Airbnb for Storage: People are Renting Out their Garages. Here is How You can Benefit from this Trend
January 16, 2020

Airbnb for Storage: People are Renting Out their Garages. Here is How You can Benefit from this Trend

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Airbnb for Storage: People are Renting Out their Garages. Here is How You can Benefit from this Trend
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Sharing economy has taken over and has been used in almost all sectors. The latest trends show its involvement in storage and garage organization market. Homeowners are now more welcoming to share their space as storage facilities. 

We decided to write this blog to clear all your doubts in case you want to get into this business. Here, you will read-

  • What is Airbnb for Storage?
  • Why is there a huge space to grow in the storage marketplace?
  • Which features to include when you create Airbnb for storage?
  • Why make a peer to peer storage Airbnb?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

When it comes to storage, it holds true for both the parties- the one who owns it and the one needs to rent it. 

An empty garage gathering dust is worthless but if you rent out your extra space to someone for storing their stuff or park a car, you get money on the side. 

Many people own spaces that are no use to them, at least temporarily. On the other hand, a lot of people own stuff for which they cant find a storage space. 

How about a platform that connects them? An app like Airbnb for storage space could be a great idea for such people.

What is Airbnb for storage?

Airbnb of storage sharing is an app that connects homeowners online with people who need storage space.

Homeowners can advertise their space by adding pictures, setting their own prices and putting their storage space for rent. The people who need storage can contact them and make a deal according to their requirements. 

Basically, it is an on-demand storage app that makes a match of the people with extra space to rent and people who need it. Students, people who have recently moved to a city, someone who is moving to a new place or anyone with extra stuff needs such an app. 

The need for such an app is now more than ever. We say this as this segment of the market is showing some really promising trends.

Why is there a huge space to grow in the storage marketplace?

  • According to CBC, the self-storage market in Canada is booming as people are grapple with ‘too much stuff’.
  • The total revenue in the Canadian storage industry in 2019 was CAD 4 billion
  • According to research by The Freedonia Group, the U.S. closets and home storage organization market was projected to grow 3.5% annually to $10.5 billion in 2019. 
  • From 2019 to 2024, the Global United States Storage and Garage Organization revenue would keep increasing with an annual growth rate with 5~7%.
  • The global Storage & Garage Organization Consumption Market is estimated to reach USD 11.1 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Research Reports Inc.

Now, you can see that creating an Airbnb or Uber for storage can be a great opportunity in these times. When you plan to create Airbnb for storage app, there are certain features that you must include in your app. Let us talk about these features.

Features to include when you create Airbnb for storage

features of airbnb for storage

  1. Profile: Create a profile as a ‘Host’ or ‘Guest’. In fact, make sure your clutter storage app can have multiple accounts.
  2. Listing space: Using this feature the host can list his space for rent by adding required information, address, images and price. 
  3. Search: The guests can search for a space they need according to the stuff that they want to store and budget. 
  4. In-app chat: This feature lets the user interact and make bargains or solve their queries about the Airbnb storage container.
  5. Pick-up and drop-off: If the guest chooses to get the stuff picked up and delivered, it should be an option.
  6. In-app payment: make sure all the transactions made using this storage unit app are safe, fast and done with ease. 

Now, we understand you must be wondering even if you create Airbnb for storage app, how would it be beneficial for you. To answer this question, read on!

Why make a peer to peer storage Airbnb? 

features of airbnb for storage

1. Space utilization plus safety

The concept of Airbnb of self-storage comes from Airbnb, where people share their houses if they have an extra property or just an extra room in their house. 

This is, therefore, an Airbnb for stuff instead of people. The extra space in someone’s place finds a purpose while someone else finds the needed space for their stuff. Leaving a space empty would mean wastage while renting it out would mean appropriate space utilization. 

Also, such apps can become more popular as even a small place can be utilized. Further, it is far less invasive to let someone keep their stuff in your house then let someone stay there.

This ensures safety as both parties- the guest and host need to agree to a contract. This is a part of the screening process that you must include while creating your app. 

2. Monetary benefits

In the end, it all does come down to money. 

The best part to create an Airbnb for storage is that there are monetary benefits for everyone involved. You will earn from the advertisements and commissions, the hosts will earn by renting while the guests will find cheaper spaces than self storage facilities. 

Extra money doesn’t hurt if it comes from genuine sources. This is why renting out a little bit of extra space is a great idea. 

It is also worth mentioning that the host can rent out anything- from small closets to garages and earn accordingly. There is no upper or lower limit here. 

3. Extra services

Whether you are a startup or an established moving and storage company, an app for move and storage will be beneficial for you. You can provide more than one related services that people might need.

For instance, when a person is moving to a new city for work but only for a few weeks or months, he might need movers, packers and someplace to store his extra stuff in the same city. 

In this situation, if your app provides all three services, he would choose your app over any other. It is advisable to provide services that a user might need- from packing, moving to store. 

Summing Up

We hope that now you have a better idea about app like Airbnb for storage. Yet, we understand that you might have some questions and doubts regarding app development. 

We are here to help you with all your doubts. We are a mobile app development company based in Canada known for our user-friendly and fully equipped apps. 

You can contact us to solve all your queries by just filling the form given in the footer. Feel free to ask for your project quote and technical advice from our expert at no charge at all. 

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