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Outsourcing SaaS Development
April 12, 2024
89 2

Read this blog if you are looking for outsourcing SaaS development projects. This blog covers step-by-step process, outsourcing models, tips, and a list of companies.

Outsource Laravel Development
April 11, 2024
58 0

If you want to outsource Laravel development projects, read this complete guide. This blog covers the step-by-step process, costs, timelines, and why to outsource.

Top Ruby on Rails Development Companies
April 4, 2024
57 0

Check out this curated list of PHP development companies in Canada and the USA to outsource your entire PHP projects or hire PHP developers for your project.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
April 5, 2024
58 0

Get a ready list of the 10 top WordPress development companies. We’ve listed 10 agencies by evaluating their ratings, reviews, portfolios, experience, and hourly rates.

April 8, 2024
113 0

Looking for a reliable Laravel development company for your web project? Check out this curated list of Laravel development companies by Space-O Technologies.

March 27, 2024
130 5

Are you looking to outsource PHP development projects? Read this complete guide that describes the complete process, costs, challenges, and top outsourcing partners.

March 15, 2024
86 0

Learn how Space-O Technologies integrates Moneris payment gateway in an Odoo eCommerce solution to accept diverse payment methods and offer a smooth checkout process.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
March 27, 2024
210 4

Do you want to outsource web development? Discover the process of outsourcing web development, cost, benefits, and challenges from this guide.

Optimize Greenhouse Climate Control and Resource Use with Odoo
March 12, 2024
107 0

Learn how Odoo helps greenhouse owners tackle climate monitoring, energy costs, water use, and nutrient management via automation and tracking.

How Odoo Optimizes Perishable Goods Inventory Management
March 12, 2024
126 4

Do you struggle to manage inventory control of perishable products? Check how Odoo helps regain control via automation, traceability, and data-driven insights.

How Odoo Resolves Greenhouse Business Supply Chain Challenges
March 12, 2024
106 0

Learn how Odoo's integration with greenhouse operations optimizes inventory management, production scheduling, and demand forecasting.

Revolutionizing Greenhouse & Herb Industry Marketing with Odoo
March 12, 2024
115 3

Read how Odoo’s Marketing module transforms greenhouse and herbs business marketing by launching targeted campaigns, optimizing SEO, and creating loyal programs.

March 12, 2024
124 0

Read how Odoo's Shipping and Fulfillment module improves the greenhouse and herb business via automated workflows, return management, and reporting and analytics.

March 12, 2024
123 0

Learn how Odoo streamlines manufacturing and label printing in the greenhouse and herb industry, ensuring efficiency, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

Transforming Greenhouse and Herbs Sales with Odoos POS
March 12, 2024
125 3

Discover revolutionizing POS/Retail in the greenhouse & herb industry with Odoo's POS module: fast checkout, accurate inventory, personalized service, tailored promotions.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
April 5, 2024
149 0

Read how Odoo's eCommerce module enhances the greenhouse and herb business with real-time inventory, personalized engagement, and global reach.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
March 12, 2024
178 3

Learn how implementing the Odoo CRM module boosts sales and customer engagement in the greenhouse and herb industry.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
March 12, 2024
190 3

Learn how Odoo optimizes managing inventory with Odoo via batch tracking, real-time inventory updates, and advanced supply chain features in the greenhouse industry.

Revolutionizing the Greenhouse and Herb Industry with Odoo
February 29, 2024
227 5

This case study explains how Verdant Growth optimized inventory, sales, accounting, and manufacturing with Odoo software in the greenhouse and herb industry.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
February 15, 2024
155 0

Looking for a web design company for your business? Check out our list of top 10 web design companies that help you deliver top-notch web design solutions.

Top 10 Odoo Development Companies
February 15, 2024
231 7

Are you searching for a reliable Odoo development partner? We have listed the top 10 Odoo development companies that offer end-to-end Odoo services.

Odoo vs Netsuite A Comparison Guide
February 14, 2024
282 0

Check out this comparison guide of Odoo vs NetSuite, which highlights the differences in pricing, functionality, customization, and integrations.

How to Create a Software Development Strategy
January 24, 2024
167 0

Want to avoid cost overruns and delays in your software development? Creating a software development strategy helps avoid major challenges when building software.

Software Product Development
January 24, 2024
140 3

Click here to get a complete guide on software product development including the development process, technologies and tools, types, benefits, and drawbacks.

