3 Ways How Mobile Apps Can Grow Your Audiology Clinic

Do you own an audiology clinic or planning to develop an audiogram app? Are you still not sure how would a mobile app boost your audiology clinic? If the answer to any of these questions is even partially yes, then give this blog a read. We will tell you about:

The growing need for technology in audiology

Audiology: Past Trends and Statistics

3 Ways How Audiogram apps and clinic apps are boosting audiology clinic 

It is always dreadful to go to the clinic. Hearing or audiology clinics even more so.

Hearing loss is not something many people accept easily because of unreasonable social stigmas around it. Further, even the hearing test process doesn’t sound fun. 

So, what does the doctor at the clinic do? Well, the first thing they recommend is audiometry, based on which they aim to understand the level of hearing loss a person is currently experiencing.

Most of the audiologists suggest hearing aids to their patients, which is not something that is taken positively by the patients.

All these problems point towards one thing- making the entire process easier, faster and more accurate. Mobile apps like audiogram apps, hearing test apps, hearing aid apps and doctor’s clinic app make a positive step in the needed direction.

This is why we decided to dedicate a blog on this topic for all those who want to solve this problem. Before moving on, take a look at some statistics that would tell you how large this problem is. 

The Growing Need for Technology

  • Hearing loss affects 10 percent of all Canadians, but only one in six of the hearing impaired wear hearing aids.
  • According to CHS Awareness Survey, nearly 1 out of every 4 adult Canadians reports having some hearing loss, although closer to 10% of people actually identify themselves as culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing.
  • Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services reported that approximately 4 in 1,000 Canadian babies are born with some degree of hearing loss or will develop early progressive childhood hearing loss.

Audiology: Past Trends and Statistics

To understand the current situation of audiology clinics and how audiologists work and why it is important, we take a look at the past trends and statistics supporting the claim.

  • The hearing aid clinic industry has grown by 3.4% and has begun generating a revenue of $2Bn in 2018.
  • The adults in the age group 65 and above form the largest market for the hearing aid clinics. 
  • The annual growth observed in the market is about 3.4% while the total number of businesses total to 4,368
  • The products that the audiology markets consist of include analogue hearing aids, digital hearing aids, as well as batteries and accessories

Considering these statistics, one can say that there is a huge demand for audiology and hearing aids ( which also include an app for hearing aids or an app for hearing impaired).

Technology might not only boost the industry but also ensure that people with hearing loss take the trouble to rectify the issues.

Let us now see how mobile apps like audiogram apps or app for hearing tests, hearing apps, and clinic apps boost an audiology clinic.

3 Ways How Mobile Apps (Like Clinic Audiogram Apps) are Growing Audiology Clinics

#1. Testing made convenient

 The first kind of mobile app that you can deliver for the audiology clinic is one that ensures quick and easy testing methods to get an accurate idea of: (i) how the hearing is (ii) what percentage of hearing loss has been indicated. The audiogram test app will integrate the tests that are required, such as audiometry and audiographs to understand the hearing loss. The algorithm will make it appear similar to how the testing is conducted offline, just that you have the audiogram app to cater to your needs. The results will be recorded by the audiology test app, and it will be sent to the audiology clinic, thus helping them come to a conclusion about the health of your ear.

#2. Easy communication

Imagine the waiting line that you see at the audiologist before you can communicate with them about your hearing health. How would you feel if you could avoid the line, and just get to communicate with the doctor, and reveal your issues to them? That would work just fine for you, won’t it? With an audiology app, you can ask the doctor to consult you on the issues you are facing. In fact, the audiogram app will also allow you to ensure that you get a doctor’s prescription to conduct the test and get quick feedback on what you are going through. The doctor will also let you know if you need a hearing aid or, you can make do with simple medicines. The two-way communication offers you more leverage into understanding your health than waiting in line and getting a doctor to see you. 

#3. Quicker treatments

When the audiologist suggests a treatment, it can reach you faster and in a better way as compared to offline treatment. In some cases, you don’t need to invest in a hearing aid that is expensive, as the audiology clinic will offer you some inexpensive but high-quality hearing aids that can help you out. Depending on the need, you can even get the hearing aids without prescription as a result of your interaction with the audiologist. If you need prescriptions for medicines, then the audiologist will send it to the store nearest to you and get the medicines delivered. The audiology clinic can keep expanding the solution, and improve the treatment offered to the end-user.

Summing up

If you have plans of developing an audiology clinic mobile app, then you need to create a mobile app that can help the users connect and consult an audiologist without any hassle.the best audiogram app resolves any hearing issues with practical solutions.

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