Uber For Kids: 3 Strategies From Zum and Kango You Must Check Out
June 24, 2019

Uber For Kids: 3 Strategies From Zum and Kango You Must Check Out

Uber for kids app development

If you’re looking for an Uber for kids app development (ride share app for kids), you must read along! This blog is for child/ kids transportation services, taxi startups, childcare services and startups, parents or everyone who wishes to develop a safe uber for kids app.

Why is Uber for kids app development a successful venture in these days? Well, in this epoch of uberization, all services are becoming uberized. In fact, Uber has become synonymous with on-demand services. Parents are concerned about their child’s safety during kids transportation, especially in their absence, and this is where the role of app like Uber for children comes up.

Dropping off and picking up kids from school and football practice is not an easy task especially when both the parents are working full-time. Providing safe and quick transportation for kids is the need of the hour and ridesharing apps for kids are taking over this monumental task.

If you are a ridesharing startup or entrepreneur, you must also be interested in how these apps are performing in the market. Well, you won’t be disappointed.

Numbers Talk!

  • As reported by TechCrunch, Shuddle- an Uber like service for kids had raised $12.2 million.
  • The very next year, another rideshare for minors- HopSkipDrive brought its total funding to $21.5 million after raising $7.4 million in 2017.
  • In February 2019, Zum (Zūm) a ridesharing startup for kids raised $40 million in series C funding which was led by BMW i Ventures, bringing the total funding to $70 million.
  • Very recently, as reported by TechStartups, in June 2019, Kango raised $3.6 million in series A funding led by National Express.

3 Strategies You Must Consider for Your Uber for Kids App Development

1. Setting up priority: Safety and punctuality

The main concern for any parent is his kid’s safety and this is why ride hailing apps like Zum app and Kango app do not take any short cuts when it comes to safety. It is very necessary for a kids taxi service to have professional and safe drivers.

In fact, Zum claims that all their drivers are fingerprinted and background checked. Even their vehicles are certified according to state and federal regulations and they are maintained with high standards.

Both these apps like uber for kids allow tracking the rides using GPS navigation system, this way the parents can keep an eye on their kids even when they are away. They even get notified (through push notifications) when their child reaches the destination

Along with safety, the rides need to be punctual. No one wants their child to reach soccer practice late and lose his spot on the team! Driver are trained professional that drive the children to the location on time without compromising safety.

Do not not miss out on this strategy with your own uber for kids app development.

2. Providing convenience via world-class features

The in app chat feature of the Kango app lets you connect to other Kango users (parents) in the same neighbourhood or school. Even the drivers can talk to the parent directly and schedule the rides.

Kids shuttle service could be transformed into kids carpool service to save costs. Both these Uber for child apps provide the feature to share the ride. In fact, the payment methods are also sophisticated enough that splitting payment is done within the app only.

Parents receive the driver profile and vehicle information prior to booking a ride. This way they know who is coming to pick up their child.

Both these kid friendly uber apps provide various booking options. Parents can choose from one-time booking or recurring or daily rides. Single or multiple children with single or multiple stops, choose as per requirement.

3. Branching out the Services: Include childcare

As Zum calls it- Ride and Care.

Kango and Zum are not only rideshare apps for kids, but also Uber for childcare services. All the drivers and sitters are trained professionals. All of them have experience working with children.

In fact, Kango claims that all the drivers and sitters have at least 3 years of experience in childcare and prescreened with DMV record checks.

Parents may request for childcare services prior to booking a ride, after the ride or even during the ride. This means the drivers are babysitters as well!

If you are planning to develop a rideshare kids app, you must diversify your service as well.

Let’s end this ride here, and talk about your ridesharing app idea.

You have now seen that apps like Kango, Zum, and HopSkipDrive are doing great in this ride sharing market. If you have an app idea for a ridesharing app, now is the time to strike a profitable deal.

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