Develop Uber for Movers App with 3 Major Lessons from Zootly and FetchIt App
October 21, 2019

Develop Uber for Movers App with 3 Major Lessons from Zootly and FetchIt App

uber for movers app development
Develop Uber for Movers App with 3 Major Lessons from Zootly and FetchIt App
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 Do you own packing and moving services? It is time to go digital via an uber for movers app development. Well, you have already made the right move (pun intended) by having started to read this blog. We have curated 3 lessons from the top moving apps like Zootly and FetchIt app. These lessons will definitely give a boost to your app idea which in turn will give a boost to your business.

Moving into a new place is always stressful. 

Whether it is a new office or a house, change is always difficult. In fact, according to a survey by Leger Marketing, 87% of Canadians feel unready to move at the time of moving. 

To add to the stress, the process of packing and moving is also strenuous. Packers and movers have made this a little simpler but to find the perfect movers at a short-notice is a stroke of luck.

The customers are not gonna wait for their luck to shine. This is why uber for moving apps are preferred by most people. 

As per Google Trends, the interest of people searching for ‘moving apps’ has stayed constant over the past 5 years. You can see it in the image.

uber for movers app development

Source: Google Trends

Canada is among the top 10 countries (ranking at number 8) that search for the term 

‘Moving apps’.

ber for movers app development

Source: Google Trends


On-demand moving apps like FetchIt and Zootly apps are among the best app for movers. Let us take a look at what you can learn from these apps to develop an app for moving for your business. 

3 Lessons From Zootly and FetchIt App to Consider During Uber for Movers App Development

  1. Providing a variety of services

    Someone might be looking for an app for moving furniture, while someone else might need a complete app for packers and movers. The Zootly app, for instance, provides a range of different services 

    It offers small moves like moving furniture, storage moves, store delivery from stores like Ikea, Costco, which also claims to be cheaper than traditional delivery options. In fact, the users can also find the best Kijiji and Craiglist finds. 

    Other recommended services that you can add in your uber for movers app development are updating accounts, connecting the internet, TV and landline, give insurance among others. 

  2. Solve genuine problems

    There are some common problems that are faced by all people who move from one place to another. When you develop for Uber for moving stuff, make sure you tend to the needs of your users.

    FetchIt solves the problems of the users by connecting them with a local minivan, pickup, van, or truck owner according to their needs. They don’t have to bargain with the drivers as the rates are fixed which makes it convenient for both. The app can provide an estimated rate that is nearest to the actual cost.


    uber for movers app development

    Source: FetchIt App

    You should also provide insurance service for the stuff that is being moved. Your movers on-demand app must have an option to give insurance so that in case of any accidents, the customers are not put in trouble.

    When you develop an app for hiring movers, make sure that the drivers and movers you hire are professional. It becomes the responsibility of the movers and packers to protect the stuff from physical injuries or damages. 

    Last but not least, the mover service should be fast and safe. The Uber of moving app should cater to the requirements and needs of the users and provide the service accordingly.

  3. Going for the top-notch features

    No Uber for movers app development is complete without an advanced set of features. There are certain features that you can not skip in the app. Let us talk about these.

    • Schedule booking: The users must be able to book a job request at any time preferred by them. The users can decide the pick-up time as per their convenience. The drivers can accept the request according to their schedule. This feature is beneficial for both parties.
    • Payment integration: It is necessary that the customers have an option to choose the payment method they want. The best payment gateways must be integrated into your app. This will make payments secure and fast.
    • Real-time tracking: The customers need to know the status of the pick-up truck after they have scheduled the delivery. Also, after the pickup has been made, they can follow the truck to the place where the stuff is being moved. This helps in keeping tabs of the moving process.

    When you plan for an uber for moving app, you can also add features like in-app chat, rating and reviews, coupons, estimate charge, among others.

    uber for movers app development

    Source: FetchIt App

Moving In The Right Direction

We hope that after reading this blog, you have a better idea about your app like Uber for moving things. In this fast-paced world, it is better to move things fast. This is why you must not wait too long if you have an app idea.

You may cross-verify your app idea with us. We are a leading app and web development company based out of Canada. We are known for developing performance-driven apps for Android, Web and iOS platforms. 

If you have any doubts regarding moving app development cost, timeline or process, feel free to contact us. You can also get a 30-min free consultation with our technical expert. Just fill the contact-us form given in the footer and one of our sales representatives will contact you within 48 hours. 

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