Hotel Booking App Development: Check out These 4 Features Before Developing Apps like Hopper and Expedia
June 7, 2019

Hotel Booking App Development: Check out These 4 Features Before Developing Apps like Hopper and Expedia

Hotel Booking App Development
Hotel Booking App Development: Check out These 4 Features Before Developing Apps like Hopper and Expedia
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Are you planning to develop a hotel booking app? If you are confused about your hotel booking app development, this blog is for you. Whether you are just a hotel startup or veteran of the hotel business, this blog has 4 key features to unlock the true power of IT in your hotel business.

If you are in the travel or hotel business, you must have experienced the changing trends in how travellers make hotel reservations. Unless your customers prefer the old school way, they now mostly make online hotel reservations.

Furthermore, people prefer hotel booking sites and hotel booking apps or hotel search apps. Most hotel apps have regular features like search filters like price, rating recommendation, images of the hotel property, special. Yet, as you will see below,  to develop the best hotel reservation app, it needs much more.

In order to boost your hotel booking business, you must know a few of the best hotel booking apps in the market and what their features are.

Before jumping to the much-needed features, let’s discuss 2 popular apps that claim to be the best hotel booking apps.

Hopper: Top Flight and Hotel Booking App

  • This hotel booking app was launched in 2007 by Frederic Lalonde, Joost Ouwerkerk, Sebastien Rainville in Montreal, Canada
  • Currently, the app has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store alone.
  • The feature colour-coded calendar helps to choose cheaper travel dates, and a price tracker can notify about the right time to buy.

Expedia: Best App to Book Hotels, Flights, and Cars

  • The Expedia website was launched in 1996 as a division of Microsoft in Bellevue, Washington, USA.
  • The Expedia app was launched in 2011.
  • Even this app has over 10 million downloads on Play Store.
  • The unique point is that trip planning details are saved and shared across platforms. Trips searched on a tablet will appear on mobile or desktop if signed in with the same account.

4 Features To Look For While Developing Apps Like Hopper and Expedia

1. Provide Users With Right Price Prediction

Initially, as just a flight booking app, Hopper claimed to have 96% accuracy in its price prediction. Now, its AI prophecy extends to hotel booking as well. Users just need to select the dates of their travel and Hopper will project estimated cost for the flights and hotels.

It doesn’t stop here, it also shows which days are expensive, standard, and cheap for booking. So, if you have decided to make a hotel booking app like Hopper, then with this feature, your hotel booking app development idea can’t go wrong. Just make sure that your data is correct and useful.

2. Allow Users to Book Hotels, Flights, and Rent cars at One Place

Both Hopper and Expedia are multipurpose apps that book hotels and flights with just a few taps. Expedia took it a notch up. How? Well, if the app like Expedia wants to compete, even they need to add a feature that books rental cars. Flight booking app, hotel booking app and car rental app, all in one. Making it one of the best travel apps for Android and iOS.

Being a hotel booking start-up, you might wanna focus on building a hotel deals app for one platform at first. Gradually, you could move to different suits and allow your app users to book hotels, flights, and rental cars in one place.

3. Make Planning a Trip Easier

Price isn’t the only thing that someone looks for while booking a hotel. While developing apps like Hopper, one needs to catch up on features that help to plan a trip in a smarter way.

Hotel profile and the surrounding neighbourhood information is provided on both Hopper and Expedia. A calendar that shows prices for flights and hotels on various days is a must need. This feature will build a loyal customer base for you and keep bringing back the travel lovers to you.

So, whether you already have a hotel booking app idea in mind or not, this feature is must to include for your users.

4. Combined Search

Hotels apps are made to ease tasks for travellers or businessmen, who travel often for business deals. This feature is like icing on the cake. There must a single search box for typing a city name, landmark, or airport code.

Initially, there is no need for even specifications like dates or airlines. The hotel booking app like Expedia displays hotel and flight results simultaneously, at one glance. This will also eliminate hefty search interfaces and make things easier for your customers.

So, don’t overlook this feature when designing and developing a hotel booking app for your hotel booking startup or business.


If you are still in doubt about why should you invest in hotel booking app development, these statistics will change your mind

In 2016, the global revenue for the online hotel and travel booking segment was US$178.8 billion and it is expected to increase to $288 billion in 2021, according to

You have seen now what made these hotel apps to reach the top of their business. If you have any idea about hotel booking app development, last minute hotel booking app development, or flight booking app development or even a hotel booking website, cross-verify your idea with us.

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