Uber for Doctors App Development: Tips to Create an On-Demand Doctor App Like Maple

Are you looking for an easier way for patients to connect with doctors using technology? Maple is a popular Uber for doctors app in Canada that provides flexibility and convenience to its users. We have a list of 3 unique features from Maple that you should consider for your Doctor on-demand app too. As a bonus, our team of doctor app development consultants has recommended 3 more features that we can develop for your healthcare app.

When was the last time you visited a hospital?

Most of us hate the sight of those gloomy waiting halls, filled with sick people. We tend to do everything we can to avoid a trip to the hospital. Back when we were kids, we used to hate the injections, and now, we hate the huge bills.

The problem is that we are bound to fall sick sooner or later. And when we do end up coughing and sneezing in bed, it’d just be so much better if we could get a diagnosis and a prescription in an easier and pocket-friendly way.

Well, we have news for you. Any guesses?

Gone are the days when one needed to run to hospitals for consulting doctors. Today, all you need is a mobile app.

Yes, we know what you must be thinking. Mobile app, really? Yes! There are many doctor on-demand and healthcare apps popping up in the market in recent years. These apps are based on the Uber for Doctor model, following the footsteps of Uber’s business model. You want to know how successful these apps really are? Let’s take a look at the numbers!

According to Statista, the global telemedicine market value was above USD 18 million in 2015 and is expected to grow upwards of USD 40 million by the year 2021. The market size of these mobile Healthcare apps is expected to grow approximately 20-40%.

How Maple Scaled Its Business With Mobile App

One of the healthcare apps that has become famous and widely-used is Maple, the doctor on-demand app in Canada. The company strongly believes that everyone should have access to healthcare and it should be simple instead of being overly complicated. They began their app with the aim to provide house call doctors and medical facilities wherever and whenever there is an emergency, no matter what the time of day it may be.

In this telemedicine app, users can simply tap on the screen to request a consultation and a doctor will get back to them within minutes. They have various options for communication such as chat, calls, video calls and house visits, depending on the type of issue. Users can get prescriptions, get a doctor’s note and book lab tests more easily.

It saves people from going to the waiting room and allows them to skip lines while they are unwell. With house call doctors and medicine prescriptions options in this telemedicine app, it has become easier to avail medical services from home.

Looking to Develop An On-demand Telemedicine App?

Our IT experts have expertise in integrating features like sick notes, online prescription, lab works, reminders, and emergencies in telemedicine apps.

Do you want to know how their Telemedicine app has become so successful? Here is a list of 3 unique features that helped them turn things around efficiently.

3 Unique Doctor On-Demand App Features That Turned Maple Into A Success Story

  1. Sick Notes

    People sometimes have to skip on their school or work due to sickness. However, it is necessary to provide sick notes to ensure that you do not suffer any losses, be it an exam at school or a day’s pay at work. Users of Maple healthcare app don’t need to worry about this at all. The users just have to tell the doctor what they need and why, and he will write a note that you can print and submit.

  2. Online Prescription

    If a patient is chronically ill and needs to purchase medicines on a regular basis, then it’s pointless to waste time getting a prescription. That’s not all – sometimes people are too busy to go to the hospital and need a quicker option. Hence, to solve this problem, Maple came up with the idea to get prescriptions online by doctors. It is easier for the doctor to dole out prescriptions and the patients can easily get medicines.

  3. Lab Work

    With this unique feature, patients can get lab tests requisitions from online doctors within minutes. Patients place a request to the online doctors to get a prescription for the same. Then, the patients will be paired with a doctor who will send them a file with all the prerequisites. Once the patient receives the file, he can download and print it to get his lab work done. Isn’t that simple?

    So these were the features that Maple telemedicine has included in their app. However, there are some more unique and highly recommended features that our healthcare app consultants think you should integrate into your on-demand doctor app. Keep reading to know more about these features for your online medical consulting application development.

Bonus: Recommended Features to Consider for your On-Demand Doctor App Development

  1. Reminders

    People are careless. Most of us forget to take our medicines on time, to reach to our scheduled appointments and to carry out many smaller tasks like drinking water. A useful feature for healthcare on-demand app would be allowing users to set reminders.

    This feature would be useful for both patients and doctors. Patients can set up reminders for tasks such as drinking water, taking medicines, going for a walk and eating healthy. On the other side, doctors can use it to remind them of any upcoming surgeries, events, and appointments they may have. This will not only help people stay healthier but will also ensure that they form better habits and stick to them.

  2. Emergencies

    It’s important for patients with chronic illness to have someone they can reach out to in case they need help. For this reason, as a leading mobile app development company, we can help you make a doctor on-demand app that helps patients reach out to someone in need. We could set up emergency numbers, the numbers of the patient’s doctors or family and friends.

    This feature will also be useful for many people who are not terminally or chronically ill either. By using the emergency case option, users can avail first aid services when needed. It can also save lives in cases of fire, car crashes, and other disasters.

  3. Past Medical Records

    If the patient contacts when he or she is sick, it becomes difficult for the doctor to understand exactly what the problem is or how it could have occurred. However, if the doctor had a record of the patient’s past medical history, it would be much more convenient for them to study it and gauge the cause.

    To integrate this feature in your doctor on-demand mobile application, you will need to provide Cloud-based e-storage to all the patients. They can upload data about their past medical records in the cloud and provide access to the doctors that they are consulting. It will be very useful for patients too since they won’t have to lug all their files around for every consultation.

On a Concluding Note

Which of these features do you wish to integrate in your Uber for healthcare app? If you have queries or want mobile app experts to validate your idea, you can contact us for the same.

We are an on-demand mobile app development company based in Canada. We have developed and delivered numerous feature-rich on-demand apps and Uber for X apps to clients across the world. When you work with us, you can pick the platform you want because we are proficient in creating Uber for X app in iOS, Android as well as web platforms.

You will also get a 30-min free consultation from our technical expert when you fill out the form below. Our Telemedicine app development experts can provide you information regarding healthcare app development cost, app development timeline and hiring models for on-demand app developers.

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