Top 4 Benefits Of a Mobile POS App for Restaurant Business
September 27, 2019

Top 4 Benefits Of a Mobile POS App for Restaurant Business

mobile POS app for restaurant

Are you a restaurant startup or a chain of restaurants? If you’re dealing with problems with your point of purchase transactions or any management issues, this is the blog for you. We talked to one of our clients (a restaurant owner) for whom we developed a mobile POS app for restaurant  to solve his problems. We had a chat over breakfast at his beautiful restaurant and he told us about the benefits he gained after getting the POS system.

We have converted the conversation into a blog. Here, have a look at the benefits and decide for your own.

Do we need to tell you how chaotic it is to run a restaurant?

From checking the food quality and maintaining the ambience to keeping track of employees and accounts, there is no shortage of tasks that could go haywire. 

One task that has been a headache for all restaurateurs is managing the transactions with complete security. Carrying out this task manually invites a lot of errors. A restaurant POS software can help you reduce these errors to a negligible amount.

Nowadays, you don’t need huge machines and POS systems, every transaction can be handled by a mobile POS app for restaurants.

Let’s see some numbers that will convey how mobile POS payments are gaining momentum. 

Statistics about the growing use of mobile POS payments

  • The Mobile POS Payments segment transaction value amounts to US$745,796m in 2019.
  • This value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 30.1% resulting in a net amount of US$2,137,510m by 2023.
  • The number of users in the Mobile POS Payments segment,  is expected to amount to 1,657.5m by 2023.
  • The average transaction value per user in the segment amounts to US$658.1 in 2019.

Not just transactions, a POS mobile app will also assist in other tasks and thus help in overall administration of the restaurant.

Take a look at 4 benefits that your restaurant can avail with a well-designed Mobile POS system or app

Top 4 Benefits Of a Mobile POS App for Restaurant Business

Top 4 Benefits Of a Mobile POS App for Restaurant Business

#1. Amplified customer service

It’s all about customer service.

A well-designed point of sales systems for restaurants saves the time of staff as well as the administrator.  This means they can focus on customer feedback and work to improve customer service. 

Instead of noting down an order on a piece of paper and giving it to the chef in the kitchen, just clicking the order on a tablet screen is much easier. All you need is restaurant POS for iPad or tab. 

This order reaches the chef in the kitchen in real-time on his tablet. This makes the ordering fast and in turn, makes it faster to prepare and deliver food. 

The restaurants can also observe which items are preferred by most of the customers or items that are ordered in large quantities. This way they can learn about the customer psyche and develop their business accordingly.

If you link customer profiles to your restaurant POS system, you will also collect information like which are your regular customers and you can give them special rewards to maintain customer loyalty. 

#2. Generate accurate data reports 

Managing data is a challenge for any industry, especially if the data keeps accumulating every day like in restaurants. You can not undermine the value of data reports as every decision you take is taken on the basis of the data you generate.

Restaurant POS app will reduce human errors and help in collecting more accurate and detailed data. These apps can also convert this data into readable and usable reports.

A point of sales for restaurants makes use of Cloud-based storage. This helps in storing and integrating information like inventory data, sales data, etc. and generate accurate reports. These data reports help make important business strategies.

These reports will also tell you about your highest and lowest-selling items in your restaurant. You can also manage your inventory and buy stuff accordingly.

#3. Enhanced employee productivity

As the systems become automated, it becomes easier for the employees to perform their day to day tasks. These tasks are done with accuracy and speed. This frees up their time and they can work on other aspects of the business.

Best restaurant pos apps are capable of performing functions like timekeeping, attendance tracking as well as managing the payroll system. This helps in keeping track of employees and monitor their performance.

If you have multiple stores, feeling unwell or out of town, it must become difficult to manage the restaurant. With such an attendance tracking and performance monitoring system, your mobile POS app for restaurant can help you with it.

In fact, we have developed an employee attendance tracker app with unique QR code functionality that performs this function with great accuracy.

#4. Secure transactions

A modern point of sales mobile app for restaurants will make the transactions more transparent and secure. This is the most important benefit of any POS for restaurant.  

The customers don’t need to wait for long durations to pay their bills. They don’t even need to have cash as they can pay via credit or debit cards. The restaurants do not need a separate credit card machine as the mobile app will perform the same function.

POS apps make transactions fast as well as more secure. The apps also allow monitoring the cash flow and payment security. As all the transactions are being reported and stored in the app data, you can also track where the cash is going to and coming from. This helps in automatically managing profit and loss. 

Apart from this, there are reduced chances of fraudulence and employee theft. No transactions are missed. You can also keep tabs on tips as well as bill payments right there on the app. 

Summing Up

The truth is, we can go on and on about the benefits of a POS system for restaurants. Basically, a mobile POS app for restaurant will help run your business in an automated way. We hope you get a basic idea about the reasons why your restaurant, cafe or bar needs a POS system.

If you need a POS System, you can contact us. We have experience in developing Food and Beverage Solutions of all kinds ranging from inventory management, restaurant apps to food delivery and ordering apps. 

We are a prominent mobile app and web development company in Canada. We are known for our performance-driven software and apps that run on the web, iOS and Android platforms.

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