5,411+ Nanny Jobs Found in Canada – Make Your Own App for On-demand Babysitting Service
October 6, 2017

5,411+ Nanny Jobs Found in Canada – Make Your Own App for On-demand Babysitting Service

on-demand babysitting app development
5,411+ Nanny Jobs Found in Canada – Make Your Own App for On-demand Babysitting Service
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Parenting is not as easy as it sounds. It involves a lot of logistics like how to take care of them when one has an important appointment with a doctor, what to do with them when parents want to go to a party with their friends.

In a different country or city, parents, who don’t have relatives, are facing a big problem when it comes to taking care of their child. But now parents can call on for babysitting or childcare givers. Parents can rely on nearby babysitters and childcare givers, who already have experience in their jobs.

Currently, there are more than 5411 nanny jobs in Canada; parents are looking for a right and experienced babysitter for their kids when they are busy in their office or partying with friends. Thousands of babysitter, childcare givers, and nanny jobs are posted directly by families, who are looking for caregivers.

Is On-demand Babysitting App a Right Solution?

Today, parents are looking for instant solutions when they need a nanny at the last minute; they don’t have time to go out and find a nanny or look for a website, where caregivers’ jobs are posted.


In this digital age, where we are booking cabs and ordering food through on-demand applications; parents are also looking for such on-demand babysitting apps so that they can instantly hire a nanny for their kids and get some free time from their busy schedule.

Like Uber, the on-demand babysitting app can be cash-free, last-minute and 24-hour. Parents just need to log a request and rest of the things will be performed by the application.

So, it’s a high time for babysitting and childcare service providers to have their own application so that they can easily connect with parents across Canada and its cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Prince Edward Island to offer a satisfying babysitting service.

Through the app, parents will be notified about the local and nearby babysitters and they can hire one (that meets their requirements) within just minutes.

You can bridge a gap between parents and qualified nannies through an application. Moreover, on-demand babysitting apps like Uber can be a blessing for parents, who are looking for the late-night and evening childcare givers.

So, if you have made your mind to build a platform (mobile application) that connects parents and babysitters, let’s have a look at how to make on-demand babysitting app:

How to Make Convenient On-demand Babysitting App?

To make convenient on-demand babysitting application, you can make use of different technologies and design patterns. However, it is recommended to pay special attention to availability, user-friendly design, and online payment.

User-friendly Design: It is important that you develop a simple yet easy flow that can be understandable for any user. Make sure that your application gives fast navigation through your app, and add the search functionality. You also ensure that your users always know how to use your app.

Online-payment: By allowing your users to pay online, you can ease your users’ lives. For parents, you can help them avoid embarrassing situations when parents don’t know how much to pay a babysitter. In addition to this, you can also earn extra money by charging some fees, so ensure that it is essential to implement a payment system into your app.

Obtainability: These days, it is extremely common that both parents work. However, only some parents have flexible working hours, and at any time, they need to go to the office. So, parents need someone to stay with their children early on weekend mornings so they can get some free time and rest. Ultimately, it is important that your babysitters and childcare givers must be obtainable 24/7, and you need to provide real-time booking.

Conclusion –

If you are running a babysitting agency or offering childcare service, you can develop your own on-demand babysitting application to easily connect with parents. There are various other babysitting apps like Bambino, that being featured by TechCrunch, UrbanSitter, and SitterCity that are delivering real-time on-demand babysitting service.

So far, we have developed a lot of on-demand applications that include enormous features like the search for a job/service, pay directly from the app, get notifications, complete menu bar, etc.

At Space-O, we have explored the key aspects of on-demand technology to deliver outstanding quality solutions that expand our client’s business worldwide. If you have got an on-demand babysitting idea, you can discuss it with us as we will figure out how we can transform your idea into a successful app.

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