How to Make an App Like Uber? Cost Estimation for Uber Like App Development

Uber. The most in-demand in on-demand!

3.9 million drivers worldwide and 4x as many cars as Enterprise Holdings, no wonder Uber is the biggest on-demand firm in the world. Whenever Uber launches convenient deliveries for diverse services with full-fledged feature support, it ensures better prospects for the business. Not only does it improve a reliable business model like a taxi service, but it upscales like nothing else.

Do you want to be the next Uber? Have such on-demand startup ideas? This blog reveals how to make an app like Uber and everything else you need to know for uber like app development. Keep reading.

What is Uber?

Started in 2009, Uber is an application for delivery services, best known for its ride-hailing taxi service. It is an online platform where passengers, eaters, and restaurants can connect with those who travel and deliver.

Its services mainly include ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation. Since then, in the sharing economy, the brand has become synonymous with disruptive technology popularized as uberization.

How Does the Uber App Work?

While thinking of how to make an app like uber, the first thing that comes to mind is how it works. The Uber business model consists of a few easy steps that keep the processing streamlined and efficient, which are as follows.
How Does Uber App Work

Step 1. Create an Account

Firstly, users go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app and create an account by entering the profile information. The contact details and information may include name, email address, and phone number.

Step 2. Request a Service

The user creates the service request or ride request by mentioning the pickup and drop location for the service specifics (taxi-hailing, for example). Once they find ride options under a ‘book a ride’, they review the fare for the trip and pick from different car types as well.

Step 3. Confirm the Service

The application asks for confirmation before finalizing the order trip request for a particular service. This includes the service order data verification and address location.

Step 4. Track

The Uber app provides live tracking to monitor service providers from the mobile application itself in real-time. Customers monitor the real-time status of their order for service, delivery place, taxi driver, and know the approximate time of arrival.

Step 5. Make Payment

Once the service is delivered, users pay the service amount to the car driver or delivery man (only if the cash on delivery option is chosen, in case available). Otherwise, users have to connect digital payment forms including credit card or debit card details, to the Uber app beforehand.

Some approved forms of the payment system include PayPal, credit card, debit card, Android Pay, and Apple Pay.

Step 6. Rate Service

Finally, service providers are rated on different bases by the customer after service is being delivered. It is a central element of the business logic of the Uber app. This suggests that prospective users are able to choose service providers accordingly.


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Uber for X: Uber-like Solution for All Industries

Moving forward, here are some of the top industries doing business like Uber, see which ones you might invest in while you winder how to make an app like uber.

Uber like Solution for Transportation & Logistics

SolutionDescriptionTop Apps
Taxi Booking AppThe taxi service app connects taxi drivers and riders in real-time whether it is for children, disabled persons, or women.
  • Uber
  • Meru cabs
  • Carzonrent
Uber for TruckingThis helps to get access to trucks and drivers who help you to move your stuff.
  • Doft
  • Lyft
Uber for Tow TruckUsers can request tow trucks in the clone app if their vehicle stops unexpectedly in the middle of the road.
  • Honk
Uber for Private JetsSuch apps provide the opportunity to book exclusive, luxurious private jets with just one tap.
  • JetSetGo
  • Uber Jets
Uber for Cargo VansIt lets you transfer big items like furniture, mattresses, and even large pets by booking cargo vans in a click.
  • GoShare
Uber for AirportsFor ride scheduling online, users can use drop-off on-demand services with the airport cab app.
  • Meru Cabs

Uber like Solution for Food & Beverage

SolutionDescriptionTop Apps
Uber for DeliveryThis solution for online food ordering and delivery connects diners with nearby restaurants.
  • Grubhub
  • Foodpanda
Uber for Pizza DeliveryEnables customers to order pizza and get full visibility into the business workflow with one click for admin.
  • Ubereats
  • Swiggy
  • Zomato
Uber for Alcohol DeliveryAllows individuals from the comfort of their home to request their desired booze and deliver it anywhere, anytime.
  • BottleRover
  • Drizly
Uber for GroceryDelivers food and groceries from the local shops or stores to your homes.
  • Farmstead
  • Instacart
Uber for Home CookingDelivers food packages to customers every week containing all the ingredients for the meals and recipes.
  • Blue Apron

