How to Create an Audio-Based Social Media App like Clubhouse?

The world is consumed by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now the new sensation is Clubhouse, founded by Paul Davison, and Rohan Seth! It’s been around for a few months only and it is valued at $1 billion already! One of the reasons budding entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities to create an app like clubhouse! It is not just changing the way people interact post-pandemic, but it sets the new market potential for businesses around. Let’s find out how.

What is Social Media App?

Social media application is the platform that allows users to collect, represent, process, use and disseminate information online in a variety of ways and through a variety of media, generating dynamic virtual spaces that share information on the web.

Apps for social media can either be downloaded and saved on your phone or tablet or streamed through your web browser. It includes texting, photo-sharing, and immersive audio content.

What is Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat social media app introduced in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. This audio app for social media lets users build or access digital “rooms” for live audio conversations. Clubhouse enables people to tell stories, talk in real-time, exchange thoughts, and use their voices to communicate.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Developing a Social Media App like Clubhouse?

We know that social media platforms are full of possibilities, but let’s look at the most important reasons why you should not lose the chance to be part of the fastest-growing social and music industry.

Why Businesses Invest in Developing App like Clubhouse

  1. Valuable Customer Insight

    Social apps like clubhouse provide a variety of knowledge about the demographics, desires, and expectations of clients. Their disappointment with a circumstance, or service is often measured and analyzed. Therefore, organizations can gain useful, actionable consumer feedback from social media for customer support, reading analytics, to boost their marketing, product or service creativity, and other main facets.

  2. Increased Web Traffic

    The SEO efforts are mostly assisted by a social networking presence, which attracts more traffic to the website and also increases the ranking. Members in these networks make sure that once they discover anything important in the culture, they hit the source website. Plus, by posting the posts on their social profiles, they lead to link building. This makes investment in social networking service a good option in all ways since the organization is able to catch high traffic and rate with it.

  3. Purchasing Power

    Almost 43 percent of global shoppers research products online through social networks, which is not a small number. Company owners are always looking for daily revenue, with the least effort, and the social site makes it much easier. One of the significant benefits of social application development, which stimulates the global environment, is the conversions that occur with social applications.

  4. Improved Customer Experience

    It is normal to see users on social media trying to locate brands/service providers, for reasons such as finding support, making a buying decision, etc. Plus, it has been estimated that 54% of users now go to social media for customer support. So, enterprises with social application services benefit from increased brand image, more word of mouth references, and loyal customers.

  5. CRM Opportunity

    As mobile applications can capture and evaluate the aggregate consumer activity of mobile apps, the apps are able to gain useful information for business enterprises. As such, corporate companies are able to appreciate and offer better services to their respective customers, enhancing CRM functionalities.

  6. Scalability

    Due to the exponential development of the active user base, you will have heavy traffic loads when creating a social network application from scratch. However, the strong cloud services that the ever-increasing market can accommodate easily. So if you use the latest technologies, your business can scale without any adjustments.

  7. Wide Business Reach

    Since social media sites have a vast presence of consumers, the broadened market reach and the future customer pool for organizations can be expanded. The niche community always puts together a comparable mind and related consumers of choice who serve the brand as committed followers of the brand. Thus, it also helps to build community.


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How to Create a Clubhouse like an Audio-Based Social Media App?

Building an app like Clubhouse is not easy if you don’t have planning. So, we have listed the entire development guide step by step. Take a look.

How to Create an App like Clubhouse

Step 1. Research & Market Analysis

At Space-O, at this phase, we carefully analyze the definition and competitive field, assess demands, draw up a portrait of the target market and create the key performance indicators to be accomplished. When creating a modern social media application, all of this helps you identify a certain niche.

To understand why you are trying to create social software, it is very important to understand your strengths and work together with your team. This will allow you to do a SWOT review to take into account your key strengths and weaknesses and the challenges of your competitors.

