Building an Uber for Tutor App like Nimbus or Whiz Tutor? 3 Important Elements to Make a Successful On-Demand Tutor App

Are you a tutoring startup or someone with an idea about on-demand tutoring app development? Apart from  the regular features, there are essential ingredients of an uber for tutors app that you must be aware of. Read this blog to find about 3 elements that will help you make the best tutoring app like Uber.

If you are tutoring startup, your target audience is the freelancing tutors as well the students who need to be tutored. What are the problems faced by this audience?

Suppose a student has an exam the next day and he doesnt understand some important topics of his curriculum. It is the weekend and can’t disturb his course teacher at that moment. In this situation, the student will need a private tutor on-demand.

A private tutor, on the other hand, might need some gigs to earn extra money but doesn’t know where to find students who might need his help. 

Both these problems and many more can be easily solved with an on-demand tutor app. Such an app can bridge the gap between students and their prospective teachers and subjects.

The global market for tutoring is expanding at a great pace. Let us take a look at it.

The Growth of the Tutoring Market

  • The tutoring market is led by Europe, North America and APAC.
  • The global online tutoring market size will grow by USD 112.14 billion during 2019-2023.
  • The online tutoring market size is expected to post a CAGR over 15% during the period 2019-2023, according to the latest market research report by Technavio.


on-demand tutoring app development

Source: TechNavio

  • 60 percent more Toronto students have private tutors – in wealthy areas most of all

Here are 3 elements or ingredients of an online tutor finder app that you should have in your uber for tutors app like Nimbus or Whiz Tutor app. 

3 Essential Elements for a Successful On-demand Tutoring App Development

  1. Exceptional service

    When you develop an Uber for tutor app like Nimbus or Whiz Tutor, you must provide an exceptional service to both your audiences. Freelance tutors should be able to find students in their nearby areas. This way they save the money on transit, making their freelancing more profitable.

    on-demand tutoring app development

    Source: Whiz Tutor App

    While students must find professional teachers with a complete background check for the subject they want coaching for, whenever they want, whether it’s an on-demand math tutor or need help with vocabulary. 

    The Uber for tutoring app must make it possible to match the right tutor with each student and subject. How? Well, location and subject-based search filters will make the process easier for both and avoid confusion.

    Apart from this, the app must also be pocket-friendly. The rates must be kept considering the students might be university students as in case of Nimbus. These students have student-loans and will be unable to afford more expensive coaching.

  2. Seamless communication

    The student should be able to schedule a teaching session at his preferred time and location. The teacher should have an option to accept or reject this session or share his convenient timings via chat. Whiz Tutor has an in-app feature to stay in contact with the tutor. 

    Learning is a continuous process, it doesn’t stop in the class along with the lecture. The student needs guidance throughout the course of the study.

    When you go for on-demand tutoring app development, make it your priority that the student can avail the service even after the tutor has left after teaching. 

    No, the tutor doesn’t have to go to the student to explain or solve every doubt after the session is over, all he needs to do is stay in touch with the student over a phone call or live video calls and texts.

    This saves time for both the student and the teacher. 

  3. Effective marketing

    After developing your app for tutoring, you might think the work is done. You have an advanced feature-set and a seamlessly working app. Now what?

    Even though the checklist appears to be complete, the app won’t get the customers at one go. The customers won’t download it unless they know about this on demand tutor app. 

    To tell your customers about the tutor app like Uber, you can begin by creating a customer base with the help of freelance teachers who are already in the market. You can explain the benefits to them who will then help in propagating the news to their students. Gradually, the word of mouth will make your app famous.

    Nimbus app was launched at Concordia University so that the students were targetted directly. You can do something similar.

    on-demand tutoring app development

    Source: Nimbus App

    You may also talk about your app on social media where the students spend a significant part of their time. Advertising your app on other educational apps (quiz app or other non-competitor apps) is also effective.

Have an Idea of Developing an On-demand Tutor App?

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Wrapping Up

We hope that after reading this blog, you now know about the elemental ingredients any on-demand tutoring app development is incomplete without. 

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