How our Developed On-demand Photographer App Solved Three Major Problems of the Photography Industry
November 25, 2019

How our Developed On-demand Photographer App Solved Three Major Problems of the Photography Industry

Uber for Photography app

Have you ever faced difficulty in hiring a local photographer at a short notice? One of our old clients faced a similar problem and decided to solve it. Uber for photography app is one solution to the problems related to hiring on-demand photographers. We had an opportunity to build one such app for our client. In this blog, we will tell you how our developed app solved 3 major issues in the photography industry.

Here’s how it goes…

One of our clients from Saudi Arabia is a businessman who owns multiple businesses and startups. He once hosted a big event and wanted everything to be just perfect. 

Everything was organized and he was happy with the arrangements. At the last moment, it struck him that he had forgotten to hire a photographer. He thought it won’t be hard to find one but what he didn’t know was that he was terribly wrong.

He wanted to hire a local photographer but it was quite difficult to get hold of a good photographer suiting his budget. He realized that there must be a lot of people who might be facing this same problem and this is when his entrepreneurial mind came up with his next startup idea: Uber for Photography app.

We had already worked with him on one of his projects and he approached us again with his new idea this time. Our client was very clear in his mind and wanted to solve three main problems that are prevalent in the photography industry.

How Our Developed Uber for Photography App Helped Solve 3 Major Problems 

#1. Difficult to hire a professional photographer

This was experienced by our client himself. He tried to find photographers online but couldn’t find a professional event photographer that suited his needs. 

The same problem is faced by most people who need a photographer on-demand. Even if they find a photographer, the process of interviewing them, reviewing their work and then hiring the right person is quite tedious.

Solution: Our developed Uber for photography app has a feature that solves this issue with the speed of the flash. There is a photographer marketplace where users can find a list of photographers along with their total experience, work portfolio, previous clients, cost, availability and other important information.

The on-demand photographer app eliminates the process of dialling phone numbers of all photographers and asking about their skills, price and availability. The users can easily compare the work and prices of the listed professional photographers and choose the best for them. 

In fact, this app to find photographers is uber photography that performs the interview and displays the results. The user just has to tap the screen a few times to book a photographer online. 

#2. Freelancers find it hard to get customers

The problems are not only restricted to customers but even photographers find it hard to get customers. Many freelancers find it hard to market themselves and find customers. There was no bridge to cover this gap until Uber for photography became a thing

Solution: This photographer booking app is also beneficial for the freelancers. The customers use this app to find a photographer, while photographers use it to create a client-base. 

The photographers can show their skills by displaying their work on the profile of their photographer app. They can write about their type and experience of photography. 

Basically, this Uber of Photography is a channel that connects both parties, creating a symbiotic relationship. 

#3. Communication issues between both the parties

This is one of the most common problems that both parties face. Many misunderstandings about availability and price arise due to the communication gap.

Moreover, at the time of postponing or cancellation, there is a loss suffered by either one or both of them. This also can be reduced with the help of this ‘Find a photographer app’. 

Solution: This on-demand photography app allows customers to discuss quotes and proposals in real-time with many photographers. So that they can compare ratings & reviews, and choose the best one. 

We also integrated the in-app chat functionality into this Uber for photography that lets the users and photographers talk to each other to discuss the deal. There is also a feature of real-time notification that assists communication even further.

Our Developed On-demand Photography App

We developed the best app for photographers and clients to connect with each other. This app has shown some phenomenal results as you can see in the image.

Uber for Photography

If you want to check out the entire feature set, client requirements and challenges we overcame, you may see our case study on the on-demand photographers app. 

If you have an idea to develop a ‘hire a photographer app’, you might wanna take a look at how this industry is fairing in the market.

Let’s see the growth of this industry globally as well as in Canada. 

A Snapshot of the Photography Industry

  • The global total revenue of the photography industry in 2019 was 10 billion while in Canada, it was around $1 billion.
  • The annual growth from 2014 to 2019 was only 0.3% globally while it was 3.1% in Canada
  • The forecasted average employment growth rate from 2018 to 2023 will increase by 1.8% and by 1.4% from 2023 to 2028.

Uber for Photography

  • In Canada, digital photography has created a major influx of independent photographers who now account for more than 80.0% of all industry operators.
  • The increasing advertising expenditure has boosted demand for commercial photography.

Let’s Get Clicking!

Now that you have seen the need for on-demand photographers and how the industry is expanding, you might have become a little more confident about your app idea. If you have any queries, feel free to share them with us.

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