Mobile App Economy – Let’s Have a Look at the Secret Story of It
June 17, 2017

Mobile App Economy – Let’s Have a Look at the Secret Story of It

Mobile app economy

Do you know that the mobile app economy could be worth just over $139b? Forecasted by App Annie, the app economy will constantly flourish from $82.2b that is estimated revenue in 2017 to $139b by 2021.

Being a leader in the mobile market intelligence, the company has harnessed its proprietary methodology to take a look at what the future holds for mobile apps. When it comes to breaking these numbers by region, Asia Pacific will continue to hold its top position, gathering more than $76b in 2021 that is more than twice the $35.1b the Americans are expecting to take.

Apart from this, the EMEA region is expected to hold the least revenue being responsible for an estimated $27.5b. When looking more deeper, China is going to stay as the top country in the world for app downloads with expected 130 billion in 2021 that is more than twice the amount that it has last year.


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India is going to take a second place from the United States that will be placed in third, followed by Brazil and Indonesia – both more than doubling their current download numbers. It is also estimated that the Apple’s iOS App Store will continue to be the number one app store with the potential to generate more than $60b in 2021.

However, App Annie says that considering all the Android app stores, the overall consumer spend for Android should pass iOS this year. As per the App Annie’s Forecast report says that the data comes for the 2016 to 2021 period and it can be downloaded here.

Let’s Have a Look at 2017’s Predictions by App Annie

App Annie also forecasts that gross mobile app spends, comprising app store spend and advertising spend is going to hit $166 billion in 2017.

  • It is predicated that the Gross consumer spends on mobile app stores will establish $65 billion. Moreover, the games are going to remain the main driver of this revenue, but subscription revenue from dating and media streaming apps will grow faster.
  • Gross in-app advertising spend will account for $101 billion. Social media, video platforms and games will continue to get a substantial share of this revenue. Within these categories, mobile video ad formats are going to experience the fastest revenue growth. Moreover, brand advertising will be a strong contributor, rising to 12.5% of total mobile in-app ad spend.
  • The total amount of time that spent in shopping apps was up 52% year over year on Android phones worldwide during this first three-quarter of 2016.
  • From other brick-and-mortar businesses, total sessions of apps notably banking and quick-service restaurants, will also see an uptick in 2017. As companies are going to learn to incorporate mobile into their operations.

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