Step 2. Select the Platform

You need to select the correct smartphone operating system before developing a voice-based app like Clubhouse. Basically, there are 2 options for you;

Compared to iOS, the Android operating system has a larger user range. On the other hand, iOS provides the consumers with improved functions and software integration. So, choosing the one completely depends on your business requirements and expectations.

Step 3. Design App Workflow

This step itself consists of nano steps like,

  • Sketching: Assess the project’s future rationale, the number of screens, and their interaction inside the social software
  • Wireframing: It includes a framework view of the app and the interaction obtained by the end-user.
  • Prototyping: It is a working model for a prospective app for social networks. For both the client and the developer, it gives a deeper understanding of the product.
  • Design App Skins: Here, we translate wireframes into a template for social applications. We analyze current technologies closely, follow the new developments and develop UI/UX to have the best possible solutions.

Step 4. Develop and Test

While getting an MVP is a smart choice as it adds to the prudent investment of the budget for development and avoids risky capital, in this step, you will build social networks with a backend that consists of the API, server, and base configuration.

As it is a crucial stage, the QA team has to verify the solutions. It is very possible to generate early leads through an MVP while also identifying future metrics of growth. The creation and design of social media applications typically correlate with the life cycle of a smartphone social application. We start the back-end once the code is prototyped by setting up servers, databases, and APIs.

Step 5. Maintain

When we launch the project in the app store, our team will ensure that all types of assistance and updates are accessible to you. Our team gives you assistance and upkeep as we help you navigate the solution to how to build social media applications. Our devoted QA team guarantees that the social network software is kept up-to-date and clear of glitches.


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Unique Features To Develop an App like Clubhouse

Going forward, as you know Clubhouse is getting popular because of its unique feature. So, for the best social platform experience, here are the top functions to look at.

Unique Features to Develop App like Clubhouse

  1. Customizable Profile

    On social sites, people are always ready to make a unique impact. They want to illustrate to the world how innovative they can be. So, a perfect way to draw consumers to your app is to have a user profile customization option. Offer the users full control of their profile, whether it is customizing the profile image, bio, username, or something else.

  2. Content Feed

    Most of the reasons why social network apps such as Clubhouse, Facebook, and Instagram have been able to take off in the past few years is their ability to view ‘real-time’ updates on their news feed to the consumers. Social media platforms are tools for consumers to share their viewpoints, feelings & news, and thereby affect society. So, this is an essential feature for your app project.

  3. Privacy and Security

    Providing consumer data with an increased degree of privacy and protection is important to ensure the success of the social media application. This guarantees that the app can be safely accessed by users and that their personal data is safe. You will gain their trust in this way and establish a strong relationship with them.

  4. Like and Comments

    The whole purpose of making social network software is to empower users to create posts. Only if users engage with the website would the social network app thrive, whether by liking the post or commenting on the posts created by the people inside their network. Hence, this feature for your social platform is a must.

  5. Instant Messaging

    Clubhouse audio chat rooms for voice conversations, WhatsApp for text conversation, and Facebook messaging for video and group conversations have set new benchmarks in the social realm. The ever-growing success of these applications is largely due to people’s increasing passion for instant messaging. The message capabilities can provide easy and attractive solutions for live communication.

  6. Live Streaming

    Ever since its creation, live video streaming has taken the social network world by storm. Using your app, users can stream live content via their network to celebrate an event, and share ideas. They will also be able to create joyful memories and spend meaningful time with their online families. So, integrating such unique features will increase user engagement for your start-up company.

  7. Push Notifications

    Real-time push notifications on content would make the social networks more enticing. This feature alerts individuals if an interaction takes place on their high profile and encourages your clients to open your app once in a while and give them little happiness. Plus, instant news and message alerts via push notifications will make your app more attractive and valuable.

  8. Search

    A search feature in your app needs to be included; after all, it would save time for users to navigate a large array of information. As mobile users type in the search box, the answers are sorted out in a drop-down format and shown easily.

