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Do you have an idea for an iOS application? Have you considered Swift app development for your native iOS application? Years in iPhone app development has helped us get the best experience in the industry and aids us in developing seamless and user-friendly experiences. If you want an iOS app that is functional, user-friendly and has an attractive design all at the same time, then our custom Swift app development services are perfect for you.

Swift offers both performance and functionality so if you want your iOS app to outperform all other apps, then Swift app development is the right choice. Swift is also flexible and helps us develop future-friendly native mobile apps. Get in touch with us now to consult Swift app experts to explain your idea to us.

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Swift Application Development

Our Services
Swift App Development

Here are the services our expert iOS developers provide in iOS Swift app development.

Swift iOS App Development
Swift iOS app development
Enterprise Swift Solutions
Enterprise Swift solutions
AR/VR Swift App Development
AR/VR Swift app development
Objective C to Swift Conversion
Objective C to Swift conversion
Swift Apps Porting
Swift apps porting
Industry Specific Swift App Development
Industry-specific Swift app development
Blockchain App Development
Blockchain app development
IoT App Development
IoT app development
Wearable Device App Development
Wearable device app development
Swift App Designing
Swift app designing

Do you have an idea of a mobile application for your industry? Not sure where to start? Talk to our experts and they’ll help you out with it.

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Choosing Swift For Your Native iOS App Development

Safer Platform

Safer platform

Safety should be one of the major priorities when developing a mobile application. With a highly competitive market and cybersecurity threats, it becomes imperative that safety is given a top priority. With Swift app development, it is difficult to make errors in the code and as a result, you get a better quality app that doesn’t have too many errors or doesn’t crash too much.



Speed is of the essence and Swift helps save time and also reduces cost. Swift app development is on the same level as C++, the fastest algorithm calculator arithmetic. If you are a startup, you will be able to launch your MVP quickly. Even if you are a fast-growing enterprise, launching your Swift iOS app faster will give you a stronger hold over your competitors.

Not just for iOS

Not just for iOS

Although Swift programming language was developed by Apple, it doesn’t just make iOS apps. It has been used by other operating systems such as Linux and it is also possible to develop Android apps using Swift. With a language that is so diverse and multipurpose, your app will definitely run smoothly.

Lesser Crashes

Lesser crashes

Objective C for iOS app development results in many apps crashing because of the errors and other issues. With Swift, the developers are required to write less code and it has online support for manipulating data and strings, which makes the app less error-prone. Hence, it crashes far fewer times than any app developed using Objective C.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Users want the latest features and trends in the apps that they use, if you don’t give that to them then they tend to get bored and abandon apps. Objective C is more or less a continuation of the C language. This means that till the C language does not evolve, Objective C can’t either. However, Swift is not dependent on anything else and hence, can be upgraded and maintained easily.

Process With Swift
iOS App Development

Our team of iOS Swift app developers follows a standard development cycle for all the projects. Take a look at the Swift app development process that we follow at Space-O to ensure a great mobile app development strategy for your app:

Consultation and Discussion


Discussion for Requirements

In this stage of the Swift app development process, we offer a 30 minute free consultation. During the consultation, we ask you for the basic details about your iPhone app idea from your end. What type of web app do you want? The more details you provide us, the easier it will be for us to assist you further.

Business Insight Estimation


Business Insight and Estimation

After the consultation, we will have a kick-off meeting to decide which team members will work on your project. It starts with an early QA involvement, who start test cases creation with an aim to cover maximum test scenarios. This allows us proper cost estimation for your app and provides a feasible concept of real mobile app.

Non Disclosure Agreement


Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before starting any work, we make it official by signing the NDA. We ensure that your app idea is safe with us. It helps avoid misunderstandings or miscommunication between us. Next, we sign a project development agreement which contains – Project deliverables, Milestones, Legal clauses, and Reference/Annexures.




A wireframe acts as the foundation for your iPhone app. It helps you understand the flow, helps us for a precise estimation of the development timeline and aids designers in creating flawless and accurate designs. Our Business Analyst team analyzes your app idea to make a wireframe of using Balsamiq 3.5.17 and AdobeXD tools.




Before preparing initial iPhone app designs, we send you a questionnaire to understand your preferences for colors, fonts and themes. Based on that, we make sample screens using tools like Adobe XD, Sketch and Adobe Photoshop. After you approve it, we prepare an up-front design of your app using Flinto or Invision.

Designing Development



In this stage, the Swift developers get down and begin the action. The project manager defines tasks and a systematic development plan is made to achieve the set milestones. We’ll discuss every thought, suggestions or decisions with. The Swift developers use the best technologies and neat code for the development.




Testing helps keep the cost low and ensure quality. Your iOS app is tested to check its usability, compatibility, interface checks, and performance. For keeping track of your app’s testing phase, QA sends a release note with every build release. We develop and test simultaneously to find bugs as early as possible.




Don’t worry, we will take care of the launch as well. We will assist you in uploading their application on the App Store. We only need developer account credentials to upload it. The App Store has strong policies for approval, but we do have quite good expertise, having successfully launched over 3500 apps.