Uber like Solution for Healthcare and Medical

SolutionDescriptionTop Apps
On-Demand Doctors AppIt helps patients with video calls or texts to get in contact with doctors, making it easy for frequent users to share and address health conditions.
  • Doctor On Demand
  • ZocDoc
  • HealthTap
Weed or Marijuana Delivery AppAllows prescribed patients to order online and get weed shipped to their doorsteps.
  • Eaze
  • WeedMaps
  • Budly
Uber for PharmacyCustomers can browse and order the prescribed medication from the native app and make payments using online payment options.
  • NowRx
  • Pillpack
On-Demand AmbulanceHelps consumers to book an ambulance in emergency situations.
  • Meddco Ambulance Assistance

Uber like Solution for Beauty & Wellness

SolutionDescriptionTop Apps
On-Demand BeautyAllows users to book specialist hairdressers and make-up artists for professional beauty and make-up services.
  • Glamsquad
  • LeSalon
  • Urban
On-Demand Massage AppWith this on-demand Uber for X massage application, users can book a massage for themselves at the home, office, or hotel room at any time.
  • Soothe
  • Zeel
Uber for FitnessEnables fitness enthusiasts to directly book fitness sessions with a personal fitness coach through the app.
  • Fitness On Demand
  • Strava
Uber for HaircutAllows frequent users to book in-office haircuts, in-home haircuts, beard trims, and blowouts within 30 minutes and have service professionals.
  • Shortcut
  • BOD- Barbers on Demand

Uber like Solution for Travel & Tourism

SolutionDescriptionTop Apps
On-Demand Travel AgentUber’s app for travel agents offers travelers comfort with the experience by travel agents organizing their tour.
  • Worldgo
Uber for Tour GuidesEnables tourists to use a travel guide as per their bookings.
  • Tourist New App

Uber like Solution for Local Business

SolutionDescriptionTop Apps
On-Demand Home Cleaning/HandymanIt connects users looking for home cleaning services and maids to professional service providers.
  • Urban Clap
  • Helpr
  • TaskRabbit
Uber for Home PaintingWith such apps, users can browse and book a nearby home painting service provider with few clicks.
  • Painters on Demand
Uber for LocksmithsAllows people to book locksmiths for accidentally locked cars, cupboards, and pet cages.
  • Top Locksmith
  • Master Locksmith
Uber for Lawn MowingCustomers can book an on-demand lawn mowing service and get an expert lawn mower anywhere they need it at their home or workplace.
  • Mowdo
  • Lawncare
Uber for Snow RemovalEnables consumers with only a single click to book or arrange on-demand snow plowing services.
  • MowSnowPros
  • Shovler
Uber for Dry CleaningThe app connects clients to local dry cleaners that will pick the clothes for dry cleaning.
  • Pick My Laundry
  • Laundrapp
Uber for PlumbersSuch applications help users to locate plumbers for plumbing services online and schedule them at their convenience.
  • Plumber On Demand

How to Make an App Like Uber? (Step-by-Step)

Whether you hire developers to create an app like uber for Android, iOS, or cross-platform, below are the necessary steps you need to take to build an app like Uber. Take a look.

How to Make an App Like Uber

Step 1. Market Research

This is the stage of getting to know the consumers, assessing their needs, and creating an app like Uber. For that, you have to make a list of the criteria mentioned below to make an app like uber for your mobile app for an on-demand startup.

  • Collect location data from consumers, about their activities and their service expectations
  • Get insights into the respective industry’s growth in your state or region
  • Know how rivals position their company and do marketing campaigns
  • Find out tools accessible for a new business strategy on the ridesharing market

Then, finally analyze when, how, who, and what kind of services are preferred by your target consumer and make a technical document for future references.

