7 Effective Features (Recommended by Our Education App Consultant) to Make a Successful E-learning App

“Why invest in education app development?”
If you are an owner of an Ed-tech startup or an educational institute, this question must have crossed your mind. The intent of this blog is to answer this question and also tell you about the basic features of an educational app. Bonus: We had a chat with our education app consultant. He recommended 3 reliable features to give your app a sure shot at success. 

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin.

Education has now transcended four walls of the classroom. In fact, it is also available on the device you’re reading this blog on.

Digital education has brought a paradigm shift in the traditional and conventional methods of teaching and it is for the best. 

E-learning or educational apps have become extremely popular. For instance, the homework helper app Socratic was recently acquired by Google to improve its search results related to educational questions. 

The reason for this popularity is that most students nowadays carry a smartphone. This makes mobile education app development a profitable deal for entrepreneurs and a necessity for educators. 

Let’s see a few statistics that will prove this even further and increase your appetite for these apps.

Some Important Facts and Figures About E-learning Market

  • According to Statista, the size of the e-learning market worldwide in 2014 was the US $165.36 million. This is projected to exceed $243 million in 2023. 
    education app development

Source: Statista

Source: Statista

  • Education apps were the third-most-popular category, with a share of 8.52%.
  • In 2020, worldwide m-education (mobile education) spending is projected to reach $37.8 billion, up from $28 billion in 2019. 

education app development

Source: Statista

Being an educator or ed-tech startup, you must want to know which features are vital for your app. An advanced feature set makes up the essence of an app. So let’s talk about some basic features of mobile learning apps.

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Basic Features for Mobile Education App Development

  1. Subject Categories

    An app for education should be diverse. Just like school, it becomes easier for the students if all subjects are taught under one umbrella of a mobile app.

    All subjects should be categorized and classified. The users should be able to easily scroll for the subject they want to study. Apps for education should not feel like a burden.

    education app development

    Source: Brainly App

  2. Search Filters

    A rich and informative educational app for students has a lot of details. It is necessary that students are able to browse for the content they are looking for. 

    Search filters can do this job effortlessly. Apps like Brainly have a powerful search filtration feature. Students can look for the topic of their choice and get their job done as quickly as possible.

  3. Mock and Practice Tests

    Regular tests help to measure the extent of the effectiveness of the education app. Students become aware of their weaknesses and strengths before facing an actual test.

    Language learning apps need to have mock and practice tests frequently so the students understand the practicability of their learnings. This is why this feature is important during your education app development.

  4. In-app Chat with Fellow Students

    School homework apps or homework helping apps must have a feature of in-app chat. This feature enables students to talk to their fellow classmates or friends. 

    This way they can easily discuss their doubts and difficulties with each other. Students can understand the problems they face and learn how to tackle them from others as they get a student’s perspective.

    These were some of the basic features that you can’t miss in your educational app for kids as well as all students. Let’s take a look at some of the features recommended by our education app consultant to make your app among the best learning apps. 

Recommended Features for Mobile Education App Development

  1. Mentor Interaction

    Any educational app for teachers and students is incomplete without this feature nowadays. Students should be able to watch live streaming of tutorials and other educational videos on the app. 

    Such live interactions make the learning process more interesting and fun. Students might as well ask the relevant questions that arise during such interactions. This feature is the most helpful to the students.

  2. AI and AR in Education Apps

    Apps like Quiver, Elements 4D, Arloon plants let the students go beyond textbooks and experience pictures as if they’re real. Apps like these enable the users to learn geography, watch chemical reactions, plant growth with the help of Augmented Reality.

    education app development

    Source: Arloon Plants

    TechCrunch reported that Google recently acquired an AI-powered app, the Socratic app. This app utilizes an algorithm to analyze students’ questions and break down the concept into smaller understandable fragments.

    This unique feature can do wonders for education app, so you must use these advanced technologies in your apps whether they’re the best educational apps for toddler or science enthusiasts.

  3. Instant Answers

    Most students engage with a mobile learning platform like a tuition app or education learning app to ask questions. Getting instant answers saves a lot of time for the students.

    Educational apps for highschool and college students have this feature of instant answers. Brainly and Socratic apps let users ask questions in both image and text format. A researched and useful answer along with important points are displayed on asking a question. 

education app development

Source: Brainly App

Do consider these expert-recommended features to make the best educational apps.

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