5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Boost Your eCommerce Business & Double Your Revenue

Are you running an eCommerce business that you want to expand and double the revenue? Then you have landed on the right page, so bookmark it first. Herein we have mentioned 5 different ways how mobile apps can boost your eCommerce business and increase the revenue of your business. So, let’s have a look at what are those ways.

Expanding your business and going 360-degree with your eCommerce store is what most businesses are looking at. If you have an online store, it is time to take it across various avenues such as social media, offline, and even use traditional store techniques to connect with your customers and increase your traffic.

eCommerce mobile apps provide a huge gateway of customers to eCommerce businesses. You will see that an app can actually rope in more customers than you had planned initially. Looking at these numbers, you can know the importance of mobile apps. 

  • 82% of the Internet users in the U.S. alone have shopped using a mobile device
  • The conversion rates for mobile apps are 3x times as compared to mobile sites

These statistics go on to prove how beneficial the eCommerce apps can be for your eCommerce business; however, we will discuss in detail how you can boost your business with mobile apps here.

5 Ways How eCommerce App Can Double Revenue of Your eCommerce Business

  1. Boosts customer loyalty

    Retaining customers is much better and cost-effective as compared to acquiring new customers. In fact, with customer retention, you can also increase the profitability of the company, as with the same cost, you get double the conversions. 

    A good mobile app solution can help increase customer retention and loyalty for your business. The customers who have downloaded your business mobile retail app, have a greater inclination towards purchasing products from your site, as against those who have not downloaded the app. Again, mobile site visitors are chance buyers while the ones who have downloaded your app will definitely buy from it. If they keep seeing the icon on their phone, they have the greater intention of completing the purchase. Your business will stay top of their mind, and they will invest in your products. A mobile app user is twice as likely to come back as against the website or mobile site user.

    So, how can you win over customer loyalty through your mobile app?

    • The key to getting good conversions is personalizing the app and its products for your customers. You need to understand their purchase behaviour and prioritize the products for them. recommendations that are tailored to the customer’s behaviour will also help you retain the customers
    • Whenever there is a new product on-board or, a sale that you want to announce, use the push notifications to get the customer in the know-how
    • The third best way to retain the customer and manage their loyalty is through loyalty points. Ask them to keep coming back to win the points. Make it a point to reward them once they have collected certain points.
  2. Go for targeted marketing

    Use the mobile app, and you can get people to visit the store, and make them aim for a certain product. How? Augmented Reality trend helps with geolocation targeting, which results in a quick visit to the store, and eventually completes with a purchase.

    For instance, your user is somewhere near your store’s location. The iBeacon or other tools will capture this information and offer an immediate discount or other ways of luring the customer into the nearby store.

    The stores will use their understanding of the customer’s past purchases, made available via the data from the mobile app, to connect with the customer, and provide them with the right information or products. This will help increase the sales, and will also engage the customer the right way. 

    In fact, the targeted marketing will also help increase the customer’s experience with your brand, thus improving your image, and giving you better conversions.

  3. Easy payments win customers pockets

    A good eCommerce app will enable customers to go cashless. Yes, you can introduce a wide range of payment methods to the mobile app for your business and allows users to quickly check out the products added to their cart. 

    Imagine, you simply need to add products, bill them, and pay them using a saved card or the wallet. Doesn’t that make you feel empowered? That’s how mobile apps work right now, and if the user is billed immediately, they will want to complete the transaction, thus giving you more profits.

    Apart from easy payments, mobile apps also offer one-click checkouts to users. If the process is smooth and user-friendly, you might add more customers to your loyal customer list. This will, in turn, give you better retention capabilities.

    Apart from retention, the order value for the customer also increases. Not only have they received information on the ongoing discount, but also have easy ways to make the payments. This will increase your chances of gaining more profits with the conversions. 

  4. Immediate availability of customer support

    With a mobile app, the customers can reach out to you and connect with you immediately. The customers gain an understanding that the brand wants to commit to their customers and are responsible for all actions. The chat support and the call functions you get with the mobile app is extremely intuitive and immediate.

    Apart from call and chat supports, there is also the feedback option, which allows you to communicate what you feel about the brand with a sense of urgency. The UI and UX for customer support are quite an intensive one, which helps you connect and communicate better.

    If you want to do good business and connect with the customers at the basic level, mobile apps are the best way. 

  5. Reduces cart abandonment rate

    A good mobile app will always help persuade customers to complete the purchase. In fact, they intend to make the customer complete the purchase, by guiding them through the process. The reason for the reduction in abandonment rates with mobile apps can be attributed to the fact that mobile apps are simpler to use, and the checkouts are intuitive in nature. There are no major distractions available on a mobile app, thus making the checkout easy and hassle-free.

    Apart from this, the mobile apps also provide relevant information about the business right at the start, thus making it easier for the users to look into the information, become aware of the products, and know what they are getting into, before completing the purchase. 

    As mentioned earlier, quicker payments and one-click checkouts are also responsible for the reduced abandonment rates of the mobile eCommerce business. 

Future is Mobile Commerce

Currently, with the trends shaping the future of mobile apps, you can safely say that the future of eCommerce businesses is mobile commerce apps. They are redefining the way shopping is being construed, and the way people commit to these experiences. 

In the past, mobile apps were solely used for gaming and social media purposes; however, with mobile apps for eCommerce business taking the shopping experiences to another level, it seems like they will make customers want to complete their purchases.

Social integrations and smoother UXs are definitely paving ways for better experiences, thus channelizing your efforts into quick purchases and better retention. Moreover, referrals are becoming the new way of connecting with new customers and acquiring them. It is basically word of mouth that enhances the experience of the existing and new customers. So, if you have any idea on eCommerce app development, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading web and mobile app development company in Canada and developed apps for iOS and Android platforms. In fact, our eCommerce app developers have experience of developing over 50 eCommerce apps for varied businesses. 

Have any query or confusion on eCommerce app development cost, how to hire app developers for eCommerce app, or how to use Augmented Reality in eCommerce apps, just fill our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will back to you shortly to answer your queries.

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