Uber for Walking Dogs: 3 Considerations From the Rover App You Can’t Miss During Dog Walking App Development
October 28, 2019

Uber for Walking Dogs: 3 Considerations From the Rover App You Can’t Miss During Dog Walking App Development

dog walking app development

If you are running a pet care service or pet focussed startup? Or you might have an idea for dog walking app development. However, idea is not enough, you need to implement your plans and need to be aware of all the important things that play a role during app development. 

In this blog, you will read about 3 prime aspects that you need to consider before you develop an uber for dog or pet walking. 

Dog lovers in the house, give us a cheer!

A lot of people love dogs and a fair share owns them too. The problem with today’s lifestyle is that even though they own the dogs, they can’t take out time to take their dogs for a walk. 

Sometimes, when the owner is out of town or working late or attending an event, it becomes difficult to take care of their beloved pets. Pet walking apps have made their lives much easier.

One of the best dog walking apps- Rover is a house-sold name in Canada. Known for its exceptional services, it is the perfect example to follow for dog walking app development.

Let’s take a look at the growth of the Rover app

Rover-  Best App for Dog Walkers

  • Rover was founded in 2011 by Greg Gottesman and Philip Kimmey
  • In May 2018, it received massive funding of $155 million in series C financing round.
  • According to The Wall Street Journal, Rover was valued at around $970 million in 2018.
  • It acquired Dogvacay in 2017 and DogBuddy in 2019.
  • Another round of funding in March 2019 amounted to $7 million. 

It is now time to move on to the important aspects that you must keep in mind in order to develop the best app for dog walking business.

3 Aspects from Rover App to Consider During Dog Walking App Development

#1. Solving the real issues

The people who need an Uber for dog walking app are the ones who are too busy to do it themselves. It is therefore essential to understand the problems of these people.

Suppose the user needs a walker at very short notice, then the on-demand dog walking app must have the feature that allows such a booking. This will become easy if the app has a feature that can detect the user’s location.

dog walking app development

Source: Rover App

The app will detect the location and suggest the users about the nearest dog walkers. The users can choose whichever walker they prefer according to their timing, distance and experience.

Your on-demand dog walker app should also be considerate about the dog walkers. Rover dog walker app lets the dog walkers connect to the dog owners in their neighbourhood. This way they can easily make professional connections with their potential customers.

Make sure your app for dog walkers focuses on the needs of both- the customers and walkers.

#2. Safety of the dogs

Owners would use the Uber app for dog walking when they are busy, but this doesnt mean they are not concerned about the safety of their dogs.

The owners must receive a walker’s bio and photograph before they choose him or her for their dog. These walkers must be professional, with a clean background and have some experience in pet sitting and walking.

Further, users should be able to track their dog’s live walk. For this, it is necessary that you integrate the feature of a live GPS tracking system in your Uber for dog walkers app. 

One of the features that made Rover popular is its ‘photo update’ feature. The dog walkers can stay connected with the owner with messages and photos after finishing the walk. This will give them a sense of security and they will be able to take care of their dogs even when away.

dog walking app development

Source: Rover App

When you plan for dog walking app development, make sure you do not compromise with the security of the dogs and keep customers in the loop with the help of advanced features.

#3. Convenience for the dog owners

The one thing that you should be immensely careful about is integrating features and services that would provide convenience to dog owners.

Providing different pet care services will take your Uber dog walking app a long way. The Rover app for sitters provides a range of services like pet boarding, house sitting, daycare, drop-in visits and walking. You can also include vet appointments as a unique feature.

You can include features like scheduling a service, in-app chat for staying connected with the walkers, online and phone support. The digital in-app payment feature will make transactions fast and secure.

dog walking app development

Source: Rover App

Whether you’re a startup or an established pet care service, you must consider these aspects before diving into dog walking app development.

Wrapping Up!

Pet focussed companies have been receiving a lot of attention and funds from investment agencies. You can see this image which shows the pet focussed tech startups with the most venture capital funding in 2018.

dog walking app development

Source: Crunchbase News

We hope that after reading these important considerations you have a clearer idea about your dog walking app. If you still have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact us. We have built Uber for X apps in various categories.

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