Want to Develop Dating App? Consider 4 Lessons From Hily, Canada’s Number 1 Dating App For Singles

Do you want to develop dating app that becomes as popular as Tinder or Bumble? Do you want to add some unique features to your dating app? To make a mark in the dating app industry, you will need to come up with some unique features and a solid strategy. In this blog, we have discussed about Hily, which is Canada’s top dating app. We have analyzed this smart dating app and made a list of 4 lessons that you can learn from it and apply when you develop your dating app.

With a revenue of almost $2,000 million in 2019, Statista shows that the dating apps industry keeps growing at a rate of more than 10% year on year. The number of online dating apps for singles keep increasing and as per the data, most of them do well. However, some of them fail terribly. Since you are considering developing a Tinder like app, it becomes crucial that you understand how you can provide something more useful to your users to turn them into loyal users.

Hily is a famous “smart” dating app that has been trending at number 1 in the dating category in Canada. It caught our attention and anything that catches our attention is bound to be brought under scrutiny. We studied this popular dating app and have analyzed 4 amazing lessons that we think would be useful if you are thinking about unique features for a dating mobile application.

4 Lessons To Learn From Hily, Dating App For Singles, To Develop Dating App That Succeeds

  1. Get rid of fake accounts

    Online dating comes with a bucket load of problems. Fake profiles, data security, hacking, and cyberbullying are pretty common issues that users of online dating apps have been facing since long. These issues can be very detrimental to the mental health of the users and can also put the companies in legal issues.

    In the hopes of finding a solution to this problem, Hily dating app has been working with artificial intelligence to assure the authenticity of the profiles being created on their mobile dating app. This Tinder like dating app requires users to verify their identity by submitting a live photo or a copy of their photo identity or by connecting Facebook with their Hily online dating profile. This helps ensure the users that all the users are real and just like them, with no option to create a fake account for catfishing someone else.

    Another thing about Hily is that it doesn’t allow people to upload an image without a face for their profile photos. So this means that you won’t have to look at any photos of dogs, cats, sunsets, or any other cliche images on this dating app for singles.

    This is a really smart move and it makes people feel more secure and safe while using Hily’s dating app. Since people love this type of feature prefer Hily’s dating app more than other mainstream Tinder like dating apps in the market.

    Lesson: Computer vision, which is a branch of artificial intelligence, can be used to enhance the safety and security of your adult dating app. When you do something to get rid of fake profiles, catfishers, trolls and hackers, it shows that you actually care about your audience. Keep this lesson in mind when you develop dating app.

  2. Conversation starters

    Hily dating app - icebreakers
    Source: Google Play Store

    We are not even kidding when we tell you that the term Tinder first message has over 1500 searches per month on Google. With so much pressure on what to text on Tinder after getting a match, it can become a little stressful. The good news is that Hily dating app’s developers know about this and have taken care of it.

    Hily has the option of icebreakers that users can try when initiating a conversation with someone on their online dating app like Tinder. These ice breakers are usually in the form of questions or funny statements that can help users know each other better and remove the awkwardness from the conversation.

    They also allow users to send audio, video, and GIFs instead of just texts. This helps users communicate with each other in a much more interactive manner, leading to better conversations and connections.

    Lesson: Online dating was introduced just in this century and many people are still using it for the first time. To avoid any kind of awkwardness and keep the conversation flowing smoothly, you can offer your users some new ways to talk to each other. This helps users generate interest in each other and create a better connection.

  3. Feature requests

    The customer is king and expects to be treated like nothing less than royalty, right? The trick to selling anything in the market is to take care of the customers and their demands. They should be the center of your attention and you should ensure that you are providing them their money’s worth.

    When it comes to dating app development, the topic is related to love and dating which makes it a little more sensitive. It requires your attention and the users expect you to understand their feelings and needs from your Tinder like app.

    Hily provides the option of requesting new features to the users. The users are able to make requests for any new features that they think might be useful. The Hily dating app team then reviews these requests and discusses them. This helps them understand what their users are looking for and give it to them with ease. They don’t need to do much market research, don’t have to go out of the way to brainstorm a new feature.

    A good thing about this feature is that users can see the requests made by other users too. They can vote on each others requests and suggestions with the most votes are definitely taken into account by the Hily dating app team.

    Lesson: A major marketing technique is to listen to what your users are saying. This makes them feel important and cared for, and you can provide what they want. Use this when you develop dating app to ensure user loyalty.

  4. Quality matches

    Hily dating app
    Source: Google Play Store

    As you must have gauged from the yearly revenue of the dating apps industry, there are new dating apps popping up in the market every other day. However, most of them are filled with fake profiles and trolls. Even genuine profiles mostly belong to people who are looking for casual dating or hookups. Being someone who is just stepping out into the online dating scene for the first time, it might seem a little daunting to view this culture of hookup apps and casual dating apps.

    But Hily understands that there are many individuals who are actually looking for meaningful relationships and not a one night stand. Instead of the geographical location or the level of attractiveness, Hily works to enhance the quality of matches on their Tinder like dating app. Hence, Hily dating app has a questionnaire for the users when they first sign up in the app. All users have to compulsorily fill this questionnaire and the answers will be visible to other users. These answers are then used to help Hily’s machine learning algorithm to improve and play as a matchmaker with the users.

    This ensures that people with like-minded personalities are seen by users and it helps improve the quality of the matches. This creates the potential for better luck at using this online dating app like Tinder.

    Lesson: Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can help users find their soulmate. There is no point in using ostentatious measures to connect people with each other and waste their time. You can develop dating app that helps people find others with whom they could actually be compatible.

Ready To Change The Dating App Industry Like Hily Dating App?

Being the topmost dating app for singles in Canada, there are some things that Hily’s developers are doing correctly. With an emphasis on the importance of data security and better user experience, we think that many popular and best dating apps stand to gain a lot from Hily. We hope you liked our study and got the purpose behind each lesson that was explained in this blog.

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