Uber for Beauty: 3 Aspects You Can’t Overlook While Creating On-demand Beauty Service App
November 20, 2019

Uber for Beauty: 3 Aspects You Can’t Overlook While Creating On-demand Beauty Service App

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Do you own a beauty salon or planning on a beauty startup? In this era of on-demand apps, even beauty services have become a part of the gig economy. This is why your business would need an Uber for Beauty app to go digital. In this blog, we have curated 3 aspects that you can’t overlook if you wish to become successful.

Most women dream of a team of beauty experts at their disposal. 

You, as a beauty startup, can make this dream come true for many women. How? Well, with an on-demand beauty app!

With balancing work, home, health and hobbies, 24 hours were not enough to fit the salon services in a busy woman’s day. All this has changed with the advent of on-demand beauty services.

Not only for women, but even men can also avail of the benefits that such beauty service apps provide. Such apps are in great demand as the beauty and cosmetic industry is expanding. 

Whether you currently own a salon or parlour or planning to open one, it’s important to know where the industry is headed over the next few years. 

The Growing Beauty Industry 

  • The global cosmetics market noted a 5.5% increase in 2018.
  • You can see the growth of this market in the graph.

Uber for beauty app

Source: Statista

  • In fact, according to Reuters Plus, the global beauty industry is worth over $500 billion.
  • FranchiseHelp reported that the cosmetic industry is growing faster today than ever before with an estimated market value of almost $805 billion by 2023.
  • It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.14% from 2018 to 2023.
  • According to the beauty industry growth statistics, the number of employees in the service segment is expected to increase by 10% for barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists.

After understanding the direction of growth, it is pretty clear that the future of this industry id bright. Establishing your name in this industry now is the best way to move forward.

In order to build an app and run the best beauty on-demand services, you need to be aware of certain aspects. Let’s take a look at those.

3 Important Elements for Building an Uber for Beauty app

#1. Being the master of all trades, with finesse

If you already own a beauty salon then your Uber for Beauty app should provide a wide range of services, possibly everything that you provide at your salon. 

The customer might need to get ready for a gala, a wedding, prom night or just a date. They would require different services for each event. Starting from manicure, light touchup to whole bridal hair and makeup package, the customers should have an option to choose anything.

The Uber beauty app must not just give an option but also deliver the service with flair and precision. The customers should be able to book an appointment in a few hours or even less. 

Your beauty on-demand app should cater to brides that got bailed on by their beauticians at the last moment as well as a teenager who has scheduled an appoint weeks in advance. Basically, treat the customers like the queen!

#2. Professional employees and high-quality products

Suppose you have an amazing user-friendly app and provide all the services that are available in a great beauty salon. You feel nothing is missing. Well, look for more details.

You need the best employees to provide the best service. You must hire highly skilled and experienced employees for your Uber beauty services. 

Whether it is a recent graduate from a prestigious beauty school, has 3 or more years of experience or an artist with an extensive portfolio of film and  TV work, you must hire a professional.

High-quality beauty and cosmetic products are equally important. You don’t want your clients to get a rash or allergies due to bad products. In fact, you can also sell certain products to your customers on your Uber for Beauty app.

#3. Employee satisfaction is equally important

While running an Uber for Beauty services, you would be dealing with your employees more often than your customers. In fact, you would be dealing with employees directly.

Your employees can make or break your business and this is why they should be paid according to their work, experience and skills. This is an app like Uber for makeup artists and should have an option for tips as well.

It advised not to keep commissions too high for yourself as this can lead to one of the two problems- the increased cost for customers or less pay for the employees. 

There are various freelance beauticians who find it difficult to market themselves. It is your duty to provide them with a creative way to sell their professional salon services. This app can be a channel that gives opportunities to grow your and their business together.

Delivering Beauty at the Door-step

We hope that after reading the blog, you now know the elements that you just can’t miss in your Uber for Beauty app. If you own a spa or massage parlour, you can also read our blog on features of a massage app

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