Post Production Support


Post-production Support

We provide you with an “after launch service program” which is 3-months support. During this period, if there are any issues or bugs, we will instantly fix them. Once 3 months are over, you can extend the support period by signing an annual maintenance contract so that any new issue/bug can be immediately fixed.

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Technology Stack
for Swift App Development

  • Apple Xcode

    Apple XCode

  • iOS sdk

    iOS SDK

  • SQLite


  • Realm


  • MVC Architecture


  • Architecture


  • Architecture


  • Architecture


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Health & Fitness

Tourism & Hospitality

Food & drink

Real estate

Transport & communication

eCommerce & shopping

On-demand solutions

Why Space-O?
for Swift App Development

Non Disclosure Agreement
Nondisclosure Agreement We know it’s vital that nobody steals your unique idea for your mobile app. We assure you we work professionally and are going to do everything to protect your idea from our end. To ensure you about the same, we will sign an NDA with you!
Data Security
Data security Confidential information should remain confidential. We assure you that we will take care of everything so that none of your confidential data is leaked to anyone outside our company. We take data security pretty seriously for better services.
Experienced Team
Experienced team A blunt knife cuts no ice. It is important to have an experienced team working on your Swift app development project for optimal results. At Space-O, we have a dedicated team of Swift app developers.
Flexible Hiring Models
Flexible hiring models We have different flexible hiring models that you can choose to hire Swift developers on a fixed, hourly, or monthly basis for your Swift app development project.
Transparent Communication
Transparent communication We hate it when the waters are murky. According to us, transparent communications are vital for good results. We assure you that we will keep you updated on everything that is going on in your project and take approval at every step.
Integration with Sensors and Hardware
Integration with sensors and hardware Our developers are proficient in the latest technologies and are able to integrate them into your mobile app. They can develop features using external sensors and hardware systems such as smartwatches, beacons, AI, Machine learning and other IoT devices.
3-month support
3-month support Even after the entire process is complete, we will be providing you with 3-month free technical support to help you get rid of any errors or bugs that might pop up later. We will also help with anything that you don’t understand in the backed.


Do you sign an NDA to help me protect my idea?

Yes, we sign a nondisclosure agreement with all our clients. We assure you that we will take all preventive measures to protect your unique idea for a Swift app.

Do you have flexible hiring models?

Yes, we provide various options such as fixed, hourly, dedicated and on-site team hiring models for your convenience. We will be suggesting the one best suited for you based on your Swift app development requirements.

How do you allocate resources for the Swift app development process?

On the basis of your app idea and the hiring model you select, we will allocate the best suited Swift app developers for your project.

Who will be providing the UI/UX design for my Swift app development?

We will be designing the theme and layout for your mobile app. We follow a standard method for designing your iOS app. Here are the steps we follow for UI/UX design:

  • Understanding requirements
  • Conducting research
  • Defining the user journey
  • Creating wireframes
  • Designing themes

Do you deploy the app to the Apple Store?

Yes, we will be launching your Swift iOS app to the App Store, it’s a part of our iOS app development process. We’ll also ensure that all the standards are met for the same.

Do you require anything from me?

Yes, we expect only 2 things from your end. Firstly, we expect clarity on what you want and what you don’t like. This will help us serve you better and will ensure that you are happy with the end results. Secondly, we expect you to be prompt for feedback and changes. We all are very excited to see your app launch and a quicker response from your end will help us accelerate the development process!

Will I be getting regular updates from you about the project?

Yes, the project manager will keep in touch with you throughout and will keep sending you updates about the project. In case of any issues or queries, you can feel free to contact him for assistance.

Who will have the ownership and rights of the code?

In most cases, the ownership and the rights of the code will belong to you and we will take no part in it. But if you want a joint venture or something similar, then we will provide you with other options.

How long will it take for you to develop the app?

We can calculate the duration of your work after discussing your project idea and requirements. Different hiring models have fixed or estimated duration for the project.

What if I want changes in the Swift app after the successful completion of the project?

Depending on the kind of changes you want in your app development with Swift project, our team of iPhone solution experts will answer your queries and assist you accordingly for the same.

Will my app be stable and secure?

Yes, we take several measures to ensure the security of your iOS development with Swift. Here are some of the regulations in place for the same:

  • Apply for signature-based permissions
  • Disallow access to your app’s content providers
  • Apply network security measures
  • Secure office environment and constant monitoring at the workplace

Will I be getting any support after project completion?

Yes, you will be getting 3-months free technical support from our end after we deliver the project to you.

Client’s Testimonials

I was mostly happy with the high level of experience and professionalism of the various teams that worked on my project. Not only they clearly understood my exact technical requirements but even suggested better ways in doing them. The Communication tools that were used were excellent and easy. And finally and most importantly, the interaction, follow up and support from the top management was great. Space-O not delivered a high quality product but exceeded my expectations! I would definitely hire them again for future jobs!

Bashar Anabtawi
Bashar Anabtawi

I am really pleased with the prompt responses I got from Space-O. Inquiries were answered within a very short time and issues were fixed within 12 hours. The Space-O team kept open communication at every stage of the process. Working with them felt like a collaboration resulting in the creation of a platform we are more stan satisfied with. The team took our concept and successfully create the platform we have today. Rakesh and his team really have the clients vision as a priority.

Gideon Banahene
Gideon Banahene
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