Top 10 Things to Consider When Designing and Developing a Website
May 24, 2019

Top 10 Things to Consider When Designing and Developing a Website

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This blog is for those businesses and startups, who are planning for the best website design and development for their business. Herein we have curated 10 important things that every startup or businesses should consider while designing and developing their own website.

From back-end coding arena to front-end fantabulous look, web developers and web designers need to work hand-in-hand.

At web design company, the team of web designers and web developers plan and collectively decide to consider all the necessary things and here, we bring the top 10 to get a brilliant website.

Important Things to Consider While Website Designing and Developing

#1. Should be friends with Mobile and Responsive

It is regardless to say that all the grown-ups, those can probably visit your website, are most of the mobile phone users.

Even Google wants you to develop a mobile responsive website as its algorithm prefers these type of websites to assign the indexing properties accurately.

The design of your website should be mobile-friendly without making it difficult for the viewers to view the content on a mobile screen.

At the same time, your website’s development should be such that it is quickly responsive to any type of platform be it a desktop, a mobile phone, a laptop or a tablet screen.

Thus, if you want the big daddy Google to rank your website on the top in the search results, remember to make your website as if it is the best friends with the mobile screen, fitting perfect and responsive.

#2. Perfect Framework – The Real Driving Soul of your Website

While developing the website, choosing the correct framework is the only guide that can direct the users to understand about your business.

Depending on your business type, you need to choose a framework that better suits it.

A website is an online representative of your business and it defines to the viewers, what your business deals in exactly.

If you are planning to run an online shop with the help of your business website, you need to choose the best of the e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Else, if you want your website to showcase your services the best way possible on the internet and drive real-time huge traffic to your business, you need an eminent CMS platform such as our favourite WordPress, Drupal, etc.

#3. Quick Loading

Everyone nowadays is busy a lot running everywhere to make the ends meet.

In their busy time, they might come across needing a service similar to yours and might like to visit your website to check your offerings.

Your website should be quick enough to present the details in a blink of an eye.

Thus, your team of web developers and designers at website design company need to apply effective specifications in choosing all the elements that make it function as desired, look excellently vibrant and yet load rapidly at a lightning speed.

#4. Highly Optimizable

You have excellent services to offer, even the best in the market; however, if your business website does not appear when people search for those services, you probably won’t get much business traffic.

Your website needs to have a development and design that makes it highly optimizable by search engines and makes it appear in the top searches.

The layout of the website, the design, the loading time, the content; these are few of those many factors considered by the search engines to rank websites among the internet.

Thus, take a deep dive in the study of search engine optimization and apply the best practices to get your website on the top of that search mountain.

#5. Get it on the Tracking trail

If you are a businessman who is always on toes keeping a check on how the things are going in the business; then you should be interested to track the traffic and conversions happening through your website.

You need to enable the tracking tools on your website such as Google Analytics, Search Console and various similar which suits your requirements.

It will help you direct the future development of your website to get the maximum results out of it.

#6. Social Media? Integrate it well!

You need to be social to become popular, and for that, you need to integrate the Social Media tags very well on your website.

You need to share your vision with your website development team that you are looking forward to targeting the population on Social Media at the maximum.

You need to be visible on Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by posting various blog pages or any new updates about your business from your website.

The website design and development team can apply the relative tags such as OG tag – to help you drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter Card – to help you drive traffic from Twitter and various others.

#7. Let Captcha validate for you!

Since the past few years, we have been seeing a lot of spam roaming around the internet, be it in the emails, comments, forms and where not.

However, Captcha and form validations have made the life of the website holders a bit easy.

Captcha validates for you that the entity entering your website or asking your services is not a robot or to be precise, it is not a spam.

Form Validations take the users to go through a basic questioning part where it validates that the person genuinely wants to know about your services and is not there to damage your system.

#8. Call them to act

What is your main motto to design and develop your business website?

The answer may vary for different services and products but ultimately, you want the viewers on your website to turn into your customers.

Ask them to act right away.

Along with elegant website design, a solid backend and mind-blowing content, you need to highlight relevant Calls-to-action.

A Call-to-action can ask your viewers to register for newsletters, apply for admission, ask for the quotes or anything in the world that your business offers.

#9. Blog It Up!

The world today demands you to be highly informative yet interactive and Blogging is one of such several mediums.

When you keep updating blogs regarding latest trends in your industry, new comings or updates or any beginnings in your business, you interact with the world out there showing them that you are available to answer all their queries.

Writing excellent blogs impresses readers and customers and makes them visit again on your website and at the end converting them to stay long with you.

#10. Keep it Original!

There are several websites or media out there updating anything and everything on the internet.

However, when it comes to your website content, you need to be 100% original as delivering duplicate information can ruin your brand image driving your users to the competitors.

The content should be as original as your brand and it should be echoing your business name in the readers’ minds even if they go through tons of similar websites.

Develop and Design your Brand

These 10 parameters are the top ones which cannot be missed out when web designing and developing your brand new website.

Your business website is the most efficient sales personnel of your website which will work for you even when all your staff will be sleeping.

Thus, you need to develop and design it very thoroughly, not letting any loophole remained to make it less on the target. It is clearly understood that your team needs to work with a professional web development company to design and develop your website to create it in sync.

So, if you have decided to design and develop your website and have any query related to web designing and developing cost, web development cost, Indian web developers cost, necessary features of a website, what is the website development timeline, get in touch with us. We are a leading web development company in Canada and have already developed over 500 websites for different enterprises and startups. Just fill our contact us form and we will get back to you in a short span of time.

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