4 Reasons Why It’s The Right Time To Invest In Conversational AI Chatbot Development

Soon, a time will come when people won’t get any more cold calls by sales executives. Why? Because more people are opting for AI chatbots over traditional customer care services. Are you thinking of investing in one for your business too? If you are still a little unsure, you should read this blog that will give you 4 reasons to help you understand why your business needs a conversational AI chatbot.

“How may I help you today?”

This is a rather common question we hear wherever we go for shopping. In recent times, it is becoming more common to read it as a text message on online platforms. And more often than not, there isn’t a person on the other end of the conversation but an AI chatbot. What’s the reason for this sudden growth in this particular technology? Allow us to shine some light on the matter.

Many businesses are migrating toward artificial intelligence technology. It is more like a buzz-word rather than a technology nowadays. Even people who don’t understand it that well are all for it. One of the most common of these technologies is the AI chatbot. It helps businesses provide better customer services and aids in the growth of their company. 

Wondering how? We thought about it too. After researching this topic, we unearthed 4 major reasons why so many businesses are opting for conversation AI chatbots and why you need to consider it too.

Don’t believe us? Check out the reasons and the facts will show on their own. 

4 Reasons To Invest In AI Chatbot Development

1. Handles many customers at one time

Do you run an eCommerce business? Or a business where a lot of customers often visit your website, app or any other platform for making a purchase? It is but obvious that if someone is making a purchase from you online, then they expect to find a solution to any problem online as well.

Wondering what happens if you don’t solve the problems of customers? Chances are that you will end up losing your online crowd. And on social media, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for bad experiences with a company to spread around. Hence, to avoid such disasters from happening to your company, we believe that if you get too many customer queries, then it is necessary that you get an AI chatbot.

You might be having a team to handle all the customer queries, however, you know it is not enough. One person can talk to only 2-3 people at one time, whereas an AI chatbot can handle multiple queries efficiently and ceaselessly. This enables you to provide better customer service, aiding growth and better opportunities for your business.

2. Always open

One of the biggest problems with offline businesses is that they only work during work hours. But as more and more people are using the internet and smartphones, it becomes mandatory to give them a way to reach out to your business easily. Of course, your customers can always leave a voicemail or drop an email. But their queries will go unanswered until your business hours start the next day. Problematic, isn’t it?

AI chatbots are one way to help you sort this. Customers can easily reach out to you and have most of their grievances solved while you and your employees enjoy a good night’s peaceful sleep. 

As you will be more available to your customers at all times of the day, it will make them feel that you are easily accessible. Moreover, it is human tendency to prefer brands that are more accessible and care about their customers over others who don’t. Good customer service really affects brand loyalty and customer retention. 

3. More cost-effective

If you are planning to create an app for providing exceptional customer service for people who purchase your products, it could mean a big investment. You will also need a technical team that handles and maintains the app even after launch. Server hosting, security certificates, app store charges – all of this could lead to a lot of recurring costs.

AI chatbots have an upper hand in this scenario. If you are already available from your website or some other platforms and you just want something for customer service, then ai chatbot is the best option for you. It takes less time to develop, requires less investment and can be integrated with any of the popular messaging apps like Messenger, Slack, Kick and other platforms.

Facebook daily users graph
Facebook daily users (Source: TechCrunch)

Another thing to note here is that there are currently 2.45 billion users on Facebook in December 2019 and 1.62 billion daily active users in September 2019 (Source: Facebook). If your customer is online and has a smartphone, there are chances that he or she is on Facebook. This acts as an added benefit for you and is a major reason why you should be getting an AI chatbot developed.

4. Focuses on millennials more

Who is your target audience? Millennials are taking over the world and the economy. Soon, they will be the majority generation and your main target audience probably. One thing that is pretty much common in millennials across the globe is that they absolutely loathe interacting with other unknown people.

However, they love chatting and chat channels. They keep texting their family, friends and colleagues so much so that a millennial-blaming survey stated that there has been a 600% decline in the doorbell industry. Why? Because millennials prefer to text “I’m here” instead of ringing the doorbell. 

This is the generation that would prefer chatting with a robot rather than talking on the call with a human. And millennials are becoming more financially stable as they grow older, all of them being in the age range of 23 to 38 in the year 2019. This age group probably consists of the largest part of working professionals and young office-goers. It’s also the best generation to focus on right now, especially if you are selling online. Hence, it would work out great for your business if you opt for AI chatbot development.

If you want to give your customers the feeling that they are talking to a real person rather than a chatbot, then there are some AI chatbot development tools that can help you out in this. Using a framework like Google Dialogflow for AI chatbot development would be specially beneficial because it is integrated with Google’s Cloud Natural Language. If you want to compare various AI chatbot development frameworks, then we have also published another blog on top AI chatbot frameworks and mentioned the pricing, integrations, pros and cons for each framework.

Let’s Have A Conversation On AI Chatbot Development

Automation is and monotonous manual work is out. Automation has affected everything from our cars, our homes to our workspaces. We are moving forward to a future that is more connected and in sync than ever before. One thing is clear: AI chatbots are here to stay for good. 

Chatbots affect both the customers as well as the business. If you are looking for AI chatbot development and want to get it developed for your business by a premier software development company in Canada, then you are already on the correct website. At Space-O Canada, we offer our services for artificial intelligence software development with the help of our experienced and expert team of developers.

Want to know how you can get in touch with us? It’s simple, just fill up the contact us form in the footer below! One of our sales executives will get back to you to help you solve all your queries regarding AI chatbot development. Then he will connect you with an app consultant if needed so that you can explain your requirements in detail to us. This will help us understand the feasibility and scope of your project, which will allow us to serve you better.

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