Stick to These 3 Core Features of Maple, Canada-based Doctor On-demand App, While Doctor On-Demand App Development

This blog is for the healthcare startups in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Russia and other countries of the world. Herein we have curated 3 core features of Maple, Canada-based doctor on-demand app that healthcare startups can consider during doctor on-demand app development.

Have you ever wondered why an on-demand word is gaining so much popularity?

Of course?

But you might don’t know the reason behind it. Right?

Well, the word (on-demand) is getting much attention because we all love to fulfill our demands for services or products instantly. We all love it when we order something and get it delivered to our doorstep. Don’t we?

But how will you feel when you get instant access to doctor services from the comfort of your home?

Wonderful right?

Now, most of the people prefer to get doctor on-demand without leaving the comfort of their home. Thanks to doctor on-demand apps that have revolutionized the way people are getting healthcare services.

Talking about the top on-demand doctor apps for Android and iOS, Maple is one of the best on-demand doctor apps in Canada. This doctor on-demand app has made it easy for Canadian people to get instant healthcare services. Through this doctor app, the residents of Canada can get 24/7 access to Canadian licensed doctors for different health issues.

Before moving ahead and discuss top features of doctor on-demand app, let’s have a quick look at the facts of Maple app.

Maple: Top Doctor On-demand App in Canada

  • This Canadian doctor on-demand app, Maple, has skipped the waiting room and instantly connect Canadian doctors with patients, who are looking for medical care from their phone or tablet.
  • The app has licensed doctors, who can treat different conditions without users ever having to leave home.
  • The app instantly connects you with a doctor through live chat or video call on the secure platform.
  • Across Canada, complete medical consultation, including diagnosis and prescription are available for residents of or visitors to all Canadian provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island and another province of Canada.

Now, let’s check out the top features of Maple, doctor on-demand app, that healthcare startups and entrepreneurs can consider during doctor on-demand app development.

Create an On-demand Doctor App Like Maple

Get a custom-made on-demand doctor app that is safe and secure to use, and affordable. Let’s talk.

3 Essential Features of Doctor App Healthcare Startups Need to Consider During Doctor On-Demand App Development

  1. Allow Patients to Connect With Doctors in One Tap

    The main feature to include in your on-demand doctor app is – allow patients to connect with doctors in one single tap. Whether patients are looking to get assistance for major health issues or any normal issue, they can connect with any of the doctors instantly.

    They can tap on the screen and connect with doctors to discuss their health issues. As per their need, patients can connect with doctors through live chat or video call and get assistance from the top doctor in Canada.

    Being a healthcare startup and entrepreneur, if you are planning to develop doctor appointment app or doctor finder app, don’t forget to include this feature.

  2. Big Network of Licensed and Professional Doctors 24/7

    A big network of licensed and professional doctors that are available 24/7 is a must have featured in your doctor on-demand application. A big network of doctors allows patients to choose from the best and professional doctors by category.


    The patient can have a look at different doctors and physicians by category and choose one that matches their needs. The app connects users to a doctor in just minutes, anytime 24/7, so they can start feeling better, faster.

    So, if you as a healthcare startup have planned to develop mobile app like Uber for doctors, make sure that you allow patients to choose from the best available doctors.

  3. Maintain Health History at One Place

    Most of the apps for doctor appointments allow patients to maintain their health record at one single place. In doctor on-demand app, you can allow patients to maintain health history of their previous consults so that they can look at the health report and share with the doctors.

    In fact, patients can add past medical conditions, situations and surgeries, medications and more so that whenever they communicate with the doctor, they can share the history. They can add different health conditions by category and include health issue with a prescription.

    In short, allowing patients to maintain their health history and records at one single platform can save a lot of time of patients and doctors too. So, health history feature is a must to consider in doctor booking app.

Let’s Create an On-demand Doctor App for Your Healthcare Startup

As you have checked 3 essential features of the best online doctor app, so if you have ever thought to develop online doctor app for your healthcare startup, it’s right to enter the market. We can say this by looking at this market stats:

  • According to, the global online doctor consultation market, by video chat is expected to grow at CAGR 7.6 % during the forecast period 2019–2026.
  • Moreover, the virtual healthcare market is expected to reach revenues over $3.5 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 49.8 percent during the forecast period.

Now, you might be more confident about your idea of doctor on-demand app development. If it is so, you can cross verify it with us as we are a leading app development agency and have already developed over 50 healthcare mobile apps.
In any case, if you still have doubt or confusion regarding the cost of doctor on-demand app development, how to hire mobile app developer for mobile doctor app development, how to make money with an app idea on the online doctor, get in touch with us through our given form. We will get back to you in a short span of time and answer all your queries.

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