Planning Uber For Handyman App Development? Here Are 8 Unmissable Features For Your App
December 27, 2019

Planning Uber For Handyman App Development? Here Are 8 Unmissable Features For Your App

Uber for handyman app

Do you want to make it more convenient for people to get repairs done around their house? Are you looking to invest in Uber for handyman app development? If you want to visualize your app and its features, you ought to read this blog until the end. We have listed down 8 features that are a must-have for your on-demand handyman app, and we have explained each one of them in detail. This blog will help you understand how and why a particular feature will help your users.

Procrastination is the new trend and everyone online is doing it. But do you know who started that trend? Your dad.

Yes, you heard it right. If there was something in your house that needed repairing, and your dad was the only one who could do it or who could call someone to do it, then it is possible that the task was delayed by weeks.

If it was something minor, it might not have caused much trouble but if it was something important then we are sure it would have caused you a lot of inconvenience. Well, here’s something that will make your day better.

Recently, there has been a rise in the Uber for X apps in the market. One of the things that got Uberized in this wave were handymen services. Using an Uber for handyman app, users can easily call someone to repair minor things in their house. This means no more leaking taps, loose switches or creaking doors. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It sure is.

If you are looking to invest in such an app yourself, then now is the right time.

But, wait. Before you think about finding software developers for your Uber for handyman app, it would be better if you knew what exactly you wanted. To help you out, we have listed down 8 features that are a must for any handymen services app. You can go through the list to get a better idea about your app would look like.

So, 3, 2, 1… Go!

8 Must-Have Features to Consider During Uber For Handyman App Development

#1 Find Nearby Handyman

This feature in Uber for handyman app can easily connect users to nearby handyman service providers who are able to carry out various repairs in a house. The handyman could be an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter, or a mechanic. The user will need to is mention the required services and the handyman application will list down the profiles of all the handymen nearby according to the categories.

The users will be able to check the estimated rates based on the type of repairs they want to be done in their homes. The profiles of all the handymen could contain useful information for the users such as the total number of orders completed, ratings and reviews, some images, and a list of tasks that he can carry out. This will easily help the users decide which would be better from all the service providers.

#2 Booking Options

Just listing out all the categories and the handyman’s profiles won’t be enough for the users. They should be able to make bookings as per their schedule requirements from your Uber for handyman app. You can provide the users with options like Book Now, schedule for tomorrow or schedule for later. This gives the users ease and flexibility in booking one or more services as per their convenience. Moreover, the service provider who accepts the booking from your handyman application is also aware of the booking time and can plan his schedule accordingly. 

#3 In-app Chat

Gaps in communication often lead to a complete disaster. Chinese Whispers is a game that can explain what we are trying to say. Hence, if 2 people have some work, it becomes imperative that they are able to communicate with each other. The Uber for handyman app that we will develop will have an in-app chatting option. Using this feature, the users can either have a chat with the service provider directly or they can contact customer support. This will be helpful for the users and help you solve the grievances and customer queries easily.

#4 Payment Methods

Once a user books handymen for some repairs, the question for payment arises. Will the users prefer cash or card or online transfer? What about digital wallets? Depending on the popular payment options in your country, we will integrate various payment methods in your Uber for handyman app. The users will be able to select the method they prefer more and based on that, you can complete the payment.

#5 Real-time Tracking

Once the order is placed, it becomes necessary for a customer to know the whereabouts of the service provider. For this, we can integrate a feature in your on-demand handyman app that allows for real-time tracking with the help of maps. This helps the users understand if the handyman has left or not, and how long he will take to reach. This is a common feature but it is quite essential and cannot be missed out on.

#6 Ratings & Reviews

Without a good rating and review system in place, the service providers would behave however they want with the customers. This inhibits the growth of your Uber for handyman app, affecting the business, customers and other genuine service providers. 

However, if there is a solid rating structure, then it rare for anyone to misbehave with anyone else. You can also give an option for the service providers to review the customers, then it will work both ways. If someone knows that complaints will result in a ban from your Uber for handyman app, then they will not misbehave in any way. 

#7 Order History

Order history helps maintain transparency with the users. Each past order should be like an invoice that contains details such as the date of the order, the amount paid for the services rendered, the name of the handyman who provided the service, order number, and other relevant information. This will allow the users to check the past data in case they need to from your handyman services app.

#8 Promo And Referrals

Don’t you feel happy when you get money or a discount for doing nothing at all? Promo codes are a way to offer discounts to customers so that you can lure in users for signing up on your app. Your handyman app users will get discounts on services and you will get more business; it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process!

We can also integrate a feature through which your users can share referral codes with each other. You can offer cashback or discount to the users, leading more people to share their codes and more people to start using your app. 

Nailing In Uber For Handyman App Development

So what do you think? Do you feel like investing in an app for handyman services? A survey for the on-demand economy by Burson-Marsteller, 42% of the adult population in the U.S. have used an on-demand service app. That equals to more than 85 million people. And this data is just for U.S. Based on our findings, our app experts can safely vouch for the fact that you would be benefitted largely by investing in Uber for handyman app development.

We know that you must be having many questions regarding app development like how to develop an on-demand service app, what exactly is the Uber for X concept and unique ideas for developing an on-demand application. We have the answers to these questions and we can’t wait to share them with you. Our developers are experts in the field and can help you regarding the Uber for X app development. All you need to do to avail these answers is fill up the contact form given in the footer below. Our app consultants will reach out to you and guide you further. 

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