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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • We have ISO 9001 certification, showing our commitment to top-quality management.
  • Holding ISO 27001 certification, we prioritize top-tier data security and continuous compliance.
  • We have completed 98% of our projects on time, showing our strong commitment to deadlines.
  • With a strong team of 140+ software developers, we have in-depth expertise to tackle a wide array of technological challenges.

Machine Learning Consulting Services from ML Experts

Are you unable to leverage the power of data in your business organization? Do you want to run target campaigns to generate more sales? Or want to know current marketing trends and offer products to customers accordingly? Space-O Technologies can help you.

Being a reliable machine learning consulting company, we have a team of software developers, machine learning engineers, and AI engineers. Our team is skilled in programming languages, machine learning frameworks, data visualization tools, and data processing tools. So far, we have experience in developing and deploying 300+ custom software and web solutions from scratch.

Whether you are looking for machine learning consulting, data analysis and preparation, or machine learning model development. Connect with our ML consultants. Let’s talk about your business challenges and make a reliable solution.

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Key Highlights of Space-O

Analysis and planning

100+ Happy Clients Worldwide

Analysis and planning

300+ Projects Completed Successfully

Analysis and planning

65% Repeated & Referral Business

Technology Stack


  • Python Python
  • Java Java
  • R R
  • C++ C++

ML Frameworks

  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • PyTorch PyTorch
  • Keras Keras
  • sci-kit-learn sci-kit-learn
  • Theano Theano

Data Processing Tools

  • Apache Spark Apache Spark
  • Apache Flink Apache Flink
  • Apache Hadoop Apache Hadoop


  • Azure Azure
  • Aws Aws
  • Google Cloud Google Cloud

Data Visualization Tools

  • Tableau Tableau
  • Power BI Power BI
  • Matplotlib Matplotlib

NLP Tools

  • Spacy Spacy
  • Stanford NLP Stanford NLP

Image Processing Libraries

  • OpenCV OpenCV
  • sci-kit-image sci-kit-image
  • Pillow Pillow

AutoML Tools

  • DataRobotDataRobot
  • Google AutoML Google AutoML

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90- days
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Clients Love Space-O Technologies

The Machine Learning services from Space-O Technologies were a game-changer for our business. They delivered tailored recommendation systems and NLP solutions that significantly improved user satisfaction. Their technical prowess and commitment to excellence shine. We highly recommend their services.

Brian Lewis


CEO, AI Startup

Brian Lewis

Our Process to Provide Machine Learning Consulting

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

In the initial call, our machine learning consultant understands your business. After that, we know your business goals and objectives. Next, we discuss the challenges and pain points you are currently facing in your business.

Requirement Assessment

Requirement Assessment

Based on your requirements, our machine learning consultant conducts a detailed assessment to identify the specific machine learning services to provide you. For that, our ML consultant reviews your existing data sources, systems, and processes. This helps to know which is the perfect machine learning algorithm to use for solving your business problems.

Creating a Project Plan

Creating a Project Plan

Now, we develop a detailed project plan based on your business assessment. In a project plan, our machine learning consultant outlines your project’s scope, deliverables, timelines, and budget. In addition, the specification of machine learning techniques and tools will be used.

Data Preparation

Data Preparation

At this stage, our machine learning consultant and data engineers work on the data preparation. Firstly, the process of data collection takes place, then, data cleaning is done. Further, the process of data preparation is done to train machine learning models accordingly.

Model Development

Model Development

As the data gets ready, our machine learning consultant develops and tests machine learning models using the proper techniques and tools. The entire process of developing and testing machine learning models gets done through different algorithms, feature engineering, and hyperparameter tuning.

Model Deployment

Model Deployment

As the machine learning model gets developed and tested, our machine learning consultant deploys trained ML models into your existing applications to help you leverage the power of ML models in your business. So, you can gain insights provided by the machine learning models.

FAQ About Machine Learning Consulting Services

We take the security and privacy of your business very seriously. To ensure the privacy and security of your business data, we take these measures, such as data access control, data encryption, secure data storage, and sign NDA. As we sign an NDA for your machine learning project development, we assure to provide an optimum level of security to all projects whether it’s small or big projects.

As a reliable machine learning company in Canada, first of all, we clearly define your project-specific objectives that are aligned with your business goals. Further, we create a detailed project plan that includes your project’s scope, timeline, and resources. By communicating regularly with clients, we discuss project updates and progress to ensure that machine-learning solutions with their business need at each stage of development.

The timeline to complete a machine learning project cannot be determined or certain. There are multiple factors that influence the timeline of machine learning project development. Those core factors are data collection, preparation, feature engineering, model selection, model training, model optimization, deployment, and maintenance, team expertise, and model complexity. It is difficult to provide you with an exact timeline without being specifically aware of ML project requirements. If you are looking to know the timeline for your machine learning project, connect with our machine learning consultant.

We know the importance of the accuracy and reliability of machine learning models as both these factors play important roles to solve real-world problems. To ensure the machine learning models for your solution are perfect, we follow these best practices and techniques, such as data quality, data preprocessing, feature selection, model selection, hyperparameter tuning, cross-validation, and monitoring. This way, we make sure that the trained machine-learning models work perfectly fine for your solutions.

There are multiple costs that are associated with ML consulting. The cost related to ML consulting services includes consulting fees, data acquisition and preparation costs, infrastructure costs, model training and development costs, and regulatory and compliance costs. The cost is calculated based on the different pricing models you opt for. For example, there are two main pricing models, such as hourly rates and fixed pricing.