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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • We have ISO 9001 certification, showing our commitment to top-quality management.
  • Holding ISO 27001 certification, we prioritize top-tier data security and continuous compliance.
  • We have completed 98% of our projects on time, showing our strong commitment to deadlines.
  • With a strong team of 140+ software developers, we have in-depth expertise to tackle a wide array of technological challenges.

Team-up With the Best AI Development Agency

If you are looking for one of the top AI software development companies in Canada, Space-O Technologies can help you. We have a dedicated team of AI and ML engineers and data scientists who are skilled to develop advanced AI systems like predictive analytics systems, custom AI software, natural language processing-based software, and computer vision development.

With the help of AI technology, we can help you to automate business processes, and improve decision-making, accuracy, productivity, and customer experience. As we have a team of AI developers and engineers who are skilled in AI tools and programming languages like R, Python, Java, and C++, no matter how complex solutions you want to develop, we can help. In fact, recently, we integrated OpenAI technology to improve the site search of our client’s eCommerce web solution.

Whether you belong to the healthcare, finance, manufacturing, transportation, or logistics industries, we can help you to develop customized AI software solutions that best fit your business requirements. Talk to us today.

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Key Highlights of Space-O

Analysis and planning

100+ Happy Clients Worldwide

Analysis and planning

300+ Projects Completed Successfully

Analysis and planning

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Technology Stack We Use for AI Development


  • Java Java
  • Python Python
  • R R
  • C++ C++

ML Frameworks

  • TensorFlowTensorFlow
  • PyTorch PyTorch
  • KerasKeras
  • Scikit-learnScikit-learn
  • Apache SparkApache Spark


  • Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud Platform

Big Data Tools

  • Apache SparkApache Spark
  • Apache KafkaApache Kafka
  • Apache HadoopApache Hadoop

Version Control Tools

  • Git Git
  • GitHubGitHub

DevOps Tools

  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • DockerDocker
  • KubernetesKubernetes

Data Visualization Tools

  • Matplotlib Matplotlib
  • SeabornSeaborn
  • PlotlyPlotly

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Clients Love Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies has been our trusted partner in this journey. Their deep knowledge of AI and machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and advanced data analysis techniques has been instrumental in transforming our ideas into a reality. Their contributions in fine-tuning our models and optimizing our training data have given us a critical edge, catapulting us ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Christopher Taylor


Founder & CEO, AI Startup

Christopher Taylor

Process We Follow for Artificial Intelligence Development

Problem Identification

Problem Identification

On a call with us, firstly, we help you to identify the problem or opportunity that can be resolved by integrating AI technology. For identifying your business problems, we understand your business requirements, define the scope of your project, and identify KPIs to measure the success of your project development. Finally, we create a complete roadmap for your AI project development.

Data Collection and Preparation

Data Collection and Preparation

Once we are clear with the problem and objectives, we collect the relevant data of your business for training the machine learning models. Further, we conduct data preparation that includes cleaning and organizing data for analysis. We understand the accuracy and reliability of your data; so we utilized the most accurate dataset to train AI models by removing unnecessary errors.

AI Model Development

AI Model Development

The next step is to choose the most appropriate artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to train and fine-tune based on the prepared data of your business. After selecting and configuring the AI algorithm parameters, we train the selected model based on pre-processed data. Until we get desired results from the AI model, we test and tweak the parameters of the AI model.

AI Model Deployment

AI Model Deployment

Once the AI model is developed, next we integrate that AI model into your existing systems or applications. With the help of API or web services, we integrate the trained AI model into your systems by ensuring it is safe, secure, and works perfectly without any errors. While integrating, we assure that the integrated AI model is scalable; so it can be updated and retrained when required.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring and Maintenance

After deployment of the AI model, we ensure to maintain and monitor the performance of your software solution. This process involves checking if your software solution is workly perfect after integrating with AI and providing accurate predictions. Over time, we keep updating your model with new data, retrain the model, and make adjustments accordingly.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Over the period, we continuously help you to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your AI-powered software solution. For that, we adjust the parameters, explore new AI algorithms, and add new data from different data sources. This way, we ensure your AI-powered system performs well even if the data patterns are unusual or unknown.

FAQ About AI Software Development

Yes, we sign an NDA before proceeding further with your AI software development. We understand the importance of protecting the confidential and sensitive information of your business.

We understand the importance of communication during the entire project development. We use project management and communication tools like Jira, Trello, and Basecamp 2 to communicate and update the status of your AI solution development. As an AI development company, we ensure to provide your status and update on your project development on a daily basis. Our project manager connects with you on a daily basis to provide your project status update.

As a reliable and trusted artificial intelligence development company, we understand that accuracy and reliability are of utmost importance. To ensure your AI-powered software provides accurate results, we follow best practices that include collecting quality data, evaluating the performance of the AI model, performing testing with various scenarios, and then deploying the AI model into your software development.

We follow a systematic approach to mitigate risks associated while developing artificial intelligence solutions for our clients. This process involves such as risk assessment, risk mitigation strategy, testing/validation, continuous monitoring, and regular update of your AI project. In addition, compliance with your AI project with regulations and standards is a must for avoiding any major risks in the future.

Yes, before getting started with project development, you can interview our AI software engineers assigned to your project. You can test and review the skills and knowledge of our AI engineers. In addition, we provide you with resumes of AI developers to select the best-fit candidate for your project development. As you select the developers, we can start the development.