Step 2. Find Uber App Development Company

The next step is to decide which region you are going to outsource mobile app development. Based on that, you need to select the best Uber for X development company on the market, paying close attention to the portfolio, projects delivered successfully, number of years on the market, communication processes, etc.

Step 3. UI/UX Design

A user’s first experience would be the basis for making a good product. So, make sure your on-demand taxi booking app development team consists of professional UI/UX designers who can design the overall graphical representation of the software and set up multiple buttons based on the characteristics and wireframe configuration.

Step 4. Develop

This stage for the taxi app development process involves a series of operations that are further divided into smaller individual tasks. To create an app like Uber, it is advisable to follow agile methodology. The agile technique is an iterative way of designing and evaluating applications.

New functionality and the consistency of the product tested have been added in every iteration of production. Each milestone is pre-planned and, according to the flow, the product is created.

Step 5. Test & Launch

The finished product must be checked manually by the quality control staff before you launch. The testing team ensures that high app performance, secure functioning, and adaptable implementations of user interfaces are integrated successfully. This stage involves various testing such as,

  • Smoke Testing – To test the function of critical component characteristics
  • Functionality Testing – To test each feature of the app
  • UI Testing – To test the template layout defects, such as images, icons, navigation connections, buttons, etc.
  • Performance Testing – To test the app’s speed, usability, and performance

Such testing of each stage helps you to get a bug-free and effective mobile app product that ultimately improves the user experience.

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MVP Features of Uber-Like App

For any project, you must start with the basics, especially when we consider thinking of how to make an app like uber. So here are the basic MVP development features that will help you to kick-start your business with minimum resources.

MVP Features of Uber Like App Development

  1. User Profile

    Irrespective of the app type, you must allow users to create profiles. This authorization allows for any service taken to make valid online purchases, as all mobile payments without the authorization will invariably fail. It is to be created via email, phone number, or the most common – sign in with the social media option.

  2. Book a Service

    This function is to give clients a booking app interface page where they can enter the cost driver destination and pickup location information, in case you belong to the ride-sharing business. It may include,

    • Book for now
    • Book for later
    • Book for others

    With the help of the ‘book for later’ option, users can plan future car rides and trips to ride in advance when you make an app like uber.

  3. Fare Calculator

    When a cost card is made available in the app for each service, users can calculate the cost charge to negate any potential misunderstandings and disturbances before confirming the order.

    Plus, user dissatisfaction will be minimized. It would mean more loyalty and higher ratings of your product in the app store if you put the fare calculator while building an app like uber.

  4. GPS Tracking

    Geolocation and routing servers from Google location APIs are the true heroes behind the Uber app’s success! The transport sector or delivery sector should strictly implement the necessary tracking technology like google maps SDK for real-time car movement, as taxi booking apps are highly dependent on GPS technology networks.

    Such GPS directions help drivers in route optimization for the user’s address location, while users can be relaxed at their place by tracking their service order and ride details.

  5. Multiple Payment Options

    There are times when users are short of cash. While few prefer only cash transfers and not other options since they feel hesitant to share their card or account information.

    Therefore, make sure that you include numerous payment options while developing an uber-like app (like uber payment integration) as payment gateway providers are considered an easy and better choice for most users.

  6. Push Notifications

    To remind users about their service booking status, arrival time, and more, alerts are a must to make an app like uber.

    Plus, clients may also be told about sales and offers through push notifications. Even it can be used to relay critical information or regulatory updates via in-app notifications.

  7. Rating & Review

    The review process that scores the service, delivery, service provider, and driver will have a good uber-like app in place. In order to help users get accurate reviews on your on-demand app services, your ride hailing app needs to be reviewed and checked from time to time.

    So, allow your users to rate the taxi services as it will impact your overall brand and credibility.

Let’s build an MVP for your uber-like startup and unlock the potentials!

