask any questions about the food delivery app development cost and timeline. You can even schedule a 30-min free and confidential consultation with our technical expert. All you need to do is fill the contact us form in the footer.

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