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Provide Better Customer Support With Rasa AI Chatbot

Do you get a lot of queries from your customers? A lot of questions? A lot of messages? Replying to each and every one of them takes time. For that, you need to hire a dedicated customer support team. Ultimately, it adds extra resources to your team to be paid. This is a problem.

What can be a possible solution? Create a conversational AI chatbot for your business. You only need to invest in it for once, but it works as your whole customer support team.

With the help of our experienced AI and Rasa developers, we create conversational AI chatbot (voice and text) for almost all businesses. You don’t have to worry about integrating it into your existing system either. We do it. We do integrate this AI chatbot in Website, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp.

Our AI developers have expertise in advanced natural language processing (Rasa NLU), machine learning, AI models, Deep Learning, and rapid product design to develop AI-powered chatbots to automate all the messages.

Convert your app idea into reality

Industries For Which We Develop Rasa AI Chatbot

  • eCommerce
  • Banking and Finance
  • Education
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel Industry
  • Airline
  • Fitness
  • Business

Skills of Our Rasa AI Chatbot Developers


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How Rasa Chatbot Development Is Benefiting Businesses

Want to automate customer messages and save time?

Let’s create an AI conversational chatbot for your unique business.

Rasa AI Chatbot Development Process We Follow At Space-O

Gathering Requirements

Understanding Requirements

First, we will need you to list all your specifications for the Rasa Chatbot in this phase. What are your AI chatbot objectives? What challenges are you hoping to fix? This information is going to make us understand your business framework to get you the right product. The better we understand your requirements, the better we can deliver.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Find Messaging Channels

We know that not every customer and organization are the same. So, we would need to understand the best message channels, according to the target audience, where most of the consumers are present. This will make reaching out to you easier for customers. We’ll help you recognize the right communications platform for your chatbot, and decide it.

App UI Design

Analyzing Conversations

To automate the chat data, our AI experts and programmers team will review the chat data and understand which use cases are the best for the creation of your chatbot. We will work to develop the automation roadmap. Most of the customer conversations can be automated, but to train the chatbot with the answers, we’ll arrange them in order.

Mobile Development

Training The Rasa Chatbot

We will finalize the purpose of the conversations in this phase, using Rasa NLU, and set certain targets for your chatbot. We will take the training data and categorize it as per the specifications. Then, by feeding info, we will train the bot and test it. Based on the various real-time interaction in our testing environment, we will verify what the AI chatbot reacts to.

Quality Assurance

QA Testing

We want to ensure that your AI assistant does not have technological difficulties. Therefore, during the process, we will perform a comprehensive QA test and final testing will be performed after the whole development of the project has been completed. We’re going to give you the final construct, too to review it from your end, in case if you need any change.

Deployment Product

Deploying AI Chatbot

This is the final step of the process of developing the Rasa AI chatbot. Our technical team will merge your AI assistant with the messaging channels that we defined in the early-stage and take it to live for end-users. However, even after deployment, the bot can keep learning by using the data it receives from various users so that it can run smoothly.

Why Should You Develop An AI Chatbot For Your Business?

Procurement Management Solution

Understand and Analyze Patterns

An artificial intelligence chatbot can replicate the intelligence of humans and understand patterns even if we have not provided the same. It will collect all the data from past interactions, analyze and store it. If a similar pattern repeats in the future, then it will be able to solve the query with ease.


Decision-Making Skills

Although a regular chatbot does make decisions, its capabilities are rather limited. With an AI chat assistant, you will get broader decision-making skills as your business don’t have to put much effort to find out the right data for decision-making with our developed AI chatbots.

Product Lifecycle Management

Improved Customer Service

Customer support can improve significantly with the help of automation and artificial intelligence. It allows you to solve queries on an immediate basis and provide the right solutions to your users. As a result, customers will feel more valued and their loyalty towards your company brand will increase.

Warehouse Management Software

Better Lead Generation

As you know, with great personalization, it becomes easier to lead a prospective customer through the buyer’s journey. Every lead can be nurtured well and you will be able to see higher conversion rates. So, our customized Rasa Chatbots will take your business to the next level by improving lead generation.

Order Management Software Solution

Works For Global Markets

With a customized AI chatbot online 24/7, it becomes easier to solve the problems and queries of your customers at any time of the day. This helps you reach global markets easily and increase your sales funnel for your exclusive brand that adds value to your company with a greater valuation.

Return Management System

Cost Savings

Implementing a fully functional AI chatbot for your company is easier and saves you more money than setting up a whole team additionally for customer support. Moreover, a chatbot allows your company to handle multiple customer queries at one time without compromising any quality.

Logistics Management System

Consistent Answers

If you hire 10 employees for customer support, there are chances that all 10 of them will give a different reply to the customers. This will lead to confusion and frustration on the customer’s side. With an AI chatbot for customer support, all the users will get consistent answers and there will be no issues or errors.

Forecasting System

Reaching New Customers

Companies and enterprises can integrate AI Chatbot with other messaging channels such as Facebook, Slack, Google Home, and more. This will help not only help companies to reach new customers that they might not have reached otherwise but also to gain user support from the global market.

Why You Should Choose Space-O As Your Rasa AI Chatbot Development Company?

POS development

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Mobile payment solutions

Experienced Rasa Developers

Online POS software

Expertise in ML, AI and Rasa NLU

Payment processing software

Agile Development Process

POS accounting integration

Client-Centric Approach

POS analytics integration & custom services

Flexible Hiring Models

POS system software development

Clean And Efficient Coding

POS inventory management integration

Single Point Of Contact

Want to hire our proficient Rasa chatbot developers?

Tell us your project requirements and we will provide you a free consultation with our experts.


A Few Words From Our Clients About Our Customer Service

Ian McWherter
Ian McWherter USA

The project was completed to a great level and is fully functional. I was very impressed with their dedicated hard work. Everyone wanted to do their best to help us develop our app and webiste. Their team is easy to work with and responsive to needs. It was clear they all worked hard to develop the platforms.

Dayo Israel
Dayo Israel United Kingdom

The team has successfully launched the app within the restricted timeline. The end product is available on both iOS and Android. The communication between the two parties was good, as they had daily meetings regarding the progress of the project. The project manager was excellent. We spoke nearly everyday. His communication was fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we sign a nondisclosure agreement with all our clients to ensure protection and privacy of sensitive data and we will do the same with you to protect your idea.

We offer various flexible hiring models for all our clients. You can hire a dedicated Rasa Core developers for your project or you can opt for hourly, monthly and yearly models too. We’ll suggest you a suitable hiring model once we know the scope of your project.

Yes, our team of expert Rasa programmers follow standard coding rules and ensure that they are always up-to-date with all the latest technologies and trends in the community. As a leading conversational AI chatbot development company, we utilize all the features and functionalities of Rasa to develop the best AI chatbot for your business.

Yes, of course. You will be given the contact details of a point-of-contact person for your project and you can schedule calls or meetings with them as per your comfortability.

Messaging is becoming the preferred medium of conversation for many people. Owing to this, your business needs to catch up so that your connection with your customers does not break. With Rasa AI chatbots, it becomes easy for you to answer queries, sell new products, and more on messaging channels that are used by your customers on a regular basis.

Not at all. The AI chatbot will be able to handle multiple enquiries at the same time and there will be no limit on the number of queries per day.

Yes, after integrating your AI chatbot into your system, our developers will assist you for 3-months, and we do not charge for it.