Advanced Features of Apps Like Uber

To gain a competitive advantage, you must put more effort and integrate an advanced level of features. So, here we have mentioned a few advanced features that you might want to consider when you think of how to make an app like uber.

Advanced Features of Uber Like App Development

  1. Heat Maps

    For drivers, it’s like a cheat sheet. Imagine, you provide taxi booking services – where heat maps are a map view of the location and journey from geolocation API. Drivers can understand where the Uber passenger ratio is high and can switch to that position to quickly accept requests from the passengers.

    Such a feature integration helps the service provider get instant feedback on where your customers’ focus is headed, so you can take decisive steps to increase your retention.

  2. Panic Button

    This is the protection and security feature that should be integrated when you make an app like uber if your user base has increased. For taxi-hailing services, this can be life-savor when passengers feel threatened or sense danger, they will click the panic button.

    In case of emergencies for delivery men, this will send push notifications to the admin, family member, and the company’s security department, so that they can take necessary precautions.

  3. Edit/Cancel Order Service

    This feature is to provide the client with the right to edit/request to cancel an order from their account, in case of incorrect user data or wrong order placed. However, this also comes with the payment process where if the user had paid the cash through cards, you may have to refund the amount on ride cancellation or trip cancellation.

    Though some might not use this feature ever, this ensures a reliable user experience.

  4. Smart Analytics System

    To help streamline the booking system and understand user behavior incorporating analytics or the cost driver report feature will help track daily requests, reservation sources, released and missed requests. But, make sure the evidence-backed actions are only made by using the proper data analytics framework for your on-demand service app.

    That way, you will see where you need optimization and where it is going well with details from well-presented reports of your company.

  5. Booking History

    Booking history is to allow users to save their trip history and add it to their profile. It will also be included in the driver’s app at the same time to make an app like uber. It allows users to review the specifics of the journey as appropriate, and drivers will be able to track their previous profits.

  6. Save/Favorites

    If passengers have to fly to the same day-in and day-out driver destinations, instead of clicking the same destination again and again, allow users to save their favorite destination and save their time. This simplifies the taxi booking process and boosts the overall service experience of riders with the app platform substantially.

  7. Multiple-Language Support

    To encourage users to choose you again, you need to include the ‘Multilingual Functionality’ in your passenger and driver app. It is regarded as an added benefit that enables travelers and drivers to have the luxury of selecting their chosen language. English, German, Spanish and French, for instance.

Our software experts can integrate advanced features into your app startup.

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Technologies Used to Develop an App Like Uber

Here, you can find out the tech stack for creating an Uber-like app that has been evaluated by our expert team.

Technology Stack
Programming Languages
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
Cloud Storage
  • Amazon S3
  • Mongo DB
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Visual Website Optimizer
Messaging Platform
  • Sinch
  • Twilio
  • Nexmo
  • RestComm
  • Socket
  • Google Maps
  • Mixpanel
  • Google Analytics
Deployment platforms
  • Cloud
  • iOS
  • Android

How Much Does the Uber App Cost?

Any mobile app product development is a complex process and the cost of developing an app like Uber can vary depending on the various factors and also the platforms you are choosing like,

  • Native iOS development for customer
  • Native iOS development for delivery providers
  • Native Android development for customer
  • Native Android development for delivery providers
  • Web development
  • Back-end development

To make it short, the app development cost is mostly estimated based on the man-hours used for particular feature integration. So, here is an estimated time frame for basic app functionality that you may want to incorporate while building an app similar to Uber. (Android, iOS)

Basic FeatureEstimated Man Hours
iOS HoursAndroid Hours
User Profile2228
Email & Phone1114
User Profile2228
Link Payment1419
Terms & Condition911
Sign In811
Push Notifications1416
Sliding Menu1114
Map View2228
Base View1411
Select Payment System1114
Driver Rating & Review1721
Choose Locations811
Fare Rates Calculator1214

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Uber like Apps Developed by Us (Space-O)

We have designed and developed many on-demand service apps, contributing to the global community. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. UpMaid: On-Demand House Cleaning App Like Uber

UpMaid is an on-demand cleaning app developed by our expert developers, for people based in Canada.

