How to Make a Shopping App Like Wish : Considerations, Features and Cost
August 12, 2019

How to Make a Shopping App Like Wish : Considerations, Features and Cost

create a shopping app like wish
How to Make a Shopping App Like Wish : Considerations, Features and Cost
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Do you wish to create a shopping app like Wish or Amazon for your eCommerce business? If yes, then this blog is for all those entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to expand their business with the best mobile shopping app. This blog will take you through all necessary aspects of developing a shopping app including important considerations, features, and shopping app development cost.

There is no need to go out of the house to get anything. Everything gets delivered right to your doorstep and that too at the same or lower price. How? Online shopping apps. 

Shopping apps are like a boon for both: shopping lovers (who don’t have much time for it) and those who are not much interested in shopping. They bring an entire mall to a 5-inch screen

Mobile shopping apps are intermediaries between sellers and buyers. These apps display the goods and services sold by various sellers to the customer. The customer can decide if and when he wants to buy the item of his choice.

Many e-commerce apps are available in the market, but shopping apps like Wish, Amazon, eBay have made their mark among them. So, if you are also running any business that you want to take online or plan to develop shopping app like wish, you should look into this blog.

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about some important considerations and features to keep in mind when you create a shopping app and an approximate cost of e-commerce app development.

Let’s begin with considerations. 

3 Considerations Before you Create a Shopping App Like Wish

1. Market research

Before diving into e-commerce mobile app development, you should carry out thorough market research. There are three main parameters that should be taken into consideration. 

First is your business category. Your e-business app depends on what sort of goods or services you provide. You can either sell a wide variety of goods and services or specialize in any one kind. 

Second is your targeted audience. You should research about the shopping pattern of your audience and where can you advertise your app online so the targeted audience takes notice of it.

The third is the competition. You need to be aware of your competitors who sell similar services. You need to find your unique niche in the online marketplace. 

2. App development process

To create a shopping app like wish, you have mainly two options:

(1) Using an app construction software/ ready-made solution

The cost to develop e-commerce app with this option is comparatively less than with an e-commerce app development company. That’s all about the pros of this option. Such apps are quite standard and you can’t integrate unique or advanced features that meet your business requirements. Going with this option to save money can make your business suffer in the long run.

(2) App development company

A mobile app development company, on the other hand, will make a reliable app that will also provide a better return on investment. The features are according to you and you will constantly get technical support (bug fixing, modifying interface, etc.) even after the development process is done. 

3. Partnering with sellers

It is important to partner with genuine sellers and maintains a healthy relationship with them. The merchant app for the sellers should be convenient to use. They should be able to easily register to their merchant or business app. 

Make sure there is only one app to manage and analyze orders. They should be able to display their products in the order and pattern they want to. It is equally important that the terms and conditions of business are fair to them.

So, these are the considerations that you should take care of when you create a shopping app like Wish. Now, let’s move on to some key features that you can’t miss in your shopping app.

4 Key Features of eCommerce Shopping App you Can’t Miss Out On

1. Customized suggestions and search filters

The users must get what they are looking for exactly. For this, the users can use personalized search filters by which they can sort the items. 


Source: Wish App

They can either search by product, brand name, price, ratings & reviews, and offers. This feature has enhanced the user experience of the best shopping apps like Wish, Groupon, Walmart, among others.

2. Wish cart

This feature is quite important in apps like Amazon and Wish. The users can save products of their choice in their wish cart or wishlist. These can be items that are out of stock or if the user wishes to buy them later at some point in time. This way, the user does not need to keep the app reminds the user of his shopping list. In fact, customers can also reorder from their history.

create a shopping app like wish

Source: Wish App

3. Payment integration

Best online shopping apps have a reliable and safe payment gateway integrated within. Users must have payment options like credit/debit cards, e-wallet, Net Banking or cash on delivery. 

There should be an option to save card details in case the user doesn’t want to fill all the details repeatedly for every transaction. This data should be kept extremely secure. It is also important that these transactions are smooth and error-free. 

4. Delivery status 

The customer needs to know the whereabouts of the product that he has ordered. The online business app should have a feature that shows the details about the delivery status.

The timeline of product orders, packaging, shipping, and delivery should be made available to the customer. The customer should also be able to cancel their order until a certain time in this entire process.

5. Push notifications 

It is possible that you have great discount offers, deals, and sales on products, but the customers do not know about it. Push notifications can bridge this communication gap very easily. This feature alerts the users about such offers.

This encourages user interaction and helps to make the online business app more profitable. In addition to this, notifications and real-time alerts also let customers know about their order confirmation, cancellation, estimated delivery time and more such updates. 

These are just the basic features of any shopping app, other features include log-in, product listing, discount coupon or promo codes, and others.

Let us now see how much an app for shopping would cost.

Ecommerce App Development Cost

The cost to create a shopping app like Wish depends on factors like:

  • Features and their complexity
  • Time 
  • App development company
  • Location
  • Budget

There are other factors also, but we can provide an approximate cost to make a shopping app like Wish on the basis of time taken and features to be integrated. Suppose an app development company charges $50 per hour then you can get an estimated cost on the basis of the time taken to develop and integrate features in the app.

You can get an estimated time to develop basic features from this table.

Sr. No.FeaturesEstimated Time (in hours)
2Search Filtration 8
3Product List14
4Payment Gateway Integration10
6Push Notifications15

You may apply this simple formula to calculate approximated mobile commerce app development cost

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

Other features like wish cart and promo codes are customizable and the time to develop depends upon the requirements of the project.

Checking Out

We hope that now you have a clearer idea of how to create a shopping app like Wish. We have covered the important basics of mobile shopping app development. This blog must have helped to understand these.

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding online shopping app development, e-commerce app design, the exact cost of developing eCommerce shopping app like wish, and anything about apps for online shopping. 

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