How to innovate your photo editing app with these 4 features from VSCO

Planning on to create a photo editing app? Wondering which features are a must? You will read about 4 features from VSCO – top photography app, that you must consider during photo editing app development.

Photo editing apps are in! 

Why should you invest in photo editing app development? The answer begins from a question. 

Who doesn’t love picture-perfect photography? Not everyone has an expensive camera but most people do have camera phones. Photography apps are a great solution to create beautiful pictures with just a few taps on the screen.

In this age of Instagram, photo editor apps are much in demand as people want to showcase their best selves. Editing photos has become very convenient with photo editing software of such apps. This is why photo apps  download number has sky-rocketed.

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Let’s talk about one of the best photo editing apps, VISCO. This will give a new ‘angle’ to your perception of image editing apps. 

VSCO- Top app for photography

  • Previously known VSCO Cam, the VSCO app was launched as a photo app by Visual Supply Company founded by Joel Flory, Greg Lutze, and Sean Flanigan in California in 2011.
  • As reported by Bloomberg, it raised $40 million in funding in 2014. 
  • It acquired Artifact Uprising and Moving Sciences in the year 2015.
  • In 2016, it had over 30 million active users. Most of them were amateur and professional photographers
  • It has raised over $90 million investment till now, major investors including Accel and Glynn Capital Management.

Which features of this online photo editing app were we talking? These. Here is what you came for.

Want to Create a Photo Editing App Like VSCO?

We have expertise in integrating features like presets, in-app interaction, and filters in photo-editing apps.

4 Features of VSCO you must consider in your photo editing app development

  1. Presets

    Presets are a group of film emulator tools. They are implemented using filters for Adobe LR. VSCO promises to enhance photographs with its original set of presets. VSCO had launched Desktop presets that it retired and withdrew as a move for going forward. 

    Great presets are a dream come true for professional as well as amateur photographers. 

    Photographs clicked by Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Fuji cameras may be enhanced by VSCO Lightroom presets. The most amazing quality of this feature is that these presets deal with RAW files which gives the flexibility to change images easily.

    Whenever you plan to create a photo editing app, you must think about getting presets that would attract genuine photographers(if that’s your target audience).

  2. Photo editing tools

    What is a photo editing application? An app to edit photos. What is it without photo editing tools? Nothing. 

    VSCO editing tools are probably a few of the best in the world. Users can crop or rotate images, apply effects and filters, create collages, try on different frames, inscriptions and stickers as well.

    The unique editing tools also let managing layers, edit levels and fix images. If your app is an online photo editor app or a photo-sharing app like Instagram or a photoshop app like Faceapp, then these tools are a must

    So when you plan to create a photo-sharing app, integrate unique and interesting photo editing tools.

  3. In-app interaction

    This app is like a platform for photographers to interact with each other. The users follow and get followed by other users.

    This way they can stay in contact to share knowledge and information. Users can explore tips, tricks, and different ways to improve their photography, photo retouching skills. Users can DM who they follow on this photo retouch app to get in touch directly. 

    Users also get creative tutorials that are exclusive to memberships. There is a subscription fee for membership. This could be a great monetization strategy for your app as well. 

    Consider in-app interaction as well as memberships to make your photo app even more exclusive.

  4. AI-powered preset recommender

    VSCO provides users with various presets and filters to amplify their creativity with photographs. With so many options available, it might become confusing to choose the right preset or filter.

    VSCO launched a new feature called ‘For This Photo’ to solve this problem. This feature is powered by Ava, VSCO’s AI. It can understand the mood, tonality and content of the image quite precisely.  

    After analyzing a photograph, it suggests a customized recommendation of a preset or a filter just for that particular image. ‘For This Photo’ feature recommends presets for various types of images ranging from portrait, events, shadow to interiors.  

    Even if at the initial stage, you cannot get such advanced technology, you could still find your niche market and go for a unique feature like no one else.

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