How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost
January 30, 2024
435 5

Want to know the website redesign cost? Check out this guide highlighting the cost based on several factors such as number of pages, features and design type.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
February 15, 2024
310 7

Want to build an Android app? Then check out this blog containing a list of top Android app development companies that offer reliable Android app solutions.

Software Development Contract
January 24, 2024
283 0

Looking for a software development contract for your business? Check out this guide which contains a complete explanation of the contract and a free template.

Flutter App Development Companies
January 24, 2024
129 1

Check this list of top 10 Flutter app development companies in 2024 with an in-depth guide to help you find the best company for your business needs.

Software Development Outsourcing Models
March 27, 2024
171 0

Want to outsource software development? Learn the 3 types of software development outsourcing models that cut costs and improve your business operations.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Toronto
January 24, 2024
148 0

Looking for a reliable mobile app development company in Toronto? Check out this curated list by Space-O Technologies.

Cost to Maintain an App
January 24, 2024
335 0

How much does it cost to maintain an app? Check out this blog to know the app maintenance cost, factors and tips to reduce the app maintenance costs.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Toronto
March 27, 2024
188 1

Looking to hire reliable web developers? We researched and curated a list of the top 5 web development companies in Toronto based on skills, projects, & ratings.

Reduce Search Time by 5-10-Mins With a Digital Parking Solution
January 24, 2024
134 3

Here is a detailed case study on how we developed a parking management system which reduces the parking search time of users by 5-10 mins.

Top IT Companies in Calgary
October 18, 2023
187 3

Get a readily available list of top IT companies in Calgary to avoid your manual research. To make this list, we have researched Clutch, LinkedIn, and Google.

Best Sites to Hire Android Developers
January 24, 2024
144 1

Are you looking to hire Android developers to convert your ideas into app solutions? Check out this list of best sites offering experienced Android developers.

Software Deployment Checklist
January 24, 2024
429 5

Download our free software deployment checklist to execute a smooth release of your software. Plus learn about the core deployment process and best practices.

How to Hire a Software Development Company
January 24, 2024
100 4

Read our guide on how to hire a software development company. Find the perfect match for your software project’s requirements by following these 8 steps.

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development
February 23, 2024
141 4

Learn what are the top 5 benefits of outsourcing software development. Get an answer to why companies choose outsourcing instead of in-house development.

NDA for Software Development
January 24, 2024
200 0

Do you want to ensure your software concepts remain secure? Read our detailed guide on NDA for software development to protect your intellectual assets.

MVP App Development
January 24, 2024
120 1

Want to validate your business idea? Check out guide about MVP app development to learn how you can quickly launch a basic version of your app.

How to Patent an App Idea
January 24, 2024
270 1

Are you afraid of what if your app idea gets stolen? Here is a complete process on how to patent an app idea. Learn about steps, challenges, and costs.

NDA for App Development
January 24, 2024
265 4

Are you concerned about your app idea being stolen? Check out our guide on NDA for app development to help you protect your app idea.

How to Create an AI App
January 24, 2024
419 0

Learn to build your own AI app with our step-by-step guide on how to create an AI app, benefits, technology stack, cost and time involved.

Top Mobile App KPIs
January 24, 2024
105 9

Want to make your app successful? Explore 23 useful mobile app KPIs to improve your app performance for gaining growth and user engagement.

How to Launch an App
March 19, 2024
434 6

Want to learn how to launch an app? Follow these 15 steps that help you with the successful launch of your mobile app smoothly and effectively.

Rapid Application Development Methodology
January 24, 2024
147 4

Learn about the different phases, benefits, challenges, and when you should use rapid application development methodology during software development.

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company
January 24, 2024
120 1

Want to learn how to choose a mobile app development company? Read our curated guide on the complete process of selecting the right partner. Click now.

Top Sites to Hire App Developers
January 24, 2024
328 3

Planning to hire app developers to convert your ideas into apps? Here is the list of top sites to hire experienced and budget-friendly app developers.

Hire Software Developers
March 27, 2024
264 0

Want to hire talented software developers for your project? Read our curated guide on the 15 best places to hire software developers in 2024. Click here.

January 24, 2024
226 3

Discover the 11 key mobile app development challenges and get actionable strategies for project development success. Click and read more here.