    Integrating the live search results with filtering options into the product architecture is even the best thing you can do to engage the consumers, according to the top application development firm. This would encourage people, without digging through irrelevant details, to quickly locate the material they were searching for.

  9. Geofilters

    Only in some regions are these types of filters available. These kinds of filters are not different from top Snapchat filters but will cater to various locations of the audience. Plus, whether you wish to reach or gain an audience from a different area or maximize the user base, it may be useful. To obtain the necessary location details, you will need to use Cloud Computing Resources from the internet for this purpose.

  10. Stories

    “Stories” is another valuable feature that you can’t miss. Stories are posted by users for their followers. One story is available for the followers to see, react and engage with it for 24 hours. Plus, users will see who viewed their story as well. Viewers can also skip stories by swiping left, and can see every story over and over again.

    In just a few seconds, it encourages them to access or post apt content for many others to see. This is therefore one of the major and interesting attributes that should be included.


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Technology Stack to Build an App like Clubhouse

Using both modern and advanced technology for the best service deliverables, each mobile project is built with a technical advantage. So, here’s what we use at Space-O.

Tech Stack
Programming Languages
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • PHP
  • Node js
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
Cloud Storage
  • Amazon S3
  • Mongo DB
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Visual Website Optimizer
Messaging Platform
  • Twilio
  • Nexmo
  • Sinch
  • RestComm
Payment Gateways
  • Braintree
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Mixpanel
  • Google Analytics
  • Gmail
  • AWS
  • SendGrid
Deployment Platforms
  • Cloud
  • iOS
  • Android

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App like Clubhouse

When talking about the Clubhouse app, we propose taking the same path that they did, first designing and releasing an MVP before the official launch of the application. This way, before developing a feature-rich app, you would be able to assess the expectations of consumers.

As far as the cost of the feature-rich app like Clubhouse matters, it will cost anything from $15,000 to $250,000. In addition to this, the cost of creating an app can vary from business to business and according to the operating system.

For the estimated hours to be taken by developers building social media apps like clubhouse, follow the below table for Android, iOS ad web platforms.

DeliverablesEstimated Man Hours
DevelopmentGraphics Design
I) Native iOS (iPhone) Application19025
II) Native Android (Smartphone) Application19525
III) Web Application18050
IV) Back End & Web Services Development32020

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the Clubhouse app getting huge popularity?

    The networking opportunities, alluring functions, unique concepts, real conversations, high-profile venture capitalists like Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, and celebrities like Kanye West, Mark Schiefelbein, and Mark Cuban on the platform have made the audio chat product, Clubhouse app popular so soon.

  2. How does the Clubhouse app work?

    The app provides a space where Clubhouse users can meet inside the culture of the app to host, listen to and, in some situations, enter discussions. A map of the room, as well as a list showing who is in each room, will be shown when a user opens the app.

  3. What are the unique features of the Clubhouse app?

    • Send Invitation
    • Set Up Profile
    • Create Audio Chat Room
    • Selective Notification
    • Join Chat Rooms and Clubs
    • Raise Your Hand
    • Pull To Refresh
  4. Is the Clubhouse app beneficial for business owners and marketers?

    Yes. Start-ups, business owners, and marketers can create business communities, host virtual events, and collaborate project networks.

  5. What is clubhouse music mode?

    It is nothing but optimization for singing or performing music with a microphone. The clubhouse user can stream music over a call (for example, a ‘study to music’ call, or a DJ set), and the music mode is more designed for music than chatting. So music feels better than calls on the app device.


Social apps like Clubhouse reflect changing expectations for consumers when looking forward to social marketing. People want to see more commitment, value, and transparency, but they don’t necessarily want ads and endless waves of social media content chasing a brand to emerge. So, if you have such valuable mobile app ideas for your business, contact us. We are a leading mobile app development agency in Toronto, providing world-class digital services for years. For queries and proposals, you may book a call with our experts and get an effective mobile solution delivered.

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