App Solutions We Developed:

  • Host App
  • Contractor App
  • Admin Panel

For cleaning service requirements, the host requests service in the app, while contractors search for these jobs on the app and apply. While the admin panel development manages the host and contractor through a single solution.

On-demand House Cleaning App Like Uber

How It Helped to Client Business:

  • Automated business process
  • Improved revenue
  • An online, seamless platform for Hosts and Contractors
  • 100% personalized interaction with users
  • Manage registration process, services & pricing
  • Advanced analytics to stay up-to-date

2. On-Demand Ride-Sharing App in Virginia, USA

On-Demand Ride-Sharing App in Virginia, USA is a complete taxi booking app solution.

App Solutions We Developed:

  • Rider App/Passenger App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel

With only a few clicks on the phone, individuals in Virginia will be booking a ride, while drivers can accept the service requests and earn money. Admin, on the other, manages all the activities with the least efforts.

Taxi Booking and Ride-sharing App Like Uber

How It Helped to Client Business:

  • Completed over 5K rides
  • Over 2K drivers
  • Automated taxi booking operations
  • Track the efficiency of a fleet
  • Reduced tedious manual assignments

3. On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App

An on-demand Marijuana delivery app is an advanced featured-packed prescribed weed delivery solution for people in Arizona.

App Solutions We Developed:

  • Customer side App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel

This app solution developed by us allows users to order prescribed marijuana and get it delivered to their doorstep. It also makes it easier for our client to list products and manage online ordering and delivery from one platform.

On-demand Marijuana Delivery App

How It Helped to Client Business:

  • Sell on a single platform a range of items
  • Track orders at the convenience
  • Increase and monitor profits with only a single tap
  • Served over 2K clients
  • About 500 clinics for medicinal marijuana
  • Advanced business process

4. On-Demand Photographer App

On-demand photographer app is the mobile solution to hire photographers and videographers for the people in the middle east.

App Solutions We Developed:

  • Customer App
  • Photographer App
  • Desktop Panel

It enables clients to browse and employ an experienced photographer or videographer for various activities such as weddings, the launch of products, company workshops, and meetings.

On-demand Photographer App

How It Helped to Client Business:

  • Connected over 10,000 users to photographers
  • Automated the process of hiring photographers
  • Generates rare error reports easily with advanced analytics
  • Manages all customer and photographers at ease
  • Elevated ROI potential with just one solution

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best apps like Uber?

    • Lyft
    • Curb
    • Mytaxi
    • Flywheel
    • Gett
  2. How long will it take to develop an app for passengers?

    It usually takes 10 to 15 weeks for developing an app like Uber for passengers for the basic version for one chosen platform between iOS and Android.

  3. How long will it take to develop an app for drivers?

    If you want to build a driver app for the app, such as Uber, be prepared for the process to take 3 to 6 months. On Android and iOS platforms, this timeline refers to the shortest software edition.

  4. How much does it cost to build an app like Uber in the US?

    The cost to develop an app like Uber taxi in the US is around $150,000 to $200,000, depending upon the complexities of the UI/UX (app design), their specification details, basic features, advanced integrations, technologies used, as well as rates of the mobile app development company you deal with.

  5. How much will it cost to build an app like Uber in Canada?

    In Canada, the cost to build an app like Uber can vary between $70,000 and $170,000 for one or two user applications (for iOS and Android), respectively.


To establish this advanced level of application for start-ups and SMEs, it always takes time as such products are now commonplace, making it more difficult for new businesses to create a strong global impact. But the brand’s uber-like popularity will empower you once you start planning for the long-term. So if you need software developers to get closer to your dream, get in touch with us. We offer custom software development services worldwide to upscale businesses. If you have more queries, write to us, and our expert mobile team of software development company will answer all your questions and provide you with a custom project estimate.

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