Privacy Policy

We take data privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your privacy at all costs. We have never sold your information to any third party for financial gains, advertising, or for any other reason and we assure you that we won’t even in the future. We take care that none of the information that we collect is sold, put up for rent, leased, given away or used for spamming you unnecessarily. This Privacy Policy explains, in depth, what data we collect, how we collect it, where and how we store or use it, and what rights you have over it.

Purpose of the policy: This policy can help you understand how we collect, use and process your personal information. It helps us provide more power to you over your data. For legal reasons, please ensure that if you are visiting and/or using our website,, then you read and agree to all the policies that are mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

The policy explains in detail what happens to any personal data you provide to us through this website and how we use it. We keep modifying the Privacy Policy from time to time, so please ensure that you review the page on a regular basis.

1. Information We Collect

We collect only the information that we need to use for specific and legitimate reasons. We will have data about you if you provide it to us, if we automatically collect it from you and if a third party provides it to us. Take a look to understand the types of data we collect:

(i) Personal Information
Personal information that we may collect from you includes your name, contact information, IP addresses, product and service selections, and other such information to help us identify you.

Here are the various ways in which we collect personal information from you: Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and we may add more points to it in the future:

  • When we communicate with you at any point as a customer or a prospective customer
  • Whenever you visit our website or make use of the platform that we provide
  • If and when we register you as an end-user of our products or services or both
  • When you provide information to us using any of the forms on our website for contacting us

(ii) Non-personal Data
If you use our website, then we may collect some non-personal data and information about you through automatic functionalities on the site. This data includes but is not limited to details such as name of the browser used to access our website, type of device, other technical information like the operating system and Internet providers. We may collect this information via Google Analytics or other tools of similar status.

2. Usage of Your Data

As mentioned before, we only collect your data if we have a legitimate reason or purpose behind the same. So here is some more information to help you understand how we use your data and who we might share it with in the future.

(i) What we use your data for

  • We use your contact information, name and other such details to communicate with you about any enquiries you may have requested or about the projects on which we work for you.
  • To send you notifications about our latest products, services, events, offers, promotions and other similar information that we feel might work in your favour.
  • To send you surveys to participate in or other similar requests.
  • To create a legal binding contract if you choose to hire developers from our company for your project.
  • To set up your account and maintain information about your project.
  • To get a better idea as to how you are using our services, products or website.
  • To provide you with better customer service and to solve any issues that you might be facing.
  • To process your payments for any ongoing projects.
  • To understand current user behaviour and improve our marketing efforts.
  • To analyze and understand our communication with clients so that we can improve ourselves in that field.

(ii) Who we might share your data with

  • We are reiterating the fact that we will never put up your data for sale, rent, lease or give away for free to people who are not involved with us in any way. This, of course, does not include any government or legal entities.
  • All Space-O group entities will have complete access to your information. However, this will be mostly on a need-to-know basis, which means our employees will be given access to information that they need for performing certain tasks and functions. Apart from that, if some part of your work requires us to contact an independent vendor, then they will be provided with the information required for performing the necessary tasks.
  • In the situation that we are selling our business to a new buyer and have to sell any and all the information included that we have regarding our clients and website users.
  • Pertaining to any legal matters, we may share information to the government, in a court of law and other legal entities that may be concerned with the matter on hand.
  • In order to protect you and ourselves from fraudulent activities and issues.
  • Our website users, by way of portfolios or case studies, with your consent.

Since we do not use your data for any illegal purposes and don’t spam you, we will continue to retain information that we have been doing so far and we hope that you won’t have any issue with the same. If you do have any issue with us collecting your data then you are free to request us to stop tracking your data and to delete all records of it as soon as possible. However, once we remove your data, then we will need you to stop using our websites and services altogether

3. Cookies

Our website collects some information automatically regarding your visit to our website. This information is contained in cookies, which are small text files that are used to save and retrieve information about your visit on our website. This information is then used to give you a personalized experience on our website. This is how we make use of cookies:

  • Session cookies: These are generally cached only for the duration of your visit to our website
  • Permanent cookies: These are stored on your device until you delete them or for the duration of time specified in the file parameter.

With cookies, we can provide more security and authority of your data to you. In fact, if you do not wish for us to save cookies, then you can simply adjust the settings on your computer and decline the cookies that you want to block.

4. Third-Partyinks/Websites

At times, we link to third-party websites and services as per the requirements. We do this mostly for the purpose of sharing information to our users and enhancing their knowledge. However, we are not responsible for any incorrect information on these third party websites, their privacy statements, unlawful practices or the contents. We do take care that we link only genuine and informative links but we cannot guarantee 100% authenticity of other websites and won’t be held liable for the same. We would also like to mention the fact that by linking to any third party sites, we are not endorsing them or promoting them or showcasing a partnership with them unless it is specified explicitly by us.

5. Storing Your Information

In this section of the privacy policy, we will tell you where we store any information that you provide us, how we take care of it and till when we will be keeping it with us.

  • Where we store it: If you are just using the website then we store your information in the form of cookies on our servers or on your device. If you provide us with any personal information, we store it on our server. Any kind of sensitive information is saved on our servers which have strong layers of security for the purposes of data protection and confidentiality.
  • How we secure your data: As we mentioned before, we take data privacy seriously and any breach of your information will be dealt with utmost seriousness. We ensure that any personal or non-personal information shared by you remains safe and secure from unauthorized usage, access, loss, leak or destruction. We store your information on a secured web server managed solely by us. To protect your data from unauthorized access, we have several physical, electronic and managerial methods in place that help us safeguard your information.
  • For how long we keep your data: As a website user, your information will be stored only for a short period of time by us. If you sign a contract with us for your project, then we will keep your information and maintain the account for as long as the project isn’t completed or the contract remains valid. Once the contract ends, your data, database and code will be backed up for repository purposes in a secured environment. We will also retain some other information for keeping a record of your project and future financial and legal purposes for as long as permitted by the law.

If you think that we have any personal, non-personal or sensitive information of yours by mistake, or through some third-party or if you wish to delete any information of yours, feel free to contact us for deletion of the same. We will not be taking, saving, using or sharing any of your information without your consent in the matter.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy by way of rewriting, changing, editing or amending it at any point of time without any prior notice. Whenever we modify the content of this policy, we will be mentioning the last date of updation at the bottom of the page. We encourage our users, partners and affiliates to keep revisiting this page for staying up to date with any and all changes that we may perform on the page. If you continue to use the website, then we will assume that you agree with and accept the changes in the policy.

7. Contact Us

In case of any queries or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to get in touch with us through “Contact Us Form”.