Baby App Development

The Observant Mom is a mobile app designed and developed by our experienced mobile app developers. It tracks the child’s milestones week-by-week after birth from 0 days to 4 years. This app figures out the irritable and intense week the baby is going through the growth spurts.


Video Sharing and eCommerce App

Video Sharing eCommerce App

HOWTO is an eCommerce and video-sharing app that enables users to create, edit, and share video tutorials. The users can even create a marketplace to sell the products used in video tutorials. This 3-in-1 application helps influencers to create brand awareness and increase the popularity.



Roofing Management App

We have designed and developed a cloud-based roofing solution that simplifies the entire roofing management process. This solution helps roofing contractors to manage their day-to-day tasks using mobile devices.


online interior design services platform renovs

Online Consulting Platform

We, at Space-O Canada, have designed and developed Renovs, an online web-based platform for customers who are looking for interior designing services.


Colouring Book App Development

Coloring Matters is an app that enables kids and adults to enjoy coloring artwork, pictures of animals, paintings, and doodles and helps relieve stress and pressure. It received more than 150 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 within just 2 months.


Meat Processing & Packaging Software

We have designed and developed meat processing software that automates the entire operation from receiving and tracking orders via one platform. It generated reports in a single click, saving 70% time and eliminating paper-based reports.


UpMaid – Uber for House Cleaning

UpMaid is an on-demand house cleaning platform to connect hosts & contractors in real-time. It has a host app to post the job requests, a contractor app to browse and apply for these jobs, and an admin panel to manage both host & contractor.


Software Solution for Aviation Company

Brakes Off is a cloud-based inspection software for aviation companies that helps to perform inspection faster and ensures aircraft safety. This software has replaced the traditional paper-based methods of generating reports with digital solutions.



On-Demand Ride Sharing App

We have designed and developed an on-demand ride-sharing app for the USA-based taxi startup. glspY acts as a bridge between a driver & a passenger, enabling them to book the cab in a few clicks.


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Expense Tracker App

We have developed the ExpenseTRACK app that provides the report of everyday expenses. Whether users want to track personal costs or business expenses, this expense tracker app helps to create spending records on the go.


Paper Trader – Stock Trading App

The Paper Trader app is a simulator that aims to help stock traders by analyzing and practicing the trade simulator. With this app, the users can trade real stocks in real-time with real prices without risking any actual money.


live streaming app

Live Streaming App

Live streaming app is developed for the Marijuana community where the users can search, explore, and stream their content live. While watching the live stream, the global cannabis can add their reactions or comments to live trending videos, chat, and learn about cannabis strain.


Security Camera App

iHeartCam is a security camera app that enables users to keep a watch on their homes and offices remotely. Developed for iOS and Android platform, this app monitors babies, pets, and nannies and even sends the notification in case of any motion detected.


Attendance Tracker App

Time Clock is an employee attendance tracker app that keeps a record of employees’ attendance. It has a centralized database structure making attendance tracking simpler and faster. This app works even when the internet is not available.


Influencer Marketing App

Peersway is a Toronto-based influencer marketing solution that completed 15k campaigns, connecting brands and influencers in a short time. This platform enables shortlisting users, communicating with influencers, offers real-time tracking, and handles payments in just a few taps.


Houdini – Taxi Booking App

Houdini is an on-demand ride-sharing app that enables riders to book rides at their convenience. Ride tracking, scheduling, ride management, reports, notifications are some of the features of this app.



Marijuana Delivery App

We have designed and developed an on-demand marijuana delivery app enabling users to order prescribed marijuana and get it delivered at their doorstep. This weed delivery solution offers real-time tracking of the orders, manages the online ordering, and delivery from a single platform in just a few taps.


On-Demand Photographer App

We have developed an on-demand photographer app that connects customers and photographers in real-time from a single platform. Developed in iOS and Android, the on-demand app has 10k+ customers and 5k+photographers.


On-Demand Delivery App

We have designed and developed one of the best on-demand delivery apps for Toronto residents, enabling them to order any product from grocery to snacks, electronics to pharmacy products, and other day-to-day items.


Aviation Maintenance Application

We have developed an airplane inspection system for one of our clients in Arizona, USA. This solution eliminated manual paperwork, 80% of duplication work and automated the process with reliable and concrete data.


Video Intro Maker App

The iPhone's Intro Maker app helps create beautifully animated intros for YouTube, gaming, academics, and business. Customized templates & graphics, attractive fonts & colors help make the enhanced video without professional intro maker software.


Snag: Easy Site Audit App

We have developed an inspection and auditing solution that helps to create site audits and generate professional reports online. Just take a photo and record the site audits from your construction location easily. This paperless solution helps to save time and can assign tasks easily.


MyLovePics – Photo Editing App

We have designed and developed MyLovePics - a photo editing app for parents that helps create a digital scrapbook of pregnancy and baby milestones. Parents can join the community, share parenting tips, and even take up contests to make parenting fun. Baby-themed doodles, themes, artwork, texts, and filters are some of the exciting features of this app.


Raklux App

Luxury Cab Booking App (USA)

Raklux is an on-demand ride-hailing app that enables users to request a ride and get picked up by a nearby driver to reach the destination on time. This luxury cab booking app allows riders to mark their favorite drivers to get the ride from the same driver every time.


Event Management Website

We have designed and developed an event management website that enables companies and users to create their profiles for business networking. Businesses can check insights, promote services, and generate sales by partnering with other companies through this solution.


Meme Generator App

We have designed and developed the best meme generator app that enables users to create beautiful memes quickly. This app has high-quality meme images which the users can use while creating the memes. The users can create, browse, use different characters & colorful backgrounds, manage meme operations and share memes with friends and family.



GospelIKnnect is an event management app for the Christian community that helps add and locate events, enables you to buy the tickets, and provides news & notification. Perfect for event organizers, it automates business promotion operations and helps to manage multiple events in a few clicks.