No One Will Tell You These 4 Unique Features For Your App Like Uber for Kids
December 30, 2019

No One Will Tell You These 4 Unique Features For Your App Like Uber for Kids

app like uber for kids

Are you planning to run a transportation services for kids? Or can we call it app like Uber for Kids? Herein we have curated 4 unique features that you as taxi service provider can consider while developing an app like Uber for kid.

Working parents with active kids, give us a sigh!

Some of the parents are too busy and tired to even sigh. They need to juggle work, household chores, and kids with just 24 hours in their hands. 

We have seen parents going back and forth to drop and pick up their kids for basketball practice or something. This task may take precious time that they can spend doing something productive.

Why would they prefer doing it themselves instead of getting a taxi with a cab booking app? 

Safety concerns and lack of good apps like Uber for kids in the market. 

We understand it, it’s pretty reasonable. Yet, is this how it is supposed to be forever? We don’t agree. In fact, we believe taxi service startups can change this and improve this scenario drastically. We will help with it, we promise.

Before we tell you how to check out some interesting facts about the kids taxi service market segment. 

Kids Taxi Market Facts 

  • The taxi market is growing at a stupendous speed as more and more people prefer booking taxis online over offline mode.  
  • According to Google Trends, the interest of people searching for the phrase – Uber for kids has increased over time. 
  • Here are the top 5 countries searching for the term Uber for kids. It includes the US, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India. 
  • Moreover, a few startups are also raising good fundings. For instance, Zum (Zūm) a ridesharing startup for kids raised $40 million in series C funding in February 2019.

It is not a surprise that there will be similar rideshare for kids app ideas in the market. This doesn’t mean the market is saturated. In fact, this means that the market is active and it is the right time to get into this business. 

In order to compete with the juggernaut called Uber, you need to build an app like Uber for kids but better. We promised to help and we take our word very seriously. So, here are 4 Unique features for your app like Uber for children taxi service.

4 Unique Features for a Successful App like Uber for Kids

#1. Everyday shuttle service

Most taxi booking apps let users book a cab from one to another for one time. We all know kids need to commute from home to their classes quite frequently. 

This can be a huge plus point for your child transportation services. You can build an app like Uber or Lyft for kids that has a feature of subscription-based shuttle rides for kids. 

This way you provide a kids-friendly uber taxi service to the kids and parents. The parents do not have to book a ride every day at the same time for the same destination. 

They just need to fill in the route details like pickup-drop location, timing, and weekly frequency. Now, every day when the kids need to go for their classes, the kids shuttle is waiting for them.

#2. Kids carpooling 

Another common scenario is that kids in the same neighbourhood go to the same school or park every day. Here is a window for another feature for your app like Uber for kids. 

Parents of such kids, instead of having different car apps for kids, can download the same app for ride sharing for kids. Now transportation for kids to school becomes easier and safer as all of them travel together. 

This also saves money for the parents as the charges are divided among the other parents as well. This will attract more users for your app and create a loyal client-base.

#3. Childcare services

For a parent, nothing is more important than a child. They wouldn’t ever want to leave their kid alone but sometimes circumstances lead them to do so.  

Suppose a parent has booked a cab with your app. The driver needs to pick up the children from soccer practice and drop them home. Your driver is on the way to drop them when the parent calls.

The parent has got stuck in some work and won’t be home for 30-mins. The driver cannot leave the kids in Uber or outside an empty house, can he? 

This is why while building apps for kids, you can also provide daycare with transportation. The driver needs to be a professional and must take care of the kids until the guardian arrives.

Adding this feature will definitely boost user experience and make it more popular.

#4. Live updates

Most parents are concerned about the safety of their kids. They have questions like “Can kids ride in Uber alone?” or “Is it safe”.

You cannot deny that this is definitely the priority for any parents while using kids transportation services. The last feature will help with this concern. 

Your app like Uber for kids must have a feature of ‘live updates’. With this feature, the app will share ride status with the parents.

The parents must also receive notifications if there is any change in the vehicle, driver or route. The parent can contact the driver in such cases. In fact, it is advisable that the trip can only begin if the parent accepts such a change by clicking accept on the app. 

Live updates (notifications to parents) like any changes in car or driver or route need permission from parents. Kids under 16 or 18 must have the parents approval

On a Concluding Note

So, these are 4 unique features that you must consider when developing an app like Uber for kids. These features will make it easier for parents to trust and rely on your application whether it is about picking or dropping their kids at school or activity classes. Whether you want a complete taxi booking solution or want to integrate Uber kids features, is up to you.

Being in the transportation business, if you also have any unique Uber for kids app idea or features that you can include, discuss it with us. We are a leading mobile app development company in Canada and have already developed over 50 Uber like apps, including taxi booking app, ride-sharing app, and more. 

Still have any query like how much does it cost it to develop an app like Uber, app development timeline, or how to hire developers for Uber like app development? Just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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