Uber Like Taxi App Development: 4 App Features To Grow Your Taxi Business

 Are you planning for an Uber like taxi app development? Wondering which features will guarantee its success? We asked our Uber like app develepment expert. Here is what he told us.

It is no news that apps like Uber are dominating the market. Why so? Because they provide on demand services that are quick and reliable. They have managed to solve a lot of real-life problems faced by people. People don’t need to wait too long for their cabs, they get going whenever they wish.

This is not a baseless chatter. People prefer Uber like apps Uber alternatives like Lyft, Ola, HopSkipDrive over regular taxi booking or ride hailing services. In fact, the market stats prove it better with numbers.

Some Interesting Statistics

  • In 2019, Revenue in the Ride Hailing sector values at US$156.176 billion.
  • It is estimated to show a growth rate of 10.2% by 2023 increasing the market volume to US$230.085 billion
  • User penetration will increase to 14.5% in 2023 from 11.2% in 2019.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US$189.33.

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Uber Like Taxi App Development: 4 Unique Features You Just Can’t Neglect

  1. Share ETA and live status

    Safety has to be the top priority when it comes to transport and travel. Especially when it comes to taxi applications as riders and drivers are unknown to each other. 

    To deal with the safety concerns this feature must be integrated into Uber like taxi app development and white label taxi apps. With his feature, a rider may share travel details with his friends, and family for safety.

    Details like driver name, vehicle number, and route are sent to the selected contacts along with the real-time location on the map. This feature uses GPS navigation or GPS tracking system, making things easier and safer.

    Next time you wonder about customer safety, look for this feature!

  2. Outstation rides

    Not all outstation trips are planned. Millennials love to plan trips at the last moment because why not. On the other hand, many people need to attend urgent meetings or events with last minute preparations.

    An Uber like taxi app development might have an Uber for outstation module as well. This feature allows riders to book taxi services for intercity transport. Any rider may book a ride with a single tap. 

    Outstation taxi booking app – also provides a variety of vehicles to book along with special requests like a baby chair or arrangement for the elderly.  

    Riders may also choose if they want a one-way or a round trip when they are sure when they will be travelling back.

  3. Multiple drop-offs

    Frankly, the best taxi booking app development is incomplete without this feature now. So obviously an ideal cab booking app must provide multiple drop-offs feature. 

    Our eminent taxi app developers are eager to help riders and manage to integrate this feature with ease. If the riders wish to make stops along the journey, they can easily add them.

    They may add the stops before booking taxi or request (on the app itself) for stops along the way. How will this help? Well, the riders could run errands while travelling and there’s nothing better!

  4. Split the fare

    Sharing a taxi feature like Uber pool is a must for every on demand taxi app. It becomes easy for the riders to travel with friends or even unknown people (who they make friends along the way). They save money and the experience is great.

    But, one shouldn’t forget that with a great taxi sharing app comes the hassle of splitting bills. Instead of manually calculating or using a separate app to do the calculation, integrating a fare-splitting feature is the best option.

    Every uber like taxi app development must consider this feature during taxi booking app development and incorporate it into the module. If you wish to take your taxi app development to the next step, even you should consider these features.


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Wrapping up

Travelling is a basic necessity but everyone doesn’t own a vehicle and this is where taxis come in. This makes the taxi business quite profitable. To stay ahead of your rivals you need to adapt and improvise. You could begin by getting your own Uber like taxi app development.

We are a leading taxi booking app development company having expertise in developing over 50 taxi booking apps. We also have experience in developing 3500+ apps in various categories along with 500+ websites. You can have a 30-minute free consultation with our taxi app expert about your app development process, cost and timeline.

We hope you have understood the importance of the above features and how they boost your taxi business. If you have doubts regarding the taxi dispatch app, rider’s app, driver’s app, you can contact us through the contact